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Hillary Clinton Supporters are Amoral, Ill-Informed, Emotionally Childish People


Okay sorry have to say, need to get this off my chest. Hillary Clinton supporters are all of the adjectives you see in the title. Something has to hit me real hard, repeatedly, over and over for me to take the bait and write about it. That's what the comments that I read and the remarks that I hear from Hillary people managed to do.

For starters, seriously, who with a shred of concern for truth and justice of any sort would ever vote for Hillary Clinton? She has the blood of the Iraq War on her hands just as every other congressman who voted for that terrible slaughter of men, women, and children, but forget that for now. You wonder if Hillary knows how not to lie, seriously. And so we had to run to the car because we were under sniper fire? Check out a gem of a video compilation of Hillary in her own words, called "Hillary Lying for 13 Minutes Straight."

In this campaign season I feel I must reluctantly acknowledge for the first time, that perhaps the only thing that scares me more than Hillary, is Hillary people. Case in point: one nicely written post in a Hillary website says something like "Why I am a Hillary Supporter." It is a heartfelt gay young person's essay, the long and short of which is 'Hillary made me feel good about being myself." Cool. Fair enough. No problem. Now come the Hillary supporters in the comments. Number one: Anyone who doesn't vote up this essay is a cold, heartless bastard! See, you can put a check mark somewhere to show you liked it.

Like I said it was nice enough, but anyone who might critique it a little, like for lack of any real discussion of substantive policy positions, makes them a cold, heartless, bastard? Why not just say, Agree with the emotion I'm feeling right now, in the way that I am feeling it, or die.

Then there are the interminable defenses of the indefensible when it comes to Hillary and Bill, and the tortured logic that can call black white, and right wrong. Bill cheated on election day by campaigning illegally inside polling stations? Humpf, most people would be HAPPY to meet a former president.

In primary after primary, the cheater tactics of Clinton supporters inside election machinery is on full display, who have absolutely no regard for decorum or the law. If you put it up the evidence on Hillary websites dominated by Hillary supporters, I have seen comments like "Stop whining and being so naive, these are big city machines. Put on your big girl panties and get over it."

That is not moral.

Clinton sympathizers dropped thousands of registered Democrats off the rolls, especially new and recently switched, in New York? CT! (Meaning: "Conspiracy theory!")

Mind you, if Sanders voters caught Bernie and his people stealing elections, his supporters would desert him in droves. But for Hillary people this is how you do politics. It's business as usual. Nothing reflects Hillary's lack of ethics like Hillary supporters.

Then there is the recent experience of a Sanders supporter, who cheerfully and inadvisedly shared who he voted for. The woman, a Hillary supporter, told him: "Thanks for voting for Donald Trump."

Nevermind that: a) this is ill-informed, Sanders beats Trump by twice the margin Hillary does in head-to-head poll matches, so Sanders is more electable than Hillary against Trump, b) your vote is your business and when you don't like someone's, you keep your peace, and c) fuck you, lady.

Okay, so no one's perfect. So Hillary lies a little, cheats a little, what's the big? She's a woman! Just think, a woman president!

This gets to the core of the Hillary supporter. At bottom, they're just not too bright, in the, you know, political way. Issues and stuff. Bernie Sanders has pages of what seems to be a lifetime of really thinking about the problems, and how to address them. Hillarians are emotion-driven people, looking for, as best I can put it, an authoritarian mother figure. Yikes. Hillary people are looking for Raymond Shaw's mother, in the Manchurian Candidate. She makes you feel loved. She's flawed, but so what, she's your mother, and you love her. Her policy positions in debates amount to "What Bernie said?" Don't make me think. For as we all know, it's not what you think, but how I feel, right now, this moment, that's important. Agreed, Hillary folks?

BREAKING UPDATE April 25, 2016

Well speak of the devil! We've all heard about Hillary's SuperPAC which hires paid trolls to disrupt, derail, and destroy Bernie Sanders websites and posts. Tonight is the night before Super Tuesday 4 and here is the latest Facebook action:

The "online activist" group Hillary's super PAC hired(basically paid trolls) are striking tonight. By spamming the "report post to Facebook" feature on posts in Bernie groups, they've successfully shut down 3 of the largest Bernie groups within the past 20 minutes. Bernie Believers, Bernie Activists, and Bernie Sanders is my Hero had over 120,000 group members.
Don't panic! This should only be temporary until Facebook reviews the situation. Forgetting for a moment that this is easily one of the slimiest tactics I've ever seen in politics, you can still go to reddit to keep current on what's going on in the campaign. They hit us the night before tomorrow's primaries for a reason. Stay organized and stay informed.

Cheating. Lying. Playing dirty. Just all in a day's work for Hillary and her folks.


Kathleen Cochran on December 28, 2016:

It will be interesting to read what you write in the next four years. And, for the record, not "all" of "anything" is true about everybody. If there is one decaying cancer in America, it is this tendency to put everybody in a category, usually labeled by something we don't like.

Dan W Miller on September 03, 2016:

This is funny but very sad. Search any data base (YouTube, Google, etc) find ALL the lies Trump said the past few months. As a quick example, during his acceptance speech (20) or how Matt Lauer caught him lying within minutes on the Today Show. THAT'S childish. He's just A SALESMAN. Salesmen will lie to close a deal.

I'm not even going to read the responses until you see the pages and pages of daily lies by the guy that WILL lose the election. Then report report back to me, children. Go on, take your horse blinders off. Read them. I dare you. Also 40% is not enough to get a candidate elected.

Diane on August 16, 2016:

Its not who votes its who or what counts.

Albert Morris on May 01, 2016:

Hillary is not the lesser evil; she represents the more efficient, lying face of corporate fascism. The nuclear option to write-in Bernie, in a worse case scenario, would give us Trump. Hillary mobilizes the Far-Right; Trump the Left. I would much rather a fascist President mobilize the Left to his peril.

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Quintus Cornish on April 29, 2016:

yyI think most of this stuff is true about a lot of Hillery supporters. That being said you don't win votes by insulting people, so it would be better to frame this as Hillery and the Democatic party elites. We should not let our emotions get the best of us.

Andosia on April 29, 2016:

I'm Bernie or bust for a hundred reasons. I know Hillary is a corrupt, lying, war-hungry, manipulative, liar.

However, smart people make mistakes, too. People can be hoodwinked and misguided. People might not have the skills to be better informed. I think no matter what Hillary and her supporters have done, as horrible as a lot of that is, it's wrong to use her same dirty tactics and generalize.

Some people behind her are not willfully ignorant, or amoral, or immature, etcetera. It's unfair to categorize them with those other beasties. If anything they need our sympathy and our help to step away from the illusion.

Ziggy on April 29, 2016:


andy on April 28, 2016:

Nail on head.

ONE MORE POINT on April 28, 2016:

Bernie has won the Top 3 most democratic states in the country. Not only did he win those states, he won them in a landslide. What does this say about "REAL DEMOCRATS?"

LOVE THIS on April 28, 2016:

Great piece! I had to share! Clinton supporters have no soul! They are the problem with our country. They are sheep . . .

Doretha on April 27, 2016:

Hillary derangement is alive and well. The onlyamoral, ill informed person is the one writing this ridiculous article. Your candidate doesn't win, so you denigrate 3 million people. This shows how one should not create a movement that misleads people into being an ill informed cult. Sanders has done a disservice to the Democratic Party and this country.

Michael Q. Rudnin on April 27, 2016:

DAMN!! Angry rhetoric, peg high ...

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