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Having A Goal

Though we can mess up a lot of things in life, just know that none of us are perfect and some of us are a work in progress.

Amaryllis Spice

Amaryllis Spice

Why a goal?

Having goals is important. Not having goals is like walking up the street without desire to make it back home safely. Today's simple goals might be based on urgent issues, or on likes and dislikes, whereas complex goals are about life strategy and future events. To not have any plans at all is like going to sea, without charts, destiny unknown. That being said, you might be just drifting through life if you have no goals. Some people are driven by their inner goals, and see their destination, and others are constantly asking for direction. Which are you, and where are you going? When you feel that all of life has happened, and events meant to be are complete, then, what then? Well, life must go on, so set some new goals. Maybe write a song, but don't get left in the dust of nothingness. God meant for you to be here, even if only to show someone else which way to go. But while your doing your thing whatever it is, don't forget to breathe, and to stay warm. Be happy about it and share a smile. Keep track of the time of day, and mark your calendar. Put your boots on if it's raining. Life has basic rules you must follow. If you're just blissfully climbing up sunshine mountain, well then pick some roses along the way, and mark the trail for someone else to find ya. Wear your sunscreen and a nice hat. But if you're down in the coal mines, chipping coal, get yourself a song to sing, and lean back on your shovel once in awhile. Otherwise, it's gonna be a drudgery for ya. It's important to set goals, and to have a dream, even if it sounds ridiculous at the moment, one day the parade will pass by and you will get to join in the celebration. You will be able to catch the candy thrown from the floats and hear the band play. You will know this time it's your parade. Your dreams, your happiness. As the great Apostle Paul said, "leaving all else behind, let us run with patience, knowing at the end we shall receive a crown of righteousness". So don't lose sight of the goal.

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Helna on September 27, 2020:

Well said we must have a goal. The ultimate goal is to be with the Lord forever. In that journey, you may face many obstacles. But it is our responsibility to complete the journey. Just like the one who finds a treasure in the field and went and sold out everything to buy that field.

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