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Gunbattle With US, German, and Afghan Forces.

People Queuing At Kabul Airport.


Alleged Gun Battle.

We have all the chaotic scenes at Kabul Airport. As queues, of both Afghan and foreigners, wait to board a flight out of the country. Not all will get out, but Allied forces, under extreme pressure, are doing what they can, to ferry those chosen, out.

A British Officer admitted, that British troops have never faced such a chaotic situation. Hoards of people, many terrified of the Taliban, have massed at the airport perimeter, as British, US, and other forces try to manage, the situation.

Scenes of mothers handing over their babies, toddlers, and younger children, over razor wire to Allied soldiers, show how desperate these people are. In other words, if the Afghan adults, cannot get out, then they are willing to give up, their children, (so that, their young, might just grow up in the West and have a better, Taliban-free, life).

Apparently, Boris has been pleading with Joe Biden, to extend the deadline. This would allow more people to be processed and flown out of the country. The deadline for the end of Allied occupation and the removal of all Allied forces, is 31 August. This includes all Western media, foreign citizens living in Afghanistan, also, Afghans who have been working with the occupation forces.

Dr. Suhail Shaheen, the Taliban spokesman in Doha, has been talking to the media. When asked if the Taliban, would allow, an extension beyond 31st August, Dr. Shaheen said: "No". Dr. Shaheen explained, that, if Allied forces did stay beyond the pull-out, there would be in his words: "consequences". Dr. Shaheen said any Allied forces staying in the country, would count as continuing the occupation, of Afghanistan. Dr. Shaheen warned that staying beyond the deadline date would cross a "red line". Dr. Shaheen said that the US had had plenty of time to get its forces, Americans living in the country and Afghan workers, out. The mess is entirely the fault, of the Americans, who have no evacuation system in place. In his estimation, this is why the evacuation we are seeing on our screens, is just one big disorganized mess. Dr. Shaheen said he had no mercy for the plight, the Allies, found themselves in. He said that Allied forces knew, the Taliban were winning the war and advancing, towards Kabul. The Americans and other forces should have prepared better, when the writing was on the wall, of a Taliban victory.

Dr. Shaheen was asked, about the number of Allied dead, in the country. Again, Dr. Shaheen said that was entirely the fault of the foreign forces, who had invaded, Afghanistan. Dr. Shaheen said, how would the West have liked it if the Taliban had occupied one of the Westerner's countries? What would the reporter have asked him, if he had killed Western people, in their country, as the West has done in Afghanistan? Dr. Shaheen said that despite the war of 20 years, the Taliban were prepared to move on and have peaceful relations. Dr. Shaheen said that those queuing at Kabul airport were not afraid, of the Taliban. He said they were merely economic migrants, wanting a better life in the West, to escape their poverty. He also dismissed reports of the Taliban, going door to door, looking for Afghan collaborators. Again, he underlined that women had nothing to fear. However, that's not what many Afghan women think or feel. Some women have returned to work, others, are afraid to. Dr. Shaheen, also poured doubt, on the alleged closure of girls' schools. We only have Dr. Shaheen's word for this, what may or not be happening in the country, may tell a different story.

As said earlier, Boris has pleaded with the Americans, to extend the deadline. How Biden, will respond, remains to be seen, in the coming days. If the Allies choose to stay at Kabul airport, in defiance of the Taliban, things could get tricky. Relations between the Biden administration and that of the British government, are tense right now.

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Meanwhile, back at the Kabul airport, there have been reports of gun battles involving, American, German, and Afghan government forces. Whether this is a battle involving the Taliban, is not known. If true, and whoever started this round of violence, it does not bode well.

Meanwhile, reports are still coming in of Afghan forces, resisting, turning back, and killing many Taliban fighters, in the Panjshir Valley.

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