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Australia Had to Change Its Gun Laws to Make Its Society Safer. Why Can't the USA Do the Same? It's Just Crazy

Hope you enjoy my writings. I'm from Melbourne Australia Feel free to leave a comment. Cheers

We have the opportunity for change in this country now, Change gun laws.

Those were the words of former Australian Prime Minister John Howard before he radically changed Australia's gun laws. I personally think and believe his leadership on this issue after the Port Arthur massacre did help rid the country of gun violence on a large scale.

The big question is, could the solution that our Australian Prime Minister used at the time work and help solve the high murder rates in the USA from Pistols?

Yes, as an Australian citizen this would defiantly help the people of United States.

The only big hurdle that I think needs to be solved, now I'm talking big here ,is certain parts of the United States Second Amendment right to bear arms!

Australia did only take two weeks to change the laws on gun control. So massive amounts of work need to done to convince congress to past new motions for the second Amendment.

Most of the United States Federal gun laws have been change by acts, but they really are not effective enough to enhance safer gun control.

Example 1

Federal Assault Weapons Ban (1994–2004)

But the law expired in 2004,why?

Example 2

Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (1993): Requires background checks on most firearm purchasers, depending on seller and venue.But dealers don't need to keep the background check for more than 24 hours, again why?

I found a list of most of the United States Federal gun Acts that have been put in place over the years;

Most federal gun laws are found in the following acts:[1][2]

Surely we can change this.


The day Australia decided to change it's law for gun tighter gun control.


Thousands of guns handed in!

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Changing the culture of gun control in the United States.

I really do think people's power can still work today. In today's fast past society with so many people been so obsessed with their smartphones, Facebook, Twitter etc., do people really care enough to write to their politicians to explain why and how they want to change the second amendment. How are the citizens of the United States ever going to convince the majority in Congress to vote yes? I personally think Marketing is the only solution. Look at Coke Cola, this Company is recognized all over the world! So the only way is to have one body overseeing every undertaking so it can apply political pressure so congress can agree on the change.

Just one non-political movement needs to jump on board, and then people power will do the rest. Votes are determined on how popular trends are fairing. .So if society can make a large enough change, slowly the will of the people will win, the will to win.

Thanks for reading my blog. Leave a comment If you like, to let me know your opinion.



"No more USA, enough is enough.


We all need to dream of a safer World. A world with Safer, tighter gun legislation.


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Mick Bert (author) from Australia on March 01, 2018:

Domestic violence is an issue.True.But assault weapons can take out so many lives so quickly

Thanks for your response Dan

Dan Harmon from Boise, Idaho on March 01, 2018:

If you look at what homicide rates did, and how many people were killed in mass murders before and after the Great Gun Confiscation in Australia you might learn something. But be careful! I did not say how many people were killed with guns - I said how many people were killed. Murders. Homicides.

You will find that the trend before the buyback (a slow decline in the homicide rate) did not change for over 10 years - far too long to be caused by removing all those guns in one year. And more people have died in the 20 years mass murders AFTER the buyback than in the 20 years prior to it.

Bottom line - millions and millions of dollars were spent, rights and freedoms expunged from the country and it's people...for a return of nothing. No lives were saved - people died violently just as often, they just didn't have bullet holes in the bodies. I don't think that means much to the dead or their surviving loved ones.

Mick Bert (author) from Australia on January 04, 2017:

Safe is better than dead!

Spurwing Plover on January 04, 2017:

Any iidot who suggests we copy australia's mistake(Hollywood pinhead Matt Damon has suggested it)needs to have their head examened their screws are coming loose and frankly they need to just leave america perhaps move to australia if they want to as long as the go unarmed and without the ramed goons to protect their sorry backsides

MB on June 29, 2016:

did emily scare you away mick?

emily is right and you know it

emily on June 20, 2016:

my friend mb told me about this and he is right! americas gun laws are perfect! you need to be a man and toughen up. i bet you never held a gun before.

you are trying to make our nation weak!

guns are useful in so many way you cant imagine.


Nick on June 20, 2016:

Good blog here mick.

Are you going to vote from trump?

MB on June 20, 2016:

that page is wrong

how are all of the happy people in usa because of guns and look at all of the small people making money buy selling gun

and how would the drug dealer stay safe

think about it


MB on June 19, 2016:

because gun = power

australians need to follow usa

MB on June 19, 2016:

australia should let more people with guns

Mick Bert (author) from Australia on June 18, 2016:

Totally agree with you Shyton. Thanks for your feedback.God bless America now

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on June 18, 2016:

Hi Mick, the ''Federal Assault Weapons ban (1994-2004) that was signed into law by President Clinton was for 10 years and then was suppose to be renewed, it was suppose to be renewed by the next president, but George W. Bush allowed it to expire, with the statement that he was going to undo everything that President Clinton signed into law.

