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Hindi Language is Spreading Rapidly

Hindi Films are Hindi Teachers

Hindi Films are Hindi Teachers

Hindi is the most popular language of Indian subcontinent. It is on number 1 position as first language, and also on number one position as second language in India. It is the most popular link language among non-Hindi speaking people in this region.

This language has done a tremendous job in the freedom movement of greater India, i.e. today's Pakistan, India and Bangla Desh.

Bollywood films aka Hindi films is one the most influential medium of spreading Hindi for last 8 decades. Bollywood films are spreading Hindi language all over Indian subcontinent and even in some other countries audio visually. The dialogues and songs of Hindi films help millions of the people to learn spoken Hindi.

Now, the electronic media, especially TV News and Entertainment Channels have overtaken the Bollywood films in this venture. These channels are giving home tutions of spoken Hindi through their various programs audio visually all over the Indian sub-continent. Hindi movies, Hindi News, Hindi TV serials, live debates, religious programs, have become a part of daily life for a large section of Non-Hindi speaking people.

Furthermore, Hindi is an important language in politics in India, while Urdu enjoys the same status in Pakistan. Basically, Hindi and Urdu are the same languages with different scripts. (Please read my article Hindi Urdu Hindustani). The politicians are also spreading Hindi through their speeches.

Hindi is the most spoken language of markets. This is also helping Hindi to spread. In metro cities of non-Hindi speaking states of India (Like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore etc) Hindi has gotten a great support.

One of my friends is Kannada speaking, his wife is Tamil speaking. They have a cute daughter and a son, who are learning in an English medium school. They live in Maharashtra, a dominantly Marathi speaking area. This family is a multilingual family. But I have observed that all of the family members mostly speak Hindi at home, at work, in spite of this language is not being originally their first language. (But now it has become their first language). This is not a rare case. It is seen in almost every family where the parents are from different linguistic groups.

However, spread of Hindi through print media and literature is negligible in non-Hindi speaking regions. Further, some narrow minded political parties have an anti-Hindi agenda. But as Hindi language has intrinsic power, supported by the highest number of speakers as first and second language, no one can stop this language from her spread.

Popular Hindi News Channels

Popular Hindi News Channels

Hindi Outside Indian Subcontinent

Hindi films are also popular in many central Asian and African countries, and so is Hindi language. Further the language is popular in the countries where people of South Asia are living in large number. Such countries include UAE, Baharin, England, USA and Canada.

The multinational companies of West and East have realized the power of Hindi, so there is a growing trend of learning Hindi in many countries, including USA, China and Japan.

Hindi is one of the major languages in Suriname, Fiji, Mauritius and Trinidad.

Hindi songs are very popular in many countries and there is growing trend of singing Hindi songs on stage performance and Television shows in such countries.

But all the spread of Hindi is mostly as a spoken language.

Hindi Facts

* One of the most spoken languages in the world. Other most spoken languages are Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, French and Bengali

* In India, it is first language of about 41% population and second language of about 25% people.

* The only Indian language which has increasing percentage of speaker

* Official Language of India, and of many states in India

* Hindi electronic media is the biggest one in South Asia

* Hindi print media is the biggest one in South Asia

* Significant number of speakers in Nepal, UK, Fiji, Suriname, Mauritius, Kenya, South Africa, Gulf Countries

* Hindi films are most popular films in the world

-Mahavir Sanglikar

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National Anthem of Surname in Hindi

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ajay0204 on April 01, 2015:

Down with Hindi imperialism. Hindi is being imposed on non-Hindi people of India. Hindi speaking states are the poor states in India . People are moving to other state for employment and carrying their language with them. Compared to other languages of India, Hindi is far behind in literature, history, culture. Hindi is not at all necessary for non-Hindi Indians. Govt of India in the name of official language(self declared by Hindians) is spreading it forcefully and through backdoor. Bollywood is a cheap glamour industry with no good valuable movies. Nobody hates Hindi, but imposition of Hindi and false pride of Hindians sucks. Most of the Hindi belt politicians and people have no idea about rest of India which is multilingual and multicultural. They don't know and donot want to learn other languages. Hindi is their world and have become frog in the well. Whereas south states have opened to English and developing.

mindurhindi on December 06, 2013:

I found a really good website to learn Hindi and it is helping me really a lot.


Waffen SS on June 05, 2013:

Yes, I fear one day my native Bengali language may become extinct.

Mahaveer Sanglikar (author) from Pune, India on June 03, 2013:

Survival of fittest. No one can stop the aggression of Hindi, I think.

Waffen SS on June 02, 2013:

We should make English our national language,not Hindi.If Hindi spreads then other Indian languages may become extinct,right now which is happening,large number of Hindi-speakers moving to non-Hindi states and are settling their.They even don't want to learn regional language.

In India,we should follow two languages mother tongue and English.NO HINDI.

ken on December 30, 2012:

Why not write Hindi in India's simplest Shirorekha and nutkaa free Gujarati Script along with Roman script


ken on December 30, 2012:

As per Google transliteration Gujarati script is India's simplest script without horizontal line.

Hindi and Sanskrit can easily be written and learn in Gujarati script.

Why not learn Hindi in Roman script or in Gujarati script through script converter.

Mahaveer Sanglikar (author) from Pune, India on October 21, 2012:

Thank you zakariye for reading this Hub and expressing your views about this language.

zakariye on October 21, 2012:

I am Somali lives in Somalia Horn Africa i like Hindi language, i taught by myself after i got a book named Teach Urdu later i read Hindi books like Rocket Hindi . i think now i became Hindustani speaker i can talk with Indian person from India as well as Pakistani or any one who dwell this language. although in our area it is seldom found schools teach Hindi/Urdu. thanks this language as it has three way of writings Devanagari,Persian style and Roman style.

pramodgokhale from Pune( India) on July 12, 2012:

Yes Sir,

I am Maharashtrian and i like Hindi language,it is spreading across then for national unity it is welcome sign.We promote Hindi despite not my tongue.

Thank you

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