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Government Incentives are All the Rage, Combined with our Complacency, a Dangerous Concoction

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


Government Incentives

Government incentives are in vogue!

They don't replace any one item on the long list of things already promised by Government, all designed to screw up everyone's lives, they are added to it. Of course those in Government are not about to describe it this way, but it's the truth!

As the list becomes longer and longer, by design, everything on that very long list, keeps us or attempts to keep us, completely dependent on them! Where does that leave liberty?

While some become giddy over Government incentives, I see them as yet another opportunity for the Government to liberty grab and further weaken us, each of us individually and as a result...our Nation is further weakened

In a recent discussion that I was involved in, it was implied that people don't always know what is best for them, so they need help...via incentives; goodies, gifts, cash prizes, debt forgiveness...from the Government, because the Government does know best. Lucky for the clueless...the Gov is always looking out for them, dangling special treats before their eyes.

Much like what Parents do when teaching their two-year old to go potty or better yet:

what a homeowner does, when they really need a nuisance mouse to take notice of the delectable cheese there on display!

Okay, I may have embellished a little, I may have taken some liberties with the implication, but the gist of it, is present and accounted for

The person making this implication used the example of tribes that need guidance, because they are isolated or whatever and don't always know what is in their best interest.

I think the observation was innocent enough, but I had an epiphany!

The following was my response:

You're so've just described modern day U.S.A.!

We're, apparently, giving up our individual liberties and becoming more tribal. We no longer know better...because the people flock to the incentivized gifts dangled before them by our coercive government. Definitely not leading to a better life, but our Government has Americans eating out of their hand, nonetheless.

It can't end well - it never does!

Line up and roll up your  sleeves for your chance at a Million Dollars!

Line up and roll up your sleeves for your chance at a Million Dollars!

An Incentivized Nation is an Easily Manipulated Nation

Our Founding Fathers recognized that self-governance works best. They were students of history and understood that any other way, never works out for the people! Those in control do just fine, whether dictators or groups of dictators, but the people become enslaved or worse.

I get so frustrated each time the American people tinker with the idea of socialism/communism...we all hear with our very own ears, (if we are more capable than our overreaching Government gives us credit for, that is) the promises, the incentives, of what Democrats are willing to do for us.

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If we vote for them they'll give us free college, free healthcare, free daycare, free paychecks to stay home and not work and now, gifts and cash prizes if we'll just roll up our sleeves and get the latest vaccine.

Am I the only one wondering, why? If it's the latest, greatest, one size fits all, we can trust in it 100%, why are they having contests and giving away money as incentive to have us get the vaccine?

Don't get me wrong, if a vaccine is right for you in your particular circumstance, by all means, roll up that sleeve, but we don't all share the same circumstances.

As much as the Government tries to pretend that we are all carbon copy drones and that we should just fall in line, jump when they say doesn't work that way.

Each one of us is unique to the next.

Our Founders recognized this!

Many of today's politicians do not, they need us to be completely dependent on them!

The only way they not only gain power, but hold on to it, is with control over the people.

In order for this to occur, they must find ways outside of the guidelines and constraints of the U.S. Constitution.

The power-hungry, in Government for all of the wrong reasons, do not see themselves as "elected representatives" of the people.

They've gone rogue -

Perhaps for some, they have always been rogue, but now they've worked (more like finagled) themselves into a prominent position of power.

The most dangerous place they could possibly be, for the American people, in our Government, with too much power and with no recognition of their boundaries!

They do not appreciate the confinements of our laws, aka: the U.S. Constitution, and so they are constantly attempting to get around it, one way they do this is by and with.....incentives!

Your odds are much better in New York with de Blasio's  burger or fries incentive, for those rolling up their sleeves for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Your odds are much better in New York with de Blasio's burger or fries incentive, for those rolling up their sleeves for the Covid-19 vaccine.

A Stretch?

Another word for incentive, which doesn't sound nearly as enticing, in fact, many have done or are doing time for it.....bribery!

Wouldn't you agree that if we can't get through a day without the Government bribing us, making us promises they never intend to keep, having us believe that granting our every wish is what they live for...we have a big problem?

The things which should matter the most to us, such as plenty of accessible gas at cheaper prices right here on our very own soil via energy independence! Such as a balanced budget,(at the minimum, making an attempt at frugality) secured borders and protection from our enemies, I could go on...set aside for what?

A promise from them to do things for us that we are perfectly capable of doing for ourselves?

Such as the decision about whether the latest vaccine is really in our best interest, in our particular case!

Shouldn't the images we've seen or the conversations we may have had, of people giddy over the idea of Government incentives, make us nervous?

Doesn't all of the above make you a little nervous about our future and the future of our individual liberties?

I don't see it as a stretch at all -

We should all be very leery of all of that delectable cheese, there on display!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2021 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on May 21, 2021:

Not to be outdone, New York has introduced the 5M Vax-n-Scratch incentive...not clear if the free burger or fries offer still stands.

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