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Human Greed and Selfishness Will Destroy Humanity. The failings of Government control.

Renewable sources of energy

Hydro power, biomass power, wind power and solar power

Hydro power, biomass power, wind power and solar power

The Root(s) of all evil

Greed: the hoarding of more than one can ever use in their lifetime

Judgmentalism: criticizing others to promote social unrest as a diversion

Self Serving: only thinking of one's self while hoarding at the expense of hurting others. .

If mankind could somehow eliminate these three major problems in our society, all the troubles in this world would simply fade away.

The human race as a whole has learned nothing of any value from the past.

Humanity is doomed to distinction because of this lack of insight and incessant desire for short term self gratification by only a handful of greedy people.

Who is blocking this transition from dirty to clean energy - The top GOP priority

The worst of the worst

Greed and the lust for wealth and power are the only motivating factors for the few who use and exploit other human beings and the very planet we call our home, and on which we must rely for sustenance and protection.

The raping of our planet by this small number of people is not only being blindly tolerated, but encouraged by the majority, for reasons that are far beyond my grasp of what is right and what is wrong.

Those who ignore, condone or deny that this problem is real, are as guilty as those perpetrators themselves.

History is our best teacher and yet we turned a blind eye toward the destruction of education in all aspects of its potential for spiritual growth, but worse denying scientific guidance.

We have sold our souls in exchange for promises of a few useless shiny trinkets that we might get handed down to us from the misguided motivations of the few, who take beyond their needs and destroy the security, peace, safety and harmony of our planet, and intentionally bring harm and destruction to anyone who dares to stand in their way of this exploitation.

God creates and Man destroys

Unseen forces driving mankind

Perhaps there is an evil, 'unforeseen force' driving humanity to its own inevitable destruction.

But, that evil is not a separate external force, though invisible in itself, that we think we are too weak to fight.

So we stick our heads in the sand and pretend it isn't real by ignoring it or childishly thinking we can just "pray" it away.

This evil is deep within the hearts, minds and very essence of mankind itself, and exercised only by a few who are allowed this freedom to take beyond their needs, and in the process put the very existence of all the rest of us in peril of the total annihilation that their actions make a real possibility.

Preserving our natural resources

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Ample resources

There are ample 'natural' resources on this earth to sustain humanity for eons if those resources are protected, nourished and used for the benefit of all of us, instead of those select few who exploit them for personal gain, and the almighty dollar.

Those natural resources, of which i speak, are not petroleum, coal, gas or anything else that can be 'used up' for ever, and/or used for self indulgent, destructive means and motives, of a few, simply for personal gains.

We stand by idly and watch as this very thing is being done today. Sanctioned by a government that is owned by those few doing the exploiting of those non-renewable resources.

This is a real shame on the government, those who exploit, and each and every one of us who stand by silently, and allow it to continue.

Man's fear of changes

Why has humanity become so complacent, and so fearful of change?

We have always been afraid of anything that is unknown, unfamiliar, and deviates from the 'norm' we have grown accustomed to living with.

We have turned over our destinies and our very futures to a few who exploit, unashamedly for their own selfish gains, at the expense of the rest of us who are obviously considered expendable hindrances to their need for greed.

We have clean sustainable, renewable, and safe energy sources that are basically free gifts from the Creator.

And yet we, as a collective whole, ignore these gifts for the sake of personal gain, short term goals, and the short sightedness of the few? The reasons for this totally escape me.

The things we bring forth from the past are self destructive and yet they seem to be our legacy:

wars, crimes, greed, ignorance, fear.

What a legacy. These things are a menace to us all, and used to full advantage by a few who gain monetarily from them.

These things are from the past, and frankly that is exactly where they should stay.

They are restrictive, destructive and self defeating to our survival.

I personally do not believe that this was the intent of our Creator when this blueprint of life on the planets throughout our vast universe was conceived.

And yet, self destruction seems to be the only goal and true destiny of mankind itself, by mankind itself.

This stupidity surely was not by conscious design.

