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Racism Still Exists

Maxine Waters didn't incite any kind of violence on our streets. Republicans never tried to Censure Trump.


Black Lives Never Mattered

After 200 years plus racism in America, is still refluxing on African-Americans because of the history of their ancestors. African-Americans ancestors were hunted and captured as if they were wild animals. The way they were treated was despicable, deployable, and inhumane. After listening to stories told from generation to generation, discrimination and racism are nothing new to African-Americans, they know what it feels like to be mistreated.

Today's Society

In today's society, African Americans are still trying to overcome racism, hate, racism, xenophobia, and prejudice, but it's hard when you see it in our everyday lives.

1. More African Americans are arrested than Whites.

2. More African-Americans are put to death Than Whites.

3. Black's is constantly stopped by Police officers.

4. More African-Americans are victims of hate.

5. More Africans-Americans are less likely to own homes than whites.

6 More African-Americans young men are killed by police officer than whites.

In today's society the field of black activism is stronger and more powerful, the younger generation will no longer sat back and accept wrongful acts bestowed on every race. Every life matters, but black lives have been in jeopardy from the beginning of the colonial era.

Being black for men and women in society is difficult because of the changes made in our justice system. Every time we see a police officer we never know what to expect because of all the fatally shooting of Black men and women. We are put in a situation where trusting Police officers, is hard.

There are good police officers and bad police officers, how can we distinguish between the two? Bad police officers makes it hard for African -Americans to trust any police officers wearing a gun.

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As much as , African Americans try they will never be treated as if they are equal to the white man. Some Whites will never admit that they are bias and racist instead, they spend their time trying to convince themselves otherwise.

Systemic racism is a problem, for months all we hear and see is the act of violence from police officers who are trained how to defuse a situation , not to kill and ask question later. Rich or poor in the minds of some whites African-Americans will never be classified as true Americans. Racism will always be here because of the older generation, who could never accept African-Americans as people not animals. Most of the younger generations don't see the color of one's skin, they see people.

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