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Her Muffled Cries

Syed Moazzam was serving as a teacher in an academy when he experienced something terrible. He is sharing his experience with you.

Her Muffled Cries

This incident occurred on 27th of January, 2022, when I was a computer teacher at a local academy in my city, Bahawalpur. Actually, each college in Pakistan has an academy to run in the evening for the sake of earning more money for paying bills and building rent etc. Hence, the institute that is known as Allamah Iqbal College served as KIMS Academy. Still, there are houses on both sides of that academy.

One day, the students were short so I started reading a book inside the main office. After some time, I heard the screams of a woman. I thought it was some student who fell down the stairs or something. I went out not only considering it my responsibility as a teacher but also because I almost knew most of the students, even the ones from the other programs. I believe, if you are a happy and enthusiastic person, people are attracted to you. My students’ friends knew me as if I were their teacher. So, as I reached the lawn, I realized that the cries were coming from the house in the east.

The first thing that came into my mind was someone's demise. I went outside to check if I was right. A person was standing with his head down at the door of that house and he was trying to keep himself busy on the phone. At the same time, he was kicking on the ground in regret. His body language made me more suspicious but I came back inside and stood near the wall. There was silence this time that was making me more anxious. My heart was beating so hard and I was in shock. My curiosity was increasing each second and my ears were focused on the sounds from the house adjacent to the academy.


After some time, I heard a man's angry voice who was grinding his teeth. I started to record a video of a dried plant to capture the sound of the rage and the cries. Nothing happened after the man’s horrible voice. I don’t know if I could record any sound from the house behind the wall but this plant and the barbed wires, that are part of the college, were making the vibe more tense. I left for home without telling my boss as he already knew that my students were absent. But the thing that was still present there was my soul and my imagination.

What could I do?

I was sure that it was clearly a case of domestic violence but I could not do anything. I doubted that the house belonged to one of the most powerful politicians in Bahawalpur. If you ask the police for help in such situations, they interrogate you first. And this interrogation can even cost you a good amount of time and money. Because you are asked to provide the evidence and things get worse if you don't. If I had submitted the complaint on the government's mobile App, Pakistan Citizen Portal, they too would have asked me to provide the proof. I wish there was an organization for hearing merely the doubts and the complaints without complaining and without interrogating the citizens.

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I couldn't sleep that night because her muffled cries were calling me. Her voice haunted me till 3 in the morning. My eyelids were tired and shaking, and I was trying my best to take a nap while closing and opening my eyes for the last 3 hours. I was drinking water again and again and it was so annoying in the freezing night. I sat down on my cot when I was tired laying down. I was thinking if I were in America, UK or some other developed country; I would have called the cops or FBI etc. I know you can submit your complaints online in such countries and they respond to you immediately.

Whenever I have sleepless nights, I do remember her. The feeling of being an inferior citizen with no powerful family background has taken me over. It is my fate but I regret it sometimes. These are her muffled cries causing me to have nightmares. Isn’t it insane you can donate your organs in order to save someone’s life but you cannot get rid of your thoughts that haunt you to your death. How come we have to go through such experiences?

After weeks, I have encouraged myself to post this article instead of another one because I believe there must be someone out there who will understand the situation and condemn evil. Money and power has the might in most of the countries. It is so hard to live in a place full of emptiness with no sense of humanity at all.

© 2022 Syed Moazzam Raza

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