Renewable energy

  • What is Renewable Energy is the gateway to information on federal initiatives that support the development of the technologies and policies transforming the electric power industry. This site is supported by the Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Relia

Alternative "renewable" energy sources

Harnessing wind, water, solar power, and the use of electricity is cheap (free), clean, and will never run out, or be used up by overuse.....

Yet, we still opt for oil, gas, coal, the destruction of land, pollutions of air and water, to the ultimate goal of the obviously inevitable end of the planet itself and the end of human, as well as, all other life on this planet, as merely a side effect of pursing our basic needs based solely on human greed, rather than need.

Nuclear power is not, in anyway, the answer to our dilemma, as is evident by the destruction it is causing in the aftermath of Japan's recent nuclear accidental meltdown.

And yet, along with the continued pursuit of more drilling for oil, digging for coal, the newer and extremely dangerous, concept of 'fractionating our planet to extract gas; we (they) are actively pursuing more nuclear plants around the world and around this country.

The shamelessness is unyielding, and obviously not a deterrent to the self serving exploiters of our earth.

Natural sustainability

It has taken Mother Nature trillions of years to evolve this habitable planet that sustains life of such beauty and diversity.

This planet has the natural capacity to maintain itself for another trillion years.

But man is his own worst enemy; shortsighted, selfish, self serving, self indulgent, exploitative and destructive to all that surrounds him with no regard for those natural resources, or for that matter, human life itself.

We cling to barbaric eclectic religious beliefs that are, in themselves, self defeating, self restrictive, morally bankrupt, and self destructive.

We carry our negative emotions with us from generation to generation like some kind of treasure, in the hopes of appeasing an intolerant and invisible god of fear, guilt, hatred (all self imposed beliefs) and continue to use these negative emotions to control and exploit others around us, and our planetary environment, for merely selfish reasons.

We are not a very "deserving" race of mortals after all, are we?

The greatest crimes against nature are not those of us who are "different" from each other, but rather crimes committed in the name of 'God' himself, as if we have even the slightest inkling of what the original intent of creation really was, or even if there was an intentional plan, as opposed to all this seemingly "randomness".

When we speak of God, and serve only ourselves, it is a complete contradiction (an oxymoron) that is totally destructive in itself.

Crimes against humanity

Man's sins against Humanity

The greatest sins against Mother Nature and humanity itself are self imposed notions of right and wrong, good and bad, and the total lack of humanitarianism in the relentless pursuit of selfishness, in every aspect of that concept. Here are only a few:

  • Destroying the earth for profit is evil .
  • Exploiting others for self promotion, or self satisfaction is evil .
  • Destroying 'natural' food supplies and clean air out of ignorance or lack of concern for the future, and for the instant 'profits' at the expense of all else is evil.
  • Denying Mother Nature and God's creations as being sacred, and perpetuating our (physical) species beyond the earths capability to sustain that population growth is not only extremely irresponsible, it is evil .
  • Following the destructive ideological paths of the past is evil .

Evil is in our selves, in our selfish pursuits, and in the harm we inflict on one another in the name of a creator that may, or may not exist, or even care about the survival of such an abomination this world has become.

The only evil on this planet dwells within the hearts, and deep recesses of the subconscious minds, of man himself.

And this evil is growing by leaps and bounds and there is no individual power on this earth great enough to stop it, it seems. One would tend to believe, at this point, that the only solution is total self annihilation and that is exactly where this civilization is hell bent on taking us.

WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM DENMARK - A major lesson in eliminating the Greed Factor

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders: What Can We Learn From Denmark?
    Denmark is a small, homogenous nation of about 5.5 million people. The U.S. is a melting pot of more than 315 million people. No question about it, Denmark and the United States are very different countries. Nonetheless, are there lessons that we can

Reanimating hope

There is still hope. That may be the only thing left for man to better himself.

That "hope" can only be realized by the collective assertion of over throwing and over powering those who oppress us, and rule with malice and greed.

But it has to be a complete collective assertion by all the peoples of the earth. I

t has already begun in the middle east, and it will be implemented here in the western world only when circumstances become as dire as they have been in the middle east.

The catalyst will be what the current governmental trend is now implementing to protect Corporate America, and quell the social unrest.

If, you do nothing else.....,

please take the time to watch the video i have attached.

It is called "BLESSED UNREST".

After you view this video look inside your own hearts and ask yourself -

Do i want to be part of the future, or part of the past?

Those who opt to be part of the past will be left behind, like the dictators that are tumbling in the middle east.

These are exciting times, and i am so thankful that i am here to witness this transformation into the Age of Enlightenment.

Perhaps, just perhaps, there is hope for mankind after all. If there ever is a time for Divine Intervention into the follies of man, it is now.

d.william 04/02/2011

© 2011 d.william


joy on January 27, 2018:

To Blanjo, you are of the mind set the world does not need at this time.

Susan Sullenberger from Lakeland on July 07, 2017:

There has been greed since the beginning of time, when Eve did the unforbiddable testing of that fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It seems to have escalated in the past few years though. End times are here, the Bible says love will grow cold. And it has...

Juan Reynoso on May 03, 2017:

By, Juan Reynoso -WTP Activist – -

Fellow Americans, we must stand united to protect humanity; we all deserve to live in dignity, have a family and be happy. We must demand an end to this Middle East wars. We all know that we star the wars under lies and deception, George W. Bush the war criminal and member of his cabinet are the criminals responsible for the genocide and destruction of the Middle East. Please seek the truth, the truth will set you free from this corrupt Washington establishment that is control by the oligarch. This greed for money and power will destroy our country.

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on August 09, 2016:

touched a nerve i see.. Ignorance always begets ignorance. Those who have no idea of life on the other side should not pass judgment on those who lived that life. Greed will always be the destroyer of humanity, there is not argument for that reality.

Blanjo on July 18, 2016:

"You generally tend to discredit the things you are unable to get or enjoy. Sour grapes i say to them!"

Wow, at least the author was honest about his motivation for writing this ill-considered pile of crap!

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on February 17, 2013:


thanks for reading and commenting.

We are all consumers and polluters to some degree. People are starting to wake up to what is going on, but unfortunately, they will not respond until everyone is affected by the down side of humanity. As long as there is adequate supplies for the majority to use, the change will be slow and tedious. But i do believe that unless mankind destroys itself that eventually there will be fairness, equality, and man will find a way to make life palatable for all people, not just for the few privileged few.

Sanxuary on February 16, 2013:

I could write for years on this subject. The fact that we have all become consumers in all aspects of our lives. The inability to separate Earthly agendas and Heavenly purpose. Greed has no equality and even infects the most righteous of people turning them into hypocrites. Even with wealth they violate the principals of sanctuary and do not build strong homes or families. People infected have become so weak. Physically and mentally they are unable to handle any stress. Yet all that they consume is sold with poison and denial.

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on April 03, 2011:

Thanks Jeremy. I really Appreciate the support. dw

Jeremey from Arizona on April 03, 2011:

Hammering all the nails in with one big swing on this one! Awesome, up, and useful without doubt. Keep hammering away my friend and spread your enlightment, people are looking for it everywhere, it is already in them but doubt it is elsewhere. Inspiring piece, thanks for the good read!

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on April 03, 2011:

Thanks again for the heads up on my hubs. I know i talk way too much on the evils of greed and organized religions, but i feel it is important enough to make even this feeble attempt to enlighten anyone as to the misgivings of their brainwashed ideas about these things.

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on April 03, 2011:

Thanks for your input. I have no interest in competing in the contest. My articles are way too controversial to be considered of any interest to hub pages. But thank you for you luck wish anyway. I will track down your 'something on the 7 Hermetic laws'. I could never understand just what the concept of 'vibrations' is.

Xavier Nathan from Isle of Man on April 03, 2011:

You are the voice of conscientious but sadly not everyone has ears to hear your message. What goes around comes around so maybe not in this but in some lifetime men reap the fruit of of their labours. It is up to those who realise this truth to keep firm and stick to the principles laid down by the wise ones who have told us time and again how to be happy and live in harmony. Thank you my friend.And the video is great full of hope and light.

