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A View For The Second Amendment

A Christian whose passionate about God and country. I believe whole heartedly in our Constitution and nostalgia.


Gun Control

My dad used to have a bumper sticker on his car that said, "When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Guns". Guess what? I believe it’s true! When you vote FOR gun control you are saying you don’t mind if the government takes away the rights of the American people to own a gun. They won’t be able to take the gun rights away from criminals!! Criminals already gave away their right to own a gun. Yet, they still have them. YOU, as LAW ABIDING citizens, WON’T.

As it states in the 2nd Amendment, as law abiding citizens, we have THE RIGHT to bear arms. When you vote for gun control, what's more important than giving away the right to own a gun, is the fact that you are telling the government that it's ok to take away YOUR RIGHTS! I've talked to some people who are all for the idea of gun control, because "children are dying in the streets because of guns." Helllooooooooo?? Anyone home? NO! Little children are not dying in the streets because of guns. Little children are dying in the streets, because some criminal on the street has a gun, or committed the crime of invading someone's home, and then, without any regard for a human life, pulled the trigger. When was the last time you read of a child's death because a law abiding citizen took their gun to the street and blatantly opened fire on a group of teens? If you've read that in the paper, or have seen it on the news, please tell me you've saved it or TiVo'd it, because I must have missed it.

Ok, so obviously you don't like guns. You don't like them, you don't want one, you don't ever want one in your home. That's fine. I respect that. You have that right. The right NOT to own a gun is also covered by the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment gives you a choice. With the 2nd Amendment, you have the RIGHT to own a gun, but you also have the RIGHT NOT TO. Now, seeing as you don't want a gun, how would you like it if the government now said "Everyone MUST now own and keep a gun in their home"? You'd be very upset. You'd be beyond livid! Am I right? Of course. Because, who is the government to tell you that you MUST do something that the 2nd Amendment tells you that you have a choice not to do? Those of us who would like to keep our right to own a gun, as well as ALL of our other rights given to us under the Constitution, would never dream of voting for gun control. When you decide you don't mind giving up ALL of your rights, then, and ONLY THEN, can you vote for gun control. But not until then. Because when you allow the government to take one of your rights away, what's to keep them from taking them all?

Alright, so now lets see where a couple of gun control scenarios could leave us.

Scenario One:
The majority of people vote FOR gun control and now your right to own a gun has been taken away. That's ok, you don't need one now, because guns have been outlawed right? Yeah, well, there’s an addict in the neighborhood with a long violet criminal history and he hasn't had a fix in hours and is in need of some quick cash or something to trade to curb his craving. Your house is close. The lights are out because it's 2AM and everyone's sleeping. Here comes the criminal through your child's bedroom window, because the child left it open when she was feeding the raccoon in the backyard with the carrots she didn't like at dinner. She's adorable like that! The criminal doesn't have the blueprints to your house (yet), so you wake-up when you hear the criminal screaming at little Lisa to shut-up. You see, this criminal nearly fell on top of her trying to find his way in the dark and stubbed his toe on her bed post. It scared little Lisa half to death and she started screaming. You go running to her rescue with what? your baseball bat? You fling open the door and what to your eyes should appear? Your child running to you and the crazed criminal, with the devil in his eyes, has a gun pointing at you. Darn. All you have is a bat. Go ahead, throw it at him. Yeah, that'll work. However, before the bat even makes it halfway to to this home invader, he's already shot your darling little Lisa. Thank goodness the government lets us own a baseball bat! (For now anyway). You are so devasted that you couldn't protect your little Lisa that you end up in an insanity ward and your house is sold.

Scenario Two:
The majority of people vote AGAINST gun control. Those for gun control and the government are beyond mad and calling those who voted against gun control extremist who are as stupid as former President Obama said Cambridge Police Department were. 75% of law abiding citizens now have taken classes at their local gun club to learn how to safely own a gun. They have done their homework and now know how to clean, store and shoot thier newly purchased firearm. They bring home their shiny new choice of family protection. Little Jane wants to play with it. She loves shiny things don't you know? But, Jane isn't going to want to play with this, because her parents know that guns are trouble in the wrong hands. So they sit Jane down and tell her all about the gun. Of course they take the bullets out. Then they check 2 and 3 times to make sure the gun is safe for Jane to look at. They tell her what it is, why they have it, what it does and they let her hold it. Her curiosity is satisfied and she is no longer impressed. The family locks the gun in a place where Jane can't get it. It's also in a place nobody else can get it. So, here it is 2AM and that same criminal is back in the neighborhood for another fix. The last family only had a bat. He loved that family! They had no gun and he now has the blue print to their home. But tonight, this house is closer. The criminal comes through Jane's window, and again, with no blueprint, nearly falls on Jane and she wakes up screaming. You grab your gun and go bolting for Jane's bedroom. The criminal is so surprised you have a gun he's frozen in place. He goes to aim his gun at you and you shoot him to protect your family. You are safe, Jane is safe, and the new family who moved into Lisa's old house is safe.

So, when someone comes to your house in the middle of the night and is ready to wipe out your entire family, would you prefer to nicely ask him to leave or would you prefer to know you have the means to protect yourself, your family and your home? What lengths are you willing to go to keep your child safe? Hmmmm. Bat or Gun? Yeah, that's a tough one!

Gun Control vs. 2nd Amendment


Connie120 on March 08, 2013:

I love it! You have a great sense of humor, and a great talent for using that humor to explain the facts. Thank you for a very interesting, informative read!

Cathylee Melchin (author) from Boston on December 09, 2011:

LOL I thought TX was the patron state of shooting things?? I've been to TN, and must say I absolutely loved it. If my family and friends weren't here, I'd be there. But if all the republicans left in MA moved, there would only be 49 states left because the dems would obliterate this one.

Longhunter on December 09, 2011:

Here in TN, if they're running, we have to leave let them go, get a description, then call the police. By the same token, we have the Castle Doctrine so, if they come at us, they're all ours and it's self defense.

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Maybe you should move down here, out of the Communist state of MA. Didn't you know TN is the Patron State of Shooting Stuff?

Cathylee Melchin (author) from Boston on December 08, 2011:

I like Scenario #2 as well. Unfortunately, Joe Schmoe Dirtbag and many of his friends live pretty close by, but living in the beyond liberal state of MA, there isn't much one can do. If we shoot them here for breaking in, we are the ones who end up in jail instead. I believe in the 2nd Amendment, but in addition, I also believe in owning a dog :)

Longhunter on December 08, 2011:

Excellent hub and I'll go with Scenario #2. YES, WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

I have a permit to carry and do so everywhere, even church. I carry a 9mm with 16 hydro shock hollow point bullets in it.

God help Joe Dirtbag if he tries coming in my house. He'll come in vertical but he'll leave horizontal, well ventilated, with a look of surprise on his face even the undertaker can't get off.

Phil Plasma from Montreal, Quebec on July 22, 2011:

I agree with you about the rights and how people should not trample them. I personally am not a gun owner and live in a place where there is no gun culture and have no interest in ever owning a gun, but I would never tell someone they shouldn't have one.

OpinionDuck on October 12, 2010:

Don't shoot, I am reloading ~:}

Good hub

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