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Has American Police Turned Primitive, And Pulling America Backwards?

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Has American Police Turned Primitive, And Pulling America Backwards?

Has American Police Turned Primitive Bringing America Backward?

What is happening in America? Many people are asking that question today with the trend of things in that continent. America has been considered for some decades as the leader of the whole world. It is the country believed to be the most civilized and most advanced socially and technologically. But, it is now degenerating to a wilderness of death. A wilderness of killing and barbarism.

Many people of the world believed it is a continent of continents where everyone desires to leave for a greener pasture. The land of freedom. The Dream of the people of all colors has been to migrate to America for a better life of freedom sanity, but what is the situation now? I ask myself this question every time I read same sad news about the American police, “ Is America going backwards? Is America going primitive?

It makes me feel sad to perceive the horrific aggression of law enforcement agents called police, who are supposed to be in charge of security to life and Property, who have turned to jackals and terrorists against the people they have contracted to protect. Recently the whole world has witnessed many atrocities committed by the American police cops.
The way George Floyd's life was cut short by that barbaric police officer, Derek Chauvin, is a case in point. That fellow behaved like a jackal on a mission to kill. He proved himself to be an animal in human skin, who does not have any iota of human feeling.

He knelt on Floyd neck for 9 minutes to the point of death. The painful side was that Floyd was gasping and struggling for breath to sustain his life. The inhuman Cops even looked away without any feeling. I am concerned when the culprit the poor man was urinating and defecating on himself, shouting at the extreme point of death.” I cannot breathe, I cannot breathe” and the Satan of a corp responding that he has enough breath to speak.

This gruesome action sparked reactions from African- Americans all over America and from sympathizers all over the world. It was one killing too much, and yet despite the outcry of Nations of people all across the globe against the American police authority, they still don’t bother to curtail their personnel from this professional disgrace on the country's law enforcement agency. Instead, many other cases of police brutality and killings were recorded all over the nation.

The case of up to four hefty policemen beating and strangling a helpless black citizen on a wheelchair gives the impression that killer Isis terrorists were recruited into the American police force. These actions are questionable of the police force to kill innocent unarmed citizens without prejudice. If you don't understand my feeling, you may Understand by watching the video of a police Agent beating up a young girl of 6-years whom he pinned down by holding her neck in his Lions size palm.

Reflecting on these cases makes one ask that question, “ is America going backwards?” The world is progressing, civilization is taking over the nations. The word of god is preached all over the world for the love of Christ to penetrate into the lives of people around the world. But the reverse is the case. The love of Christ is going cold in the hearts of people. As the word of God is preached people are growing more and more in hatred of Man to Man, race to race. Satan is taking over the lives of people, using them to achieve his evil games. Different types of killings are experienced all over the world. Religious and tribal killings everywhere. Every nation looks up to America as the leader of the world who are expected to wade into the situations to curtail the barbaric acts. But alas! The giant of the world is just watching the world sink in total destruction where the black lives seems to matter no more.

Black people are murdered every day by American police as if blacks life is no more worth than the life of a chicken. As a concerned individual, I am calling on American police authorities to prove to the world that they are not going backwards in retrogression. Let them prove to the world that black lives matter. Let them prove to the world that black people contributed to the development and progress of America. Let me remind you that many great black people have passed through America with their names plated with gold. Let me remind you that no other person can replace the contributions of those great men and women of black color who have added to Great America. Let the American police authority repent and apologize to the black race in America for forgiveness. Let them repair all the damages they have done to the black race. Let all American citizens repent and make amends in reparation in order for God to have mercy on them. And let Americans know that as long as they cannot manufacture ordinary blood, not to talk of life, they should make amends and stop the persecution before it is too late, to avoid the Wrath of God.

Question: please with all the offences the American police have commuted against blacks, do they or do they not deserve what is happening to them now?

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