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Government Considering Covid Passports.

Iain Duncan Smith, Tory MP Signee.


Right now the government is considering the use of passports, to show all those who have been vaccinated, against the virus. Oliver Dowden, a cabinet minister, has said there has been no real decision made yet.

There is talk that Boris wants to trial the passport scheme at sports and other events. Those allowed to attend these public gatherings, (The Brit Awards), being a case in point, will be screened, before and after the event.

Boris has also suggested, that pub landlords will be able to use their discretion, as to whether you are allowed in or not. This will obviously depend, on who is carrying the passport or not. However, it is down to every pub landlord, and some may not go along with it, for upsetting their locals, as they will need their business, (after all this time).

Boris is also talking about a traffic light system, as to what countries are safe to travel to. When people can travel again, this system could be adopted. Some though, have worried over a passport system that could lead, to discrimination. 70 MPs, a cross-party group have signed a pledge to oppose this idea. Many notable MPs, have signed it including former DWP man, Iain Duncan Smith. The reason this cross-party group oppose the passport is that it could create a two-tier system. Simply put, those with the passport will give them entitlement and those without, will not have an entitlement. It could lead to a kind of clean and unclean society, as weird or as unlikely, as that sounds.

Sir Keir Starmer has said that having a passport system goes again all 'British Instinct'. Boris could have an uphill struggle if he tries to get it passed through the House of Commons.

The passport system was mentioned in the daily papers such as 'The Sun', 'The Times' and the 'Daily Telegraph'.

In one sense, it is understandable why a passport system is being considered. As in Israel, the passport shows those who have been vaccinated and those who have not. It will be interesting to see how fair or unfair, this system is in Israel. Obviously, other nