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Once Upon a Time in America When God Was Commonplace, Guns in Trucks Was Commonplace; Shooting People for Sport, Was Not

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

Once Commonplace and Ordinary


Gun Safety Being Taught in a Classroom in the 1950's


"Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You"

Long, long ago, Matthew, Mark and Luke, three of the apostles who walked in the light of Christ/followed the teachings of Jesus, wrote about treating people as you would hope to be treated by them.

"Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You"

It's clear, concise, non-threatening, not the least bit controversial.

It's a positive and influential message; but nevertheless, one fateful day, it wasn't interpreted in that context, by an individual(s) who found these particular words, offensive!

A big production was made out of it.

The easily offended argued that it shouldn't be on the walls, in the halls, of our schools and so...without merit, the scripture was removed from the walls, in the halls, of our schools.

It wasn't so very long ago, when that scripture, known to us as The Golden Rule, held a place of prominence, until it, of all things, was expelled from the school grounds.

Also, once prominently displayed, less than 50 years ago, on school grounds, at the local market, in church parking lots and all around town...guns, on gun racks in personal vehicles

Ironically, in his most recent speech, Joe Biden mentions shootings taking place in schools, markets and in churches -

The very places where it was once so common to see guns on gun racks prominently displayed!

It was as common as prayer in school, had once been

What was not common and, was in fact, unheard of - using once prominently displayed guns (now hidden away in trench coats and in deep, dark pockets) to shoot, in order to kill, one's family member or one's neighbor... in these many places all around town, in town after town!

It didn't happen

Back when God breathed on this young Nation, back when we acknowledged and welcomed that fact and sought his guidance and approval.

When our true history was taught, not re-imagined, then turned into some fairy tale, put into print and distributed from school to school, in town after town...along with other garbage not fit for human consumption, much less, to be fed to the most vulnerable among us, America's children, in American classrooms!

Back when gun safety was taught to students, not treated as if a gun was an entity into itself, uncontrollable, with its own mind and abilities.

Often students were taught by other students who had grown up around guns.

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Rifle clubs were common.

It was and still is today, commonplace for many children to grow up in an environment, where their family hunts for their food/for food for their community, those in need, etc.

Gun use is an integral part of many lives. In fact, some families totally depend upon guns, in order to hunt, in order to eat!

Many law-abiding citizens have guns for personal protection, against a thriving criminal element which shows no signs of adhering to any laws or of doing any type of good - toward their fellow man or woman!

The people's right to keep and bear arms, specifically, protects us against those whom our Founding Fathers knew would inevitably come along and seek to dismantle that which we have built.

It protects against those who would intentionally work to alter our form of Government; one, which has always been, of, by and for...the people!

It has worked and will continue to work, as long as the people understand its significance

Filling a Void

The lone complaints, for the dismissal of God became two, became ten...turned into lawsuits; don't dare mention our Creator, Heavenly Father, don't dare to mention, God, especially in the schoolhouse!

Make guns taboo, stop talking about them and their history and their relevance to this Nation, the United States of America!

Don't discuss nor teach, gun safety...God forbid they be prominently displayed!

Suddenly, this young upstart country turned its back on the covenant which was made with God, becoming a country at the mercy of the whims of a lost, secular society.

God was chastised, as political correctness took his place; scripture was mocked and critiqued, as anything goes, filled that void!

Suddenly, the ungodly, easily offended, politically correct anything-goes, crowd, find themselves wondering...why are so many people shooting other people dead in the streets of Chicago, over long Memorial Day weekends?

Pondering, why angry young men are targeting and shooting all in their pathway; whether the pathway is in a school, in an office setting, in a store, in a hospital.....

They need to place the blame somewhere!

When it hits close to home or affects them personally, their first response is to blame everything they've worked so hard to rid this country of and yet, don't seem to comprehend it

They blame God, they blame the guns, they blame the people who grew up around guns, they blame the manufacturers, they blame the law-abiding, gun-owning citizen, they blame those in Government who have sworn to protect the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights, who actually take their Oath, very seriously!

They blame everyone and everything, with the exception of the evil which has infiltrated all aspects of our lives, that which has filled the void!

That space one occupied by a Covenant, a binding agreement, made with God!

The American Covenant

The public school bureaucracy, which is now the largest in the history of the world, has been 'vaccinating' the vast majority of America's youth for several generations against what it considers to be 'the infectious disease of absolute moral values,' our Christian heritage, and our Christian republic which was built upon these truths.

— Dr. Marshall Foster, Author of 'The American Covenant'

Anything Goes in lieu of Godly Principles

Young lady, if you don't want that burdensome, "inconvenience" growing inside of you, no worries, end his/her life, ending the inconvenience which was caused by you, but have that new life, pay the price....take away their rights, see their personhood as an inanimate object, in order to justify it!

After all, what is life, if not doing only for yourself and unto yourself, forgetting others

If you're inconvenienced again and again, abort, again and again, ten times if necessary, anything goes, unless, of course, you need the numbers, in order to supply you with a substantial income from America's present day god - the federal government!

Young man, you want to get ahead with a better paying job, bragging rights on a prestigious degree, which you plan to work so hard for?

Go for it and then, when the time comes, complain about the cost of that someone else can pay for that too!

Again, your god, the federal government is there for you. They will make sure some lowly blue-collared hard-working family, that probably owns guns...will be forced to pay it, so you won't be inconvenienced and burdened...

What happened?

Children as young as five years old, carry cellphones and have unrestricted access to sites such as TikTok. It is fairly common today, according to my very young grandchildren.

The video games that adults, but also children, are playing for hours on end, have gotten bloodier, gorier, more sexualized, more graphic, over the years.

Many people are suggesting that legalizing marijuana everywhere and placing it on every street corner, will fix everything which ails us!

All of us continually kept in a fog, on the hunt to soothe every mental and physical ailment, that sounds like quite a winning strategy!

Sheep to the slaughter, instantly comes to my mind.

How many young children and teenagers have unrestricted access to social media, video games, edibles and the internet?

What fills their day, these days?

We must turn back to God!

Our Founding Fathers entered into a Covenant with God, they never intended any such separation from that binding agreement, for this Nation!

Our Country, founded on Godly principles, has strayed further and further away from that truth!

We can acknowledge that truth or we can continue to blame inanimate objects.

We can continue tying the hands of those who take their rights very seriously, who honor and follow all laws, all while completely ignoring the fact that those who don't honor anything,...laugh at stricter and stricter gun laws. Laws don't apply to them, because they mean nothing to them!

But nothing will change, evil will continue to have a field day here on American soil and innocent people will continue to pay the price...with their lives!

Because we never seem to learn, we ignore the signs, we continually blame the wrong things.

We have failed miserably at protecting the most innocent and susceptible among us and then question why bad things happen to good people!

We allow ourselves to be bogged down in some nasty, heavy garbage, rather than putting on the full armor which Sustains us, as we find ourselves sinking further and further into Satan's dark abyss!

Lord God, have mercy!

© 2022 A B Williams

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