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Honoring 911

Former President Trump shows no respect for Victims who was killed 20 years ago in 911. He chose to speak at the founder of a cult church.



After 20 -years,I still remember the day the United States stood still. The World Trade Center was under attack by two planes. At first, I thought it was the making of a movie.

9/11/200 Terrorist attacked the New York Trade Center, one of the deadliest attacks in history. Four Americans planes was stolen by Islamic jihadists said death to all Americans. Flight 175 slammed into the South tower, killing all the passengers and trapping people on the 91st floor.

Flight 11flew on the opposite side of the tower, killing all the passengers. The third Plane, flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon killing all the passengers and military personals inside the pentagon. Flight 93 crew member and passengers fought back, the plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania, killing all the Passengers. The target was unknown.

Donald Trump, the former President, didn't attend the 20th Anniversary of Ground Zero, to honor those who died in the Trade Center. President Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton stood on the Lower Manhattan,where The trade Center once stood. George Bushing speech was powerful, it spoke about the growing danger that our country is facing. There are home-grown terrorists on American soil by people who were born in this country.

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The Anniversary was not about Donald Trump, so why should he go. Instead of paying tribute to the victims and their families,Trump spoke Saturday praising founders of a cult church. His excuse was he didn't want to go because President Joe Biden was there.

Donald Trump, couldn't put losing the election to Biden for one day to honor those who died in the World Trade Center20- years ago. This is the kind of person the Republicans choice to lead ang protect for four years. When The former President didn't show up at the Anniversary of 911, his supporters should see when they chose to follow.


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on September 14, 2021:

President Trump never thought about 911 and the families who are still suffering. Instead of paying his respect to families ,he was making a speech at a cult church. Which was an embarrassment.

MG Singh from UAE on September 13, 2021:

Have a feeling ultimately its all going to die down and some token ritualism will prevail. The government of Biden has already forgotten about 9/11 as it seeks placate Iran and shakes hands with the Taliban.

Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on September 13, 2021:

Former President Trump should have been at Ground Zero with the former Presidents to honor those who was killed in the New York Trade Center. Families are still struggling from the lost of their loved ones after 20-year. Trump could have set aside his anger for Biden for one day , to praise the memories of those who are no longer here. He disrespected 911 and the Anniversary that will linger in the minds of true Americans throughout history. God bless all.

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