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Henry County, GA: Voter Case May Be the First Domino to Fall

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FOIA Hearing - forensic analysis of Fulton County, GA ballots & equipment

Hearing Jan 15, 2021 with Judge Amero to decide if Fulton County ballots can be examined

Hearing Jan 15, 2021 with Judge Amero to decide if Fulton County ballots can be examined

Fulton County lawyer and records custodian desperately fight against releasing ballots

On January 7, 2021 Garland Favorito's and VOTERGA's FOIA case had a hearing before Judge Brian Amero in a Henry County Court. Judge Amero heard from the lawyer for Fulton County (Cheryl Ringer), and Bob Cheeley (lawyer for VoterGA). Ms. RInger had many issues with her connection and lots of "I did not hear that", "I can't hear", "could you repeat that" - I am paraphrasing, but it was very annoying, and in my opinion done on purpose, either just to be annoying or as a distraction. Ultimately, the judge did not grant the FOIA request on Jan. 7 but instead issued an injunction to prevent the destruction of any election related items from Fulton County (assuming they have not already been destroyed). The judge scheduled a follow-up hearing for January 15 to allow Fulton County authorities to provide a response and to look over 600 pages of material related to the matter.

On January 15 there was a follow-up hearing with Judge Amero. Besides the Fulton County attorney was the custodian of records, Steven Rosenberg. It turns out, VoterGA had submitted the requests for the records but a response was not provided under the established guidelines. Mr. Rosenberg suddenly seemed to be someone who was 'not sure', 'don't recall' etc. Mr. Cheeley argues that since the county county had not responded they, in-effect, had waived any right to withhold the records. The judge again delayed a ruling on this matter. I was not able to watch the end of the hearing and have not been able to discover the next date in the matter - at which, presumably, the judge will issue a final ruling to compel Fulton County to release the ballots and election equipment for forensic analysis - or not.

I am not aware of any ballots or election equipment, in any of the contested states, being forensically examined - with the exception of Antrim County, MI - where they found a 6,000 vote switch of votes from Trump to Biden and which they claim was "human error". The analysis of Dominion equipment also found an astounding 68% error rate which resulted in ballots going to an unsupervised voter 'adjudication' process - where votes could be switched at will.

I imagine Judge Brian Amero has experienced immense pressure from the Democrats to rule against VoterGA in this matter. I would not put it past the left to threaten the judge and his family with some sort of severe retaliation. This is probably the most important ongoing case in the country, with regard to election fraud. If the records are released and show massive fraud it can cause the Perdue election to be overturned and will validate the concerns of over 50 million American voters. It is shocking to me that this case has received surprisingly little attention.

Judge Amero was expected to rule last week, however there does not seem to be any word from the court on a decision. I believe the link below is the draft proposal from Mr. Favorito's attorneys suggesting to the judge their position and expectation of how they think the judge should rule. Hopefully, he will order the voting records, including all paper ballots and electronic voting equipment (Dominion) be made available for forensic analysis. Indeed, this would be a great first step toward restoring half the countrie's faith in open, free, and fair elections, or erections (per Chuck Schumer).

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Jim on January 19, 2021:

Thank you for the informative article, it would be great if you did the same type of article for the election matters in other states.

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