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Have We Witnessed The Beginning Of World War III?

Is America being led by a dummy?

Is America being led by a dummy?

Putin Did It

Putin lied when he inferred Russia was pulling troops back from the border; I knew it, you knew it. The world knew it. Last night, while America slept, Russia invaded Ukraine. Watching the news this morning words were uttered that Putin has stated he feels the darkest days of the 20th century was the fall of the USSR. Not the Holocaust; not WWI or WWII; not Spanish Flu: the fall of the USSR.

We knew who he was and we have ignored the reality of his desire to resurrect his dream of domination. And now, we will pay for it.

Biden has stated he has sanctions in mind, including banking. China has stepped up and stated they will cover any banking sanctions America enforces. So, China is in Russia's corner. There are reports China has invaded Taiwan's air space as well. Two of the top three landmass countries in the world working together, and both desiring to add to that number.

What does that mean for the rest of the world?

Is America Strong Enough To Withstand This Incursion?

Are we strong enough? Russia has already shown its willingness to interrupt American cyberworld with hacks. With this insurgence into the Ukraine, preceded by massive cyber attacks, Russia is showing the world a new way to wage war. China is just as capable, and if COVID was indeed manufactured in a lab and released, as seems probable, China has the means, motive and opportunity to disrupt world markets in an ongoing manner. We are two years into the COVID situation with no end in sight. Republicans are pressing to ignore any problems with it moving forward, Democrats desire to lock America down until it ends, whenever that might be.

North Korea is a wild card, which might act in the confusion. As I recall someone once saying, "In chaos lies opportunity". Iran is of a like mind, so will these four countries act, if not in concert with one another, then in similar time frames?

And our leader is Joe Biden. Joe Biden. A man who has been suspected of having dementia, who is very quick to anger in the press meeting, whose every word is scripted by those behind him. He cannot be trusted to comprehend and answer in an uncontrolled environment, and we have to trust him in this situation? He resembles the ventriloquist dummy Walter in looks, and I have to wonder whose hand is up his ass to operate his mouth during these times. And as for a backbone, only the arm of that person lends rigidity to him, so who might that be?

I Am Beyond Concerned...

I am borderline scared by this development. I have my youngest son about to turn 18, and he will have to sign up for a military draft. I believe in a strong defensive military, but under this administration I have severe doubts in their ability to do the right thing. I can see this leading to another Vietnam and then turning into WWIII in a heartbeat, all due to Russia's desires and Biden's weakness. And I do not want my son in a war with Biden in leadership; his and other young peoples lives will be wasted due to the Democratic weaknesses.

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America Is Weaker Than Ever

Led by the Far Left, and America splintering into so many different factions rather than being united, we are at risk as never before. So much of our country depends on other countries, our inflation is growing higher by the day due to reduced importation of goods and services. China owns much of our dept, and our physical land, that we have serious issues.

America is perceived as being weak in the eyes of the world. We are inundated by illegal aliens from our southern border; by various mafia and cartels from around the world. Our people are so willing to set aside our unity in order to pursue our individual desires that we are a fallen country. We are in dire straits, people.

Putin struck at the perfect moment in time. A weak administration, a selfish population, a country divided like it was during the Civil War, and a country who has lost its own identity: if China, Russia, Iran and North Korea band together the rest of the world will be forced into an action they do not want...

Or they will fall.

What Can We Do?

Some talking heads are saying we need to ramp up our fracking in order to compensate for the oil issues. That means more earthquakes and damage to our environment in order to survive. Others say our stock market will fall hard, inflation continue to rise, and America will enter a depression deeper than any prior experienced.

How will America react? This generation, and the one before have not witnessed first hand any form of real strife and hardship. Not really. Some minor ones but nothing like real hunger, real energy shortages, or real serious issues. Murders, burglaries, and violent crime in the inner cities is a problem, but nothing like it could become when real hardships make themselves known.

I do not know what we can do at this time. The horse has left the barn, and this administration will be wringing its hands and issuing meaningless sanctions which Russia will laugh at. And when we do go to war, will the rest of the world join us? Will NATO really stand up and be counted, and will it be enough? Can France, Germany, Britain and Poland stand together with America to halt this? Would they be enough? And if not, who else can we count on?

I don't know.

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