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He Killed His Baby Sister to Tease His Mother

the horses and the night and the desert know me And the sword, and the spear, and the stationery, and the pen

It is painful for any mother in the world to lose her son and daughter whom she loves and die in them suddenly in a heedless moment, to remain alone after suffering the bitterness of loss... It is said that the loss of a mother to her children is more painful than anything else.. But the most painful and sad thing is to be one of those Sons are the reason for losing the other son, here the pain is double and the calamity is double. Charity Lee, a German woman living in America, Texas, in the past, when she was six years old, found herself in a terrifying situation when her mother shot her father, killing him instantly... But the mother was not imprisoned. She turned the case in her favour, as she was innocent, was released, and lived away from prison and accusations. For Charity, that incident left an indelible mark on her psyche as a child, and when she reached the age of adolescence she began to suffer from mental health problems, she even began to become addicted to drugs, and this condition continued until she reached the age of eighteen... But she decided to look for help because in her heart she wanted to quit everything that was negative in her life and start a new beginning that would allow her to live beautifully and wonderfully, and as soon as she committed to the help she received, her life changed and became much better than before. In order to understand how people deal with the environment around them. She said that ever since she became conscious of life, she has been fascinated by knowing the reasons why people behave this way or that.. “I like to know what moves people.” In fact, Charity quit drugs was not easy, it left a mark on her balance, and she was miserable at that time, but everyone around her was telling her that life would be better if she maintained her balance .. although it was not easy for her .. And with this She continued with determination and determination to ignore drug use and feeling unhappy for nearly a year... She was away from drugs feeling miserable and gave herself 3 months to decide whether to continue and live her life like this or give up..

Charity holds her baby Paris


In those days, Charity learned that she was pregnant from a man she had been dating, Bennett..and that changed everything for her..even the time she had given herself forgot about her, and all her interest in the child in her womb became..she loved no one as strongly as she loved this. The child, and chose him the name "Paris" before he was born because of her love for the character of the legendary Greek prince Paris. Of course, His Excellency Charity did not come by day and night, but the feeling of motherhood gave her a great incentive to live, hoping that the next would be better with her son. She gave birth to her son and they lived a normal life as a beautiful family like the rest of the families from which tenderness and happiness emanates.. After nine years, Charity became pregnant again, and this time she gave birth to a girl named “Ella”. During her testimony at the police station, Charity said: Ella was a good child, the big difference between her and her brother was that Paris was more introverted and shy, while she was cheerful and active and liked to mingle with others and express her opinion. The two brothers had an excellent relationship and they loved each other very much. Paris seemed like other children, a very normal and calm child most of the time and was also intelligent... But at times he was a bit annoying, and sometimes his behavior and emotions were inappropriate for situations... But it's not those behaviors that make me feel so anxious... I didn't know these were warning signs, and I'd tell myself that kids of a year always do things like this... and I've never been so anxious and nervous about him at the time." Unfortunately, Charity made the biggest mistake of her life and admitted it when she returned to taking cocaine. It is true that she was able to avoid drugs for many years, but she could not escape from addiction and continued to use for six months, during which time Paris was 12 years old and Ella was three.. It was a difficult period for Charity.. She was suffering from some turmoil and began to neglect her two children, which made Paris feel that he was responsible for his sister and taking care of her.. When Charity was high or tired, Ella hugged their mother to make her feel comfortable while Charity caught Paris' angry look at her.

A picture of Paris with his younger sister Ella


Charity says that she understands now that the matter had devastating repercussions on the psyche of Paris, but he should have understood that fathers are not infallible and that they must come for a while and make mistakes and then correct their mistake... But it seems that Paris was not the type to understand and with this mute His angry feeling at his mother and her neglect of them as if nothing had happened. In those difficult months for Charity, a call came to her from her family that her mother had had an accident on their farm, so Charity went with her children there. As time passed and while she was with her family, Paris, his sister and a girl from their relatives were playing outside, and it seemed that they had entered into a trivial discussion and did not get along with each other, so the discussion rose between them and Paris went angry to the kitchen .. While Charity went out to see what caused the sharp sounds, to approach From the two girls and to understand what happened, he was surprised by Paris coming with a kitchen knife in his hand and walking hysterically, then he ran towards the girl who, in response, ran away and turned and maneuvered until she returned to Charity and hid behind her in fear... Charity tried with him to let the knife out of his hand, but he was restless and angry He started crying while brandishing a knife. Charity tried to get close to him while she calmed him down, but he threatened her that if she got any closer he would stab himself with a knife... Then he threw the knife out of his hand and stopped making any violent movement.. After this incident, Charite never hesitated to go in Paris to the sanatorium, where he stayed for more than a week, but the doctors did not see that Paris was sick with anything, so his mother brought him home, and her mother did not. Anyone who had seen the situation that happened on the farm would have certainly said that Paris is a violent and deranged boy.. But Charity as a mother had a different view of her son, and was deluding herself that her son was angry with her because of her drug use and neglect of him and his sister. What happened at that time was a reaction He did pent up deep down. After that incident, Charity struggled again to quit addiction for the sake of her children, and she actually succeeded and quit her addiction, and everything returned to normal and this was in 2005

