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Happiness a Delusion

What Is Happiness?


Happiness which is basically defined as a sense of well-being ,joy, or contentment when people are successful, or safe, or lucky they feel happiness . Happiness which is also defined as an emotional sense of satisfaction but according to my personal perspective happiness is a delusion which exist in human mind .



Happiness which is often describe as a emotional sense of satisfaction by many authors and jurists but I will never describe it as a sense of satisfaction because according to me human never can never attain satisfaction because human is greedy by nature and he demand more happiness after receive of small amount of happiness. So the sense of satisfaction we talks about is nothing more than a non-achievable goal .


Yes what the world called happiness I call it a compromise . I call happiness a compromise because we have to compromise our today for our tomorrow . Happiness a investment of today for better tomorrow is nothing but a risky investment with low returns .Students have to study hard on their academics for a better college ,then a better job and then he finally settle in his life and we call that particular person is happy in his life . So basically when a person have a good job , good house etc. we deliberately call him happy but I call it a settlement . But I agree that settlement is a mean to attain happiness but still its not happiness . But this compromise is a latent function compromise because there is unrecognized consequences .So compromise not always result into settlement it may result into unintended consequences.


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Happiness is always a short run phenomena . Happiness is a short run phenomena because a individual can't last happy long because it is just a emotional state of joy which don't last long because humans don't feel happy for same course of event again and again . Human is a being who set goals in his life when he attain those goals he fell happy and then he again set goal and then again start working on those goals .So happiness is nothing but a emotional feel we get after achieving something and this emotional state is short run which require a long run investment.

CONCLUSION- Happiness is a delusion which human believe to be true but which is actually a myth and to fulfil it we lost our today. if you really want to be happy just live today don't care about future because its already have a lot of unintended consequences considering which present is more beautiful and realistic .So live today without caring of tomorrow and what you fell by doing this or you attain from doing this is happiness .

Thanks dear readers for giving me your precious time .If there is something you want to say me please let me know in comment section at last thanks see you again.

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