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Hells Bells: It's Boris' Wedding.


Sooner or later, Boris was going to make an honest woman of Carrie Symonds. Having got engaged to one another, on the millionaires' playground island of Mustique, wedding bells would seem to be in the air.

The wedding will apparently take place, next year, possibly on 22nd July. Why are Boris and his lady-love, leaving the date, until next year? Well, it has been reasoned that by then, more than 30 wedding guests will able to attend.

Boris will want more than, 30 guests because he has a large, family. Boris, himself, is one of 4, and Boris himself has, 6 children and has a son, Wilfred, by Carrie Symonds, aged 6. If and when, Boris and Carrie, do tie the knot, this will Boris's third wedding and Carrie's first. Boris is not the only famous Johnson either. Stanley Johnson, Boris' father has opted to live in France as he was and is, a remainer. Jo Johnson was an MP like his brother and served as a front bench MP. However, like his father, Jo is a remainer and left the job of being an MP. Rachel, his sister, is well known in the media world and differs vehemently with Boris on issues, like Brexit. However, blood, as they say, is thicker than water and despite political differences, Boris will no doubt, want all his siblings, father, and the rest of the Johnson clan, to attend (his wedding).

Possible venues for the wedding have been touted. No 10 has been suggested, but it is thought, Boris will not want the wedding, there. Boris is already, under fire, from various quarters over his £840 a roll, posh wallpaper, he used to decorate his flat. Chequers, the Prime Ministerial retreat, beloved of Boris' hero, Winston has also been mentioned.

Who the best man will be, is open to gossip and speculation. Certainly, Boris' old Eton buddy David Cameron, will not be Boris' first choice, as both men are not on speaking terms.

Speaking of expenses, Boris is being pursued by the Parliamentary Commission for Standards and the Electoral Commission. Boris is being pursued and remains at odds with these bodies. Why because of who, allegedly paid his bill, to decorate his No 10 flat. Was it the Conservative party itself or some Tory donor? Sir Keir tried to make political capital out of it, in the run-up, to the local and mayoral elections. However, it seemed the public could only see the success of the vaccine roll-out, not the so-called 'sleaze' of the Tories.

When asked who was paying for the wedding? No 10, retorted that it was a "private matter".However, some Tories will be giving this maximum concern, especially, after Boris' flat decorating debacle. Certainly, if Tory donors want to pay the maximum for Boris' and Carrie's wedding, that's a matter for them. The tax-payer should not be asked to pay for the Prime Minister's wedding, for sure.

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Boris, if he were to hold his wedding at No 10, would not the first Prime Minister to marry at this venue. Lord Liverpool in the 1800s, married his wife to be there too. 'The Sun' meanwhile, reckons the wedding bash will be an extravagant and lavish, affair.

Asked if all weddings could invite more than 30 guests? A 10 Downing Street spokesperson said the government was, quote: "working on it".

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