I believe in the Second Amendment of my constitution, but not for "Assault" weapons that are made for the purpose of killing as many people as possible as fast as possible.

If people are intent on killing someone, they will find a way even if all guns were banned, if a thief wanted to break into a home and he does not know if that home owner has a gun or not might be a deterrent.

My mom stopped the beating of a child with her gun, but it almost got her killed "When a Gun for Protection Becomes a Liability" but for the fact that the shotgun got wet stopped it from firing. I don't like to think what would have happened had mom shot WC.

I don't believe "ALL" guns will ever be banned, but I do hope that all assault weapons will be, and stricter background checks and I am suspicious of someone just coming into my country and heading for the gun store especially if they are from a country who are brought up where there's no respect for life, theirs or anyone else's.

Blessings Mick

Mick Bert (author) from Australia on June 15, 2016:

Cheers Chuck,

Because it was a gun (same which was baned here because of what happened here at Port Arther)that cause the tragic lose of 50 souls in Orlando. Make it hatder for the crazy evil people that want to kill innocent folk.

Thanks for your feedback mate,l understand your view.

Chuck on June 15, 2016:

Why do you only say "gun murders" and not give statistics on murders? I'm pro gun control but to be intentionally misleading with statistics like that just gives pro gun nuts an easy way to dismiss anything like this article.

Chris Armour on June 15, 2016:

"The supposed quietude of a good man allures the ruffian; while on the other hand, arms, like law, discourage and keep the invader and the plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. The balance of power is the scale of peace. The same balance would be preserved were all the world destitute of arms, for all would be alike; but since some will not, others dare not lay them aside. And while a single nation refuses to lay them down, it is proper that all should keep them up. Horrid mischief would ensue were one-half the world deprived of the use of them; for while avarice and ambition have a place in the heart of man, the weak will become a prey to the strong. The history of every age and nation establishes these truths, and facts need but little arguments when they prove themselves."

- Thomas Paine, "Thoughts on Defensive War" in Pennsylvania Magazine, July 1775

Mick Bert (author) from Australia on June 12, 2016:

Thanks Azil , cheers.....

azil on June 11, 2016:

great hub...i really felt ur concern w/regards 2 dis issue..thanx

Mick Bert (author) from Australia on June 06, 2016:

Thanks for the feedback,cheers to you all

Mick Bert (author) from Australia on June 04, 2016:

I can still have a gun,they just do more background checks here in oz

Cheers mate

del-con2 on June 03, 2016:

So,when a shooter comes for you or your family,your OK with that?And don't tell me the Cops will defend you.

The definition of insanity.... Voting for the establishment over and over and over again and expecting a different result. If the Establishment want to dis-arm you,you can bet it will not be in your best interest.

A dis-armed population is easier to control.

Why remain silent and be thought a fool when you can speak out and remove all doubt?

Brother on May 28, 2016:

Great write up

Mick Bert (author) from Australia on May 22, 2016:

Sad state of affairs Kathleen, never give up on hope.

Thanks for your feedback :)

Kathleen Cochran from Atlanta, Georgia on May 22, 2016:

Don't worry. Nothing in America is ever going to change. Too many people are more concerned about their rights than their safety - or actually - the safety of others.

Mick Bert (author) from Australia on May 22, 2016:

No semis because of mass shootings.

Cheers mate...

Ralph Schwartz from Idaho Falls, Idaho on May 22, 2016:

Why no semis ? We already have background checks / I disagree with registration though - in America gun ownership is a right, to keep government from oppressing us - you may disagree but lots of people do not

Mick Bert (author) from Australia on May 22, 2016:

We can still gave guns RJ ,they just needed registering with background checks,and no semi auto for public use.cheers

Ralph Schwartz from Idaho Falls, Idaho on May 22, 2016:

Good for you - most Aussies I know think it was overreach and would love their guns back

Kathleen Cochran from Atlanta, Georgia on May 22, 2016:

Many countries control weapons successfully while we Americans wring our hands and lament this is a problem with no solution. Why can't we just do what other countries do? We don't have to reinvent the wheel. Thanks for this hub. I hope somebody here listens.

Mick Bert (author) from Australia on May 22, 2016:

My point here is that in Australia we feel a lot safer and thank God don't get school massarces like the USA

Ralph Schwartz from Idaho Falls, Idaho on May 21, 2016:

The National Rifle Association (NRA) would have you believe that guns stop murders. The gun control lobby would have you believe that gun control reduces murders. They are both wrong. Gun bans have always had the same effect once implemented: none. They do not create a (sustained) period of increased murders, nor do they reduce the rate of homicides. The gun control crowd is currently stomping their feet and screaming “No, it reduces violence! I’ve seen the statistics.” What you probably saw were studies that point to reduced instances of “gun murders,” not murder. The pro-gun crowd is screaming that gun bans cause crime. At least this is grounded in reality. Typically, there is a spike in murders immediately after a ban, but it is short lived.

So, what's your point?

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