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Has Reverend Pat Robertson Lost His Mind?

Like many of you out there, I am an American voter who who trusts that our checks and balances will protect our democracy from harm.

*Note - This article here of mine was initially published on December 30, 2020.

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ElisaRiva is the creator of this image.

I realize that I have never been an avid fan of Reverend Pat Robertson. I do nothing to keep that fact a secret in my article titled "Secular Medicine Saves Lives." I thought that it was absolutely insane that Reverend Robertson had ever considered even running for president of the United States of America, because I had felt that he was way too extreme in his beliefs in his roles as a televangelist.

Nevertheless, when I had heard four years ago that Reverend Robertson was endorsing President Donald J. Trump for president, my opinion about Reverend Robertson did improve to some degree; although I continued to disagree with Reverend Robertson on a multitude of issues. I was even amazed to find out that Reverend Robertson was friendly with former Vice President Al Gore, even though both men have opposite party affiliations. Well, Reverend Robertson has obviously taken leave of all his faculties, because he recently turned his back on President Trump.

1. Reverend Pat Robertson Stated That President Donald J. Trump Should Leave Politics Altogether

Now when President Trump needs all the friends he can get to back him up in his mission to take back a presidential election that was stolen from him, Reverend Robertson conveniently decided to give a negative speech about him in one of his television broadcasts of The 700 Club. In his speech, he implied that President Trump should concede the presidency, and, to make matters worse, he also recommended that President Trump left politics altogether. That is, he voiced his opinion that President Trump should not run again in 2024 in the event that he was unsuccessful at overturning the outcome of the 2020 American presidential election.

What made Reverend Robertson's speech so bizarre was that he actually acknowledged that our nation would suffer numerous political, social and economic problems as a result of a Biden administration if President Trump was not successful in getting a second term in the Oval Office. Reverend Robertson made absolutely no sense in anything that he said about President Trump. If Reverend Robertson doesn't want former Vice President Joe Biden to be inaugurated into the Oval Office on January 20, 2021, it would only seem that he would want President Trump to remain in the White House for a second term.

Reverend Robertson? If you're reading my article, I think that you are the one who needs to hang up your hat inasmuch as you cannot even seem to get all your points straight. A YouTube copy of the specific December 21, 2020 television broadcast of The 700 Club can be found below wherein Reverend Robertson makes these same statements about President Trump.

Reverend Pat Robertson Spoke Against President Donald J. Trump In His December 21, 2020 Television Broadcast

I cannot even begin to express how appalled I am at Reverend Robertson for turning against President Trump the way he has done so in this respect. It is good that Reverend Robertson brought President Trump a great number of votes in the 2016 American presidential election. However, Reverend Robertson is probably going to lose a great number of television viewers for making such foolish statements about our president on December 21, 2020, and it's not going to have a positive impact on the number of money contributions he receives from his audience either, to say the least.

Reverend Robertson has always been known to have connections to the White House that most outsiders don't have. However, after that one above-described television broadcast of his, he may actually find himself becoming banned from the White House altogether. Because he also runs a news operation in his television ministry, his journalists are going to take a very hard hit after the White House severs all ties with him and The 700 Club. Moreover, Reverend Robertson cannot expect former Vice President Biden and Senator Kamala Harris to become bosom buddies with him in the event that President Trump does not prevail in his challenges of the 2020 American presidential election.

2. Reverend Pat Robertson Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Mike Huckabee

After watching Real Time With Bill Maher for so many years, I was surprised to learn that Bill Maher was friends with Mike Huckabee despite that both men fall on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Mr. Huckabee is the former Governor or Arkansas, and his daughter, Sarah Sanders, has worked for the Trump administration in the past.

Anyhow, the first time that I saw both Mr. Huckabee and President Trump on stage together back in 2015 during a televised Republican debate, one statement by Mr. Huckabee that stands out in my memory was when he came out and said that he would have no problem living in a nation where President Trump was our president. Since then, Mr. Huckabee and President Trump have maintained a good rapport with each other.

Recently I came across a clip on YouTube that showed Mr. Huckabee praising President Trump for having done an excellent job as our nation's leader over the course of the past four years. You can watch that same clip below.

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Mike Huckabee Commends President Donald J. Trump For His Leadership

Mr. Huckabee's strongest point was when he thanked President Trump for Operation Warp Speed. Whether Biden supporters wish to believe it or not, President Trump got a vaccination for the COVID-19 to the American people in a record span of time. Instead of believing everything that the mainstream press and the mainstream media fork out to the public in an effort to soil President Trump's reputation, each and every American should be thanking our president for making it possible for them to live long enough to grow old. I didn't even like the mainstream press and the mainstream media back when I was still a Democrat.

If Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 American presidential election, our nation would have been waiting for at least an additional ten years for that same vaccination. Most of us would have ended up dead from the COVID-19 by then. It is sad that President Trump has had to endure a bumpy path these past four years of his presidential administration despite that he has acted in the American people's best interest.

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GDJ is the creator of this image.

3. My Conclusion To This Topic

When President Trump came down the escalator with his wife, Melania, over four years ago and announced that he was running for president, he gave many Americans hope that the war against political corruption in Washington, D.C. would be won. Even though I have never been a fan of Reverend Robertson, I was able to see how his endorsement of President Trump's candidacy back in 2016 helped get President Trump into the White House.

Reverend Robertson appears to have lost touch with his mental faculties in that he voiced his desires for President Trump to concede the presidency and never run again for president. He accompanied those statements of his with other unkind remarks about President Trump. Reverend Robertson admitted that he was aware of the critical problems a Biden administration could cause our nation in the event that former Vice President Biden does get sworn into office on January 20, 2021, but he has pulled back his support from President Trump in a manner that is traitorous.

Mike Huckabee has chosen to stand by President Trump through thick and thin now that President Trump is confronted with the very difficult goal of overturning an entire presidential election in the interest of the American people. I get it that Mr. Huckabee has very good reasons to be thankful to President Trump in that President Trump gave his daughter, Sarah Sanders, an important position in his presidential administration. In any event, everything that Mr. Huckabee said about President Trump on camera was factual, and Reverend Robertson should be following his example.

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Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on December 30, 2020:

@Al The thing that gets me about this, Al, is that Reverend Pat Robertson acknowledged that Joe Biden would not have the American people's best interest at heart if he were to become president. Therefore, it makes no sense that Reverend Robertson is turning his back on President Trump. President Trump wants to protect our nation from what is in store for us if Joe Biden was to get into the White House. Reverend Robertson doesn't have to agree with everything that President Trump says and does, but he should at least stand behind his mission to take back the election that was stolen from him.

Al from On the Rock on December 30, 2020:

I agree, Pat Robertson is off his rocker. I find it interesting that the president of Souther Baptist Theological Seminary has totally ignored the election fraud allegations and also said Trump should concede.

Forget everything pro or con for Biden or Bush, the issue of pro life (Trump) verses abortion (Biden) should be the only thing these “Christians” should consider in making any statement as to who should be president. They should be ashamed of their stance!

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