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Hancock: Gets Strict With 33 List of 'Red List' Countries.

Health Secretary: Matt Hancock.


Travellers from 33 countries known as 'Red List' nations, (where new strains of COVID are developing), will be required to follow new government border controls. They have to pay £1,750.00 for a 10-day hotel quarantine. Mr Hancock announced these measures, to the House of Commons, also, Mr Hancock announced that it was crucial that the government get on top of new variants as it was, "mission-critical".

The government has booked, 4,600 rooms in 16 designated hotels. Also, payment for, an escort between the airport and the hotel that will be the place, they will be residing. Also, for them being accommodated at the hotel, their food and security.

Mr Hancock said these measures have been taken because the government did not want dangerous variants of COVID being imported into the UK. There are also, designated arrival points in the UK where travellers will arrive.

Those staying in these hotels who break their quarantine will face a £10,000 fine. They must stay in their room and not mix with other guests. Those who have lied about not coming from the 'red list' countries will face 10 years in prison. UAE, Portugal, African and South American countries are just some, that make up this list.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, arrivals will face a managed isolation, as in England, those isolation areas will probably be, hotels. Matt Hancock's Labour equivalent, Jonathon Ashworth has welcomed Mr Hancock's proposals but said the people of the UK want the government to go even further.

Should the UK do or have done a total border sealing? If you look at New Zealand, under Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern, this is exactly what they did. This action quick and on the ball, action has seen very few New Zealanders die or got infected with COVID.

The UK government has rejected the total closing down of our ports, airports, etc. The government excuse is that the UK being an island nation depends on imports. However, New Zealand like the UK, is an island nation, so how did they get by?

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Sir Keir Starmer pointed out that while Boris was contemplating controlling immigration from certain countries, 21,000 people a day, were coming into our country. Yet, they tell everyone else to social distance, wear masks, sanitise, etc, to stop the spread of COVID and yet all these people have been arriving daily, with little or no checks on them.

On the news, last night, a new variant from Bristol, possibly in Liverpool and Manchester too, is causing great concern. So in one respect, Mr Hancock is correct that it is indeed, "mission-critical" to keep on top of these variants. We have had the Kent variant, the South African variant and the Brazilian variant. They have cropped up in various areas of the UK and yet sometimes, there is no direct connection, between the country these variants originated in. So, if no one brought in these foreign variants, how did they arrive in the UK?

The government is working well with the vaccines and is on target with those most afflicted. However, many will be fearing will the vaccination they have had, now be enough to protect them from these new variants?

WHO meanwhile, having travelled to China and in particular, Wuhan (the supposed origination of the virus) have stated that wet markets and labs are not the sources of the virus. Can WHO be trusted? Are they telling the world the truth or are they just being part of a coverup, with the Chinese government?

COVID is proving to be a dangerous enemy for the human race. It has affected every facet of human society and is forcing people to think of what it means to be human. The message from COVID is loud and clear, humans in relation to our planet and all other species on this world, are telling us to change and live differently, but will we?

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