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Hilary Clinton's Emails on the Republican Agenda

Clinton has been attacked by Trump and Republicans since 2016. How much did their investigations cost the taxpayer, no one knows.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Republican "Witch Hunt" Underway

Fox News reported that Republican Senator Grassley would oversee the "security review." If this investigation were against Donald Trump, he'd call it a "witch hunt," but because it was Hillary Clinton and because the Party of Trump wants to "lock her up," they'll call it a "security review."

The State Department called Hillary Clinton's use of a private server a "serious matter." Mary Elizabeth Taylor was the State Department Assistant Secretary in Bureau Legislative Affairs at the time, a position she was promoted to by the Trump Administration. She had a long political career with the Republican Party, and she worked as an intern for Koch Industries during college, quickly rising through the ranks of the Republican Party.

Trump and his supporters long complained about the length of the Mueller investigation, as well as the cost, yet no one is complaining about the Hillary Clinton investigation that started in 2016 and revved up again near the 2020 election. No one knows how many tax dollars were spent on this investigation because there has been no transparency.

Flynn, Kushner, Trump, Bannon, Priebus

Flynn, Kushner, Trump, Bannon, Priebus


Is Using Private Email a Crime...or Not?

At least six of Trump's advisors, including his daughter Ivanka, have used private emails to discuss White House business. Where is the State Department now?

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  • Steven Bannon, White House Strategist
  • Rience Priebus, former Chief of Staff
  • Jared Kushner, advisor, son-in-law
  • Gary D. Cohn, advisor
  • Steven Miller, advisor
  • Ivanka Trump Kushner, advisor, daughter
  • KT McFarland, Deputy National Security Advisor

During the Trump Administration, we found out that it is not illegal for them to use their private server as long as they forward work-related messages to their work accounts so they can be preserved.

Jared Kushner went even further by using an App called WhatsApp to have meetings, text, and do various other things, like communicating with the Saudi Crown Prince, which he did. The Mueller report refers to apps used in that they deleted information and were not able to get information from them.

KT McFarland used her personal email account to communicate with Michael Flynn; as did the others.

The Trump administration's private emails have not been made public. There was no transparency from the administration on this subject and, to date, nothing is known of those communications and if they too should undergo a "security review."

During the 2016 election, the Trump campaign used the emails to go after Hillary Clinton. How much have the taxpayers paid so far on this investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails that is being conducted solely by the Republican Party?

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