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The Effect of Racism in America

As a kids' author with two darling granddaughters, Sheila has learned some neat life lessons she wants to share with her readers!

The State of Racism in the US

The Children’s classic Renaissance day stamp of 1972 Dubai depicts a boy using a soapy wand to blow soap bubbles in the air. Children played ball games, tag and rode bicycles for fun, and read the latest comic books during this time on American soil.

Racism in schools was widespread at that time because of segregation; however, it was not as mean spirited as it is today. Anti-racist organizations were beginning to emerge in local newspapers. Reports of incidents of violence using personal computers that propagate racist remarks with a global interface were not yet readily available.

Approximately, forty years into the future these same grown-up children are experiencing racism in urban America, today in terms of job shuffling and urbanization of segregated neighborhoods. Racism still abounds, and more adults are suffering along with their children in schools.

Select Americans sadly remember the happy times of their former neighborhood friends, they have slowly lost touch with because of monetary issues. And now they notice the private antisocial attitudes of foreign, nosy trespassing neighbors who is invading their personal space, making racism in America deeply rooted in hatred and strife. The real Americans experiencing the effects of racism are wondering what happened to their homeland?

Children's Day Stamp Depicting Child Labor and Racism

Would you allow me to present to you the classic children's day stamp of a child blowing soap bubbles on a bed of sugar?

Would you allow me to present to you the classic children's day stamp of a child blowing soap bubbles on a bed of sugar?

Do You Wonder Why America is Becoming a Third-World Nation?

Few people know proper English now, or care to learn! These many foreign residents are using a considerable amount of United States resources, and stealing from American citizens in a undermined way.

First, these wretched foreigners take note of an Americans’ unique accent pattern; the ones who say “tomatoes” or "tomato" and speak United States slang, for example. They are singling Americans us out through their uniqueness and devising ways to overtake their homes.

Foreigners are breaking American people down in the common places of eatery with synthetic-food particles, and using strong household cleaning products, including noteworthy products and foreign gasoline vehicle emissions directly in a person's personal space.

They are also using identity theft to destroy an American person's reputation. This form of covert breakdown with identity theft is capable of stripping a poor American with horrible distress. Certain American corporate banks are allowing this process to occur too. The feeling in town is, "the banks are welcoming this great demise because of the inflated TARP funds".

During the final stage of an American’s demise, a person will usually get fired, before retirement age, laid off or lose their business under a ridiculous permit invasion or out of business funds, then it's their home that suffers.

A stripped American finds not a bit of help from a neighbor or friend, because people are afraid to get involved. Once an American loses their home through inability to pay, or through a meditated planned forced sale of their home, his American’ dream is lost. It becomes extremely hard to recover. He is forced to live in a shelter or cramped with family in an apartment building working the minimum wage.

An American's most prized foundation is ownership of a home on US soil, so why aren't more people owners of their houses?

The reason stems from poor financial management and inconstant work history. Many American's are uneducated and High School drop outs. They don't stand a fighting chance against the foreigners who come to this country to live the American dream.

Someone Owns America, and Sadly, It's Not Americans!

The poor schoolboy in the classic American stamp also depicts the creation of a glass object at a children’s factory. It seems like he is holding a baguette of bread for dinner during the Renaissance Era somewhere in Europe.

Back then child prohibition laws forced children to attend school in industrialized nations by creating work incentives, after a promotion of the 10th grade High School.

Our Information Age has blossomed with advanced multilingual digital gadgets for all sorts of daily tasks and these chores have made many industrialized jobs obsolete. Even though we still need industries and factories to make the things we love to use.

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Americans can easily voice their feelings about racism in a collaborated effort to end racism here and now. Many can express their opinions in an effort to reverse racism, and write books on racism or articles like this one. Some can popularize racism quotes to find a solution to solve racism in an effort to feel better and more secure in their skin.

Two of my favorite racism quotes are,

Racism is man’s gravest threat to a man - the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason, by Abraham T. Herschel

At the heart of racism is the religious assertion that God made a creative mistake when he brought some people into being, by Friedrich Otto.

(FAR FUTURE) US Parents Owe Trillions of Dollars. How Will It Be Repaid?

The American government now owes over trillions of dollars to foreign banks and industries. Have you ever wondered how this money will be repaid? Our American children will dreadfully suffer for this bill for decades and perhaps for a hundred or more years if they don't individually pay off their debt.

They will not suffer adverse effects from their debt if MegaCorporations keep spinning people around. There might not be enough resources to go around for small companies if foreign countries don't repay us and give people what we give or buy for helping them. And if racism abounds things will feel worse for mega folks.

Foreign countries need to support our temper tantrums because we are a multination economy. Paper money stinks! This is why it died. A (give or buy) economy would cure our debt woes. Until people become tired of working for their families.

Are Americans Crossing Their Fingers and Hoping for the Best?

It will be up to parents and teachers to alter positive feelings of racism, so the transition of hatred to acceptance can go smoothly. Teachers must make children proactive against racism. Compromise is in great demand to smooth out the deep-rooted consequences of racism, and essentially to erase the stench of who'll be responsible to repay this incredible debt. Our food is under great scrutiny by all mankind, and hopefully, a one world order won't break over this, the day our creditor demands full payment for these atrocious loans.

  • Someone owns America, and it's not Americans!
  • Too many thirty-year mortgages have failed!
  • Are Americans going to cross their fingers and hope for the best? I sure hope not!

Or are they going to educate their youth through reputable hobbies, and reconditioning to begin to help create positive feelings in children all around. This can drastically help to alleviate racism when children are youngsters and hopefully the feelings will trickle when they become adults.

Hopefully, if, American parents and teachers can instill in young children respect and love for humanity, our world will be a better place in the-long-run. We will have succeeded in taking a bite out of racism and a great chunk out of crime in America.

I always believed America stood for all that is good! Let's make the United States the best ever by reducing racism in America through demonstrative education to heal and effectively eradicate the racist feelings that divide especially ABORTION and. gay, lesbian and transgender people.

Some Rare Stamps Defined in History

1971 Combating Racism Stamp

1971 Combating Racism Stamp

Our classic United States Stamp stands for Americas' triumph in helping nations.

Our classic United States Stamp stands for Americas' triumph in helping nations.

A Queen uses her ordained power to restore order.

A Queen uses her ordained power to restore order.

Releasing the Pain of Racism

Would you, enjoy collecting stamps to learn about history and racium?

© 2010 Sheila Craan

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