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Greta Thunberg: Cop26 Must Address Climate Change.

Environmental Activist: Greta Thunberg.


Our Finite Planet.


Greta Thunberg is someone you love or hate, there's no in-between. The young teenage activist exploded on the environmental scene when she called for young people to go on strike, for climate change. Quickly her protests and words, went global striking a chord within her own generation and people, in general. The likes of Sir David Attenborough, have endorsed, the young girl and her message of saving the planet.

Like a 'Joan of Arc' of the environmental movement, Thunberg does make some radical points about our planet. Some say, she is being manipulated by her parents or she is speaking of her own, volition. Either way, whether you agree with Thunberg's message or not, it is out there for all, to see.

Ms. Thunberg's message is for countries to cut their CO2 emissions and use more alternatives for energy consumption. However, countries like India, China, the US, etc, are still using fossil fuels like coal and thus are the world's worst polluters. It is most important for nations to switch to renewable energy sources and have less reliance on fossil fuels. However, for some nations, especially, the so-called developing ones, this is not always easy.

Greta became a vocal enemy of the Trump administration. For people, like Trump and indeed, many of Trump's world view, there is no global change. The melting of the polar caps or extreme weather is just something that has always naturally occurred in this world. So, with that mindset, they endorse the use of fossil fuels, etc.

Greta Thunberg is attending the COP26 meeting in Glasgow. She along with many of the nations of the world are attending to discuss limiting C02 emissions and global climate change. Ms. Thunberg has been defending groups like Insulate Britain. This group has been blocking main roads, disrupting traffic to point out that homes in the UK should be insulated. One for consumers to save money on their bills, but also, because less well-insulated homes have a detrimental effect, on our planet. Groups like Christian Climate Action, Extinction Rebellion, and Animal Rebellion, have all been endorsed, by the young eco-warrior. However, like Prince Charles, who has also endorsed such groups, she has said their tactics must not bring suffering or danger to those not, involved, in such direct action.

The attitude of the general public, to such groups, has been mixed, to say the least. Many seem to disregard their environmental credentials altogether and view them as a nuisance, disrupting people's lives. Others on the other hand agree with them, but do necessarily agree, with their actions.

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Ms. Thunberg has said "sometimes you need to make people angry" to get over your point. Speaking to the BBC, Ms. Thunberg said her protests were met with anger, skepticism, and the like, similar to these groups now. Ms. Thunberg's movement now, since the early days, has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Asked by the BBC if she herself, would like to become a politician, she replied "Not yet".

Greta has admitted that when at home, she is quiet. She is not the fiery, angry activist, as she appears in public, to the world.

200 countries are being asked to cut their emissions in order to make a better planet for ourselves and all species on this planet. Whether this is a pipedream and not achievable will be seen, long after COP26, is over. As with all worldwide meetings on climate change or anything else, come to that, nations agree to this and that.

Climate change caused largely by humans appears to be a real event. Let us hope COP26 is not a copout. Words are fine, but if we are to salvage our world and reduce our harmful effect on it, its action that is ultimately, needed.

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