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Has America Changed for the Better?

James A. Watkins is an entrepreneur, musician, and a writer with four non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine articles read by millions.

The Future of America

I am worried about the present state and the future of our country. The changes in our national culture and our society over the past 40 to 50 years would have been shocking beyond belief to a citizen of 1960, although many people living now seem oblivious to what has been lost.

Radical Liberals took control of the universities, the media, the Supreme Court and even main-line Protestant churches. They brought with them, besides political correctness with its attendant thought police and phony use of the word "tolerance," their beloved set of "isms," including a creeping relativism, multiculturalism, deconstructionism, socialism, anti-Americanism, anti-Godism and Secular Humanism. What have been the results?


What is a Conservative?

First of all, I admit I have become more and more Conservative as I have aged. Maybe that is to be expected. After all, the old saying is "If you are a young Conservative you have no heart; if you are an old Liberal you have no brain." I have never possessed enough of either.

By declaring myself a Conservative I simply mean that I believe there is much wisdom, tradition and custom passed down to us through the ages from those who have lived before us that is worth conserving. That is not to deny or not to enjoy the benefits of the incredible progression of technology.


What has been lost?

I have seen quite a number of older relatives and family friends die in the past five years. I am struck by how many of them were married for 50 years and at their deathbeds there is the person they have lived their entire adult life with, holding their hand. Gathered there may be three or four or five of their children and the whole lot of them are full blood relatives, bound by genes and by a lifetime lived together as a family.

I think these deathbed scenes will be very uncommon in the future. The rate of divorce has exploded from 14% to 50% in the last 50 years. Most folks have step parents and siblings, perhaps half brothers and sisters, and the resulting grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins of various relation. It increases the difficulty of putting together a family reunion.

In 1959 only 4% of the children born were illegitimate and that number now stands at 47%—an increase of nearly 1200% in 50 years.

Even though it is unequivocally proven that no arrangement of the rearing of human children produces healthy, productive citizens as does living one's life with your natural mother and father into adulthood—few people seemed concerned with the loss of the traditional family.

Even though it is the accepted fact that children who grow up without both of their parents are far more prone to crime, imprisonment, depression, drug use, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, suicide and the perpetuation of more generations of the same—few seem to care.


The missing generation

And then there are the 60 million souls who never got the chance to live at all. The ones killed in the womb while still babies. On this issue, I have been a Conservative from the beginning.

The day I first heard what abortion was, I knew it my heart it was an abomination. This has been the American Holocaust. A stain on our National Soul.

I do not know how on earth anybody—regardless of political persuasion or spiritual beliefs—can think it is OK to kill an innocent human life in the very place designed to keep it safe during gestation—the womb of its own mother.




James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on July 14, 2019:

School Girl For Real ~ I just love your comments. As you said so well, "I can only pray for betterment of our situation and country. This hub just proves how important daily prayer is for these intentions. ... He is giving humans more time to repent first."

Thank you for reading my writings. I appreciate your lovely laudations and your blessings. And you are most welcome, my friend.

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schoolgirlforreal on July 13, 2019:

Hi James,

I've ALWAYS valued people older than me's opinions and views, as with age comes wisdom, and now that I'm 43, I know from experience how true that is. It is valuable for ME to hear things from your point of view, and listen to historical facts that I may not have been aware of....yes some of these things I did not know the statistics of.

You make good points. I really think that people don't value life as much anymore, not just unborn children, but the old, and as time goes on it is getting worse.

We do need strong family upbringing to sustain us. I can only pray for betterment of our situation and country. This hub just proves how important daily prayer is for these intentions.

God help us! He will intervene of course eventually. But I know He is giving humans more time to repent first.