Jean Bakula from New Jersey on April 02, 2011:

Hello Again,

Good luck in the contest! Since I travel in Psychic and Metaphysical circles in NJ, many feel or believe that all the people and places are vibrating at faster rates, and have been for several years now. Look at all the unrest in the Middle East, and how the people are getting rid of dictators. Good is stronger than evil, love stronger than hate. I wrote something on the Seven Hermetic Laws that explains some of it, like everything vibrates and is in rhythm. But more people realizing that we must come together to solve problems is supposed to be the meaning of the 2012 Aztec Calender.

Harlan Colt from the Rocky Mountains on April 02, 2011:

Dear friend,

We are closer to being on the same page than I believe short text allows us to convey. I have a 15 year old daughter who - THANK GOD - tells me her boyfriend constantly tries to get her to lie of her whereabouts in lieu of adjourning to his home where his mother is absent - so they can explore together.

As for being your challenge... I live in an area with 64 million acres of Wilderness. I see the power of nature unfettered, day after day, year after year. Some of it is glorious and some of it is NOT. Then again, as a man/human being - how can I personally as a species do anything un-natural? I believe it is impossible.

Deer and Elk have their way, as do wolves and wolverines and bear and cougars... etc so does man. If we indeed evolved, which I say is bull poo - regardless if we did indeed evolve, how then is anything we do any less natural than say a wolf or a cougar? I say to thee - it is NOT.

Anyway... as far as greed goes... yes - there are some real greedy bastards about and think we are largely on the same page regarding that. They piss me off too...

- Take care bro

- Harlan

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on April 02, 2011:

Harlan, Harlan. You are a challenge after all. I do doubt your reasoning that "we will destroy ourselves before destroying the earth". One has to consider the possible consequences of removing vast areas of oil and gas that are in underground "pockets" that took millions of years to produce. Removing such large pockets of anything under that much pressure has the very real potential of collapsing in on itself, causing earthquakes and their aftermaths.

Odd that you honed in on the word unnatural - i suppose i should have been more specific, but the specificity of that word detracts from the greater picture. I was referring to the unnatural process of G.M.O. (genetic manipulation) of plants, animals, fish, etc.. for profit instead of taking better care of what nature has produced over eons of time. There is real danger in this manipulative activity of the foods we eat. I explained that in detail in one of my other articles, but in a nutshell: No-one can guarantee that genetically altering the foods we eat, that have taken millions of years to produce and create the symbiotic relationship between them and us, will not, or has not already, altered the genetic structure of the humans that consume those GMO products. Ex: Genetic alterations of cows some 20-30 years ago may have some correlation with the increase in autism, among other things. People quote "professionals" that say they are safe. If you pay "professionals" enough money they will agree to anything you want them too. It does not matter how educated one is, they do not have that empirical knowledge to make such statements as fact.

The actions of man in polluting the air, drinking water, etc..have already caused untold harm to humans. Your examples of trying to justify human interference with nature's evolution is not a valid comparison.

And just for more clarifications: my comment about greed=bad; sex=good should not have needed any explanations. Of course no-one condones children having sex, or getting pregnant, or being abused. That is a silly argument. Parents have the task of explaining that sex is not only for procreation in marriage, but it is also an expression of love between two consenting adults. Whether with or without marriage, is not for anyone else to decide the rightness of sex, under any circumstance, other than the two people deciding to share this intimacy. So, sex when married=good; sex when not married=also good. (By the way, this article has nothing to do with sex, you do realize that don't you?) LOL.

And for Tipoague: I happen to agree with you that this kind of advertising is definitely inappropriate for any audience. But, such is life. I remember the days when married couple in a T.V. program were not even allowed to sleep in the same bed, or kiss on the lips. We sure have come a long way since then. Now just about anything goes, in public or not.

Thank you both for the lively banter. Always a pleasure.

Harlan Colt from the Rocky Mountains on April 02, 2011:


Monogamous good - sex with everyone - bad.

Sex when married - good. Sex unmarried - bad.

I am qualified to say this because... I have done the complete opposite far too many times to discuss and have been sorry or it... far to many times to discuss.

my 2 cents

- Harlan

Tammy on April 02, 2011:

Sorry guys if you think I was against sex. I see monogamous is out the good. I get it...

Actually, my comment stems from promotional videos for TV shows passed off as commercials where children are taught that watching sexual innuendo TV is as acceptable as watching cartoons. Which stems back to my question about what are we teaching are children?...the thinks that aren't acceptable are now acceptable?

Sex is a natural part of life, I just don't think a 12 year old child should be having a baby because they were taught at a young age that sex was ok, instead of waiting until they were a bit older, and more responsible. The parents can't always be there to monitor their children. The media, video games, and books are big influences to susceptible minds.

Wait! I good.

Harlan Colt from the Rocky Mountains on April 02, 2011:

I think we will destroy ourselves before we destroy the earth.

Second, I ask in true humility here not smart-ass combativeness. I keep trying to understand, that if we evolved along with all other life forms... then how can we do something un-natural?

Who is anyone to say something is un-natural?

I certainly agree - certain actions are harmful at various degrees to various bio-diverse societies, ie webs of life etc... but - I struggle to see how such actions are harmful.

A lion killing a deer, is harmful to the deer. I once saw a baboon holding a living fawn, with one arm and eating chunks of flesh from its hind quarters, while the fawn was grazing on grass behind him.

I guess I believe that if man evolved, then anything he does is natural. We live in a society where the word natural has come to mean - good for you - but that is not really true. A volcano is natural and earthquake is natural and so is a Tsunami. Do you think anyone in Japan right now will argue that a Tsunamis is good for you? Why not? It's natural.

And while I know I come across as a little combative and disagreeable here... honestly I am not, nor is that my intent.

I guess I am just saying I believe man's nature as a being is no less natural than that of a bird or a cow, or a lion - though at times it is much more destructive and or sometimes very beneficial to all life.

I guess I am off on a tangent here. I just don't see how man's action as an evolved being, is possible to evolve away from nature. It doe not compute for me.

Sorry this is not more on topic with you hub, but I do see a connection to some degree.

PS I am all about natural power sources. Awesome there!

- Best Wishes

- Harlan

AlexK2009 from Edinburgh, Scotland on April 02, 2011:


Alternative energy. There will be a cost moving towards this. We are probably in a sub optimal equilibrium. That means any small change will make the world worse off but a big change is needed to make the world a lot better off. No one wants to be the forst to pay the price.

Nuclear; Fusion not fission !!!

Tipoage. Greed bad, sex good. When having sex you do not think about screwing others. (pun intended)

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on April 02, 2011: thanks for your comments. And that is the $64,000 question: what ARE we teaching our children? This world seems to be voraciously embracing the greed and avarice.

Embracing the sex part? (no pun intended). Well, i am not so sure that is a bad thing at all. LOL. After all, sex IS a natural and beautiful part of our existence, and greed and those other awful things are not. Only the celibate, or ugly, state sex is a bad thing. You generally tend to discredit the things you are unable to get or enjoy. Sour grapes i say to them!

d.william (author) from Somewhere in the south on April 02, 2011:

Thank you for commenting. Is the vibration speeding up yet? And how will you know when it starts? The video above has given me renewed hope for our survival after all. I thought the efforts for trying to make this a better world was much too limited to be of any value. Now, i am not sure about that, or that what you say about 1012 will come to pass or not, but i sure am hoping so.

Tammy on April 02, 2011:

It seems that greed is everywhere one looks. I was just watching tv the other day disgusted by some of the commercials that promoted greed and sex. What are we teaching our children? Great hub!

Jean Bakula from New Jersey on April 02, 2011:

That was great! We are so presumptuous to think we have to "Save the World." The world was doing just fine until people stopped treating her with respect and taking her resources for granted. In our Metaphysics class, our teacher says that when good things are about to happen, vibrations speed up. That's what is happening now, as we approach 2012. The world won't end. But people will finally wise up and see what is important, and take control of those things.

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