There is something wrong with this boy's looks


Two years passed... Charity was still studying a film because of her addictions and her interruptions did not allow her to graduate.. She was going to work part-time as a waitress. On February 4, 2007 Charity left her home to go to work and the atmosphere in her home was tense because of her son, but from her point of view that young people in adolescence express their anger at their parents over the simplest things, even if they are the shy type, they show an angry reaction to the actions of their parents. For example, he began to notice after his mother's improvement that she began to care about Ella more than she cared about him.. Charity remembers saying goodbye to her sons after their babysitter came home and said: “Ela was a very confident child and she was never nervous when I left her at home and went to work, but on that particular day she asked me to kiss and hug her, and I repeated her request several times. But I only responded to her once, as I was almost late for work. I hugged Paris and said, “You know I love you. We have experienced much worse, and we will overcome whatever situation we are in.” I told him this because I was feeling like he was angry at me.. Then I went to work like any other day..but it was not like any other day..this day was enough to make me forget the sweet taste of life. A little after midnight we were about to close the restaurant when we heard the siren of a police car approaching from the street of the restaurant and then appeared in front of us and stopped at the door, a man of the police came down and asked who of us Charity, I replied that it was me, and he said we need to talk to you. Your daughter has been injured. My reaction was confused, I wanted to see her, I was asking him where is she? Here he and the other policeman told me that she was still at home, but I did not understand why she had not been treated. Then I heard one of the policemen say, "Ella is dead." Here I felt that it was very much the end of life for me.” Charity lost consciousness for a short time, and as soon as she regained consciousness, she asked, "Where is Paris? Is he okay?" The police replied, "Yes, he's fine, and he's with us." Charity did not understand why he was with them, so I asked them: “What do you mean that he is with you?” "It was the moment when everything lost its meaning," Charette says of the moment the police told her that Paris had killed Ella.

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A picture of him with his sister shortly before the crime.. he was only 13 years old


Paris persuaded the nanny to return to her home before his mother returned, then he entered his sister's room and beat her violently and then started stabbing her 17 times with a kitchen knife.. Then he left his sister lying on the ground with her blood and went to call his friend, and he kept talking to him for six minutes, then he called He called the local emergency number 911 and told them that his sister had been stabbed in the body several times The emergency officials told him to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation as a first aid, so he told them that he was trying to do this. But after examining Ella's body it became clear that he had made no attempt to revive her. Charity says after my daughter's death was confirmed, I felt a bitter sadness and my body was cut into a thousand pieces and I was about to lose my strength, all I wanted was death but I couldn't do this because I still have my son Paris. The day after the heinous crime, Charity went to see her son, she was devastated, devastated, and never held together, but when they let her into the room where her son was being held, the first thing she felt was that she was so happy to see her son. She hugged him with full force and was crying and feeling every part of his face, his hands and his shoulders.. But he did not speak to her, but remained coldly silent, she wanted to make sure that he was there and fine.. Then, moments later, she realized that he had not uttered a word and was not affected by any of what his mother had done. He did not hug her at all. He remained in his body only.. Even his facial features were hypnotic and extremely cold. After contemplating him for a few minutes, he broke the silence between them and said, "What are you going to do now?" She replied, "What do you mean?" He said, "You've always said that if anyone hurt your children, that would be the only case in which you could kill someone, so what would you do now?" Here Charity felt that he was not asking her as if he was afraid of her, but as if he was defying her. It was the first time he saw him like this. He was not angry, but spiteful. As the days passed and the investigations with Paris and what happened on the night of his sister's death, he said that he and Ella were asleep, and when he woke up, he saw Ella and she looked like a burning devil, so he brought the knife and killed this devil. For the first three months, Charity wanted to believe her son's story, which he told the police, she wanted to believe Paris anyway. She wanted to believe that her son was sick..and he was really sick, but she wanted to believe that he was sick in a different way.

It was a devastating shock.. her teenage son stabbed his baby sister to death


On one of Charity's visits to her son, she said to him, looking him in the eyes, "I now promise you the same thing I promised you on the day you were born. I don’t really know how to best treat you as a mother, but I will do my best as a mother and I will love you no matter what happens.” She wanted her son to know from the start that her love for him was unrequited, and her love for him was never unconditional. But he did not care about that, and even when he responded, what happened was very frightening, giving him chills. A month later, Paris' character appeared to appear in prison, became more violent, began to unleash his true selfish and spiteful personality to show it without any mask... and began to confess everything... The reasons that made him commit this crime and the secret plans he prepared to ensure the killing of his sister on that day and not just injuring her . First, he admitted to the investigator that he had thoughts of killing before his sister was born. He was eight when he started thinking about killing one of them... But he would go back to drawing and empty all his troubled thoughts into it... He would draw violent and bloody drawings.. It is true that they are not perfect, but their meaning is clear if a person looks closely at his drawings. He will understand what this child has drawn. His mother noticed this...but she was turning a blind eye on the pretext that most children love drawing action, blood and violence by nature...that's why she didn't care. As for the reason why he killed his sister, his mother loved her more than he did. He said that his mother gave great attention to his sister. She also neglected him and also neglected his sister when she returned to taking cocaine.. That is why he decided to take revenge on her by killing his sister.. in order to suffer.. and feel what he was. feel it. Also, by searching the police, they found evidence in the history of Google searches on the family’s computer: “How to kill a person with a knife.” They found terrifying details of how he killed his sister. And when they told him what they found, he did not deny, but admitted that he was the one who searched.. He said that he had been hesitant to kill Ella, as he loved her, but he proceeded with his crime when he mentioned his mother and her love for her. In 2007, after his confession, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison, the maximum penalty available for anyone who commits murder in Texas. When Charity learned of all her son's confessions, she could only cry for months... She lost 15 kilos in 13 days and collapsed completely. After months of sadness, pain and loneliness, she decided that she wanted to go see him and check with him personally about his confessions. She wanted to know the truth, because she had not yet understood the bitter truth. Her request was accepted, but due to the severity of the development of Paris's personality in prison and the violence and ferocity that he has become, he cannot be in the same room to meet his mother or anyone, so there must be a glass separating him from his visitors and under heavy guard. After the mother met her son, she asked him: “She wants to understand what happened, and she is trying hard to understand so that she can help him.” But Paris, instead of speaking, he only looked at his mother, and then started laughing. He laughed an expressive laugh about something hidden... something his mother would not know until years later... But he only said, 'You know, Mama, that you, and all of you, were very stupid. All these years, you thought I was smart, handsome and an artist, but you were all wrong.” Charity is emerging from the entire institution of the prison and is beginning to realize that her son, Paris, is no longer what she used to know. But she continued to visit her son between a month and a month... This made many of her family and neighbors wonder why Charity had gone to visit Paris so far, but she says: "If she stops loving her son, her visits to him will end here... But she still loves him because he is her son." She said that the agony she went through, losing her daughter forever and losing her son behind prison bars, was more painful than anything she had experienced since she grew up.

The mother still visits him in his prison.. and he still hates her


On his fifteenth birthday, his mother went to see him... and when she left him, she was walking in the streets, not understanding what she had heard from him... He told her the fact that he hated her and hated her, and that he had planned to kill her after she came back from work on the same day as his sister's death.. But he backtracked, and if he kills her, she will suffer for 15 or 20 minutes and then die, and here she will follow Ella and he will remain alone.. That's why he changed his plan and left his mother. Live.. he knew that killing Ella would make her suffer even longer! And being the killer, this is enough to destroy her... In the past, when Charity told Paris that her love for him was unrequited and never unconditional, she meant what she said, but now she is starting to fear him, especially after he confesses to her that he had already planned to kill her... Not only did she have to be afraid of her son, but she also had to face the society's view that held her responsible for what happened... When a son commits a terrible act, it is his parents who are blamed and insulted. In addition to her pain and suffering, people, her friends, and some family members did not show mercy on her. They used to hear her harsh words and insults. This weighed her down and made her feel sad. Especially the situation that happened to her, which she could not and will not forget when someone approached her in a store and said to her: “You are that woman who raised that boy who killed his sister?” Here she returned to her home and her tears fell, but she began to ask herself, Am I the reason for what happened? She reached yes, and at the same time no, she had made a mistake when she returned to drug addiction, and this had a role in Paris feeling angry, but she was convinced strongly that the biggest reason that prompted him to do so was genetic hormones .. killing is not new in her family, because her mother killed her father. But it does not exonerate him for what he did, for he could have made a different choice.. Everyone could find the appropriate solution.. If he had schizophrenia or thought disorder, the police could have pardoned him and treated him.. But he did not suffer from this kind of disorder. He is an intelligent and calm person who calculates everything well, and he did not take the decision to kill his sister in a moment of rush or recklessness.. He told her that he chose Ella while he was conscious because he knew that it would cause the greatest possible harm.. She said he is an antisocial child (psychopathic), and there is no doubt about this. Charity has set up a charity called "Ella" that helps people "empathize, love, learn lessons and work hard". The Foundation's goal is to assist victims of violent crime as well as those who have been affected by mental illness or the criminal system. Paris is still imprisoned in Texas and is now approximately 27 years old, and may be released in 2047 when he is in his fifties. An American documentary film entitled “The Family I Head” has been released that tells the sad and tragic story of a mother who lost her two children in a heart-rending, painful way.

Conclusion :

There are some sources on the net that mention that Ella was also sexually assaulted before her murder, and that her brother watched several hours of porn sites before he killed her. For science, Paris is almost a genius, his IQ is 141 IQ, which is a malicious criminal intelligence to the extreme. In his interviews, he said that part of him loved his sister very much and part of him hated her, and the evil part triumphed in the end. In 2012, Charity gave birth to another child named Phoenix, and it is amazing that she still visits her son in prison and even took Phoenix to see his brother. Perhaps after several years, Paris will be released from prison, and the mother says that she will hide if they release him for fear that he will kill her. Paris has been classified as a psychopathic criminal, and the psychopathic criminal is the most dangerous and insidious type of criminal, to identify the psychopathic personality, and are you one of them! You can take this simple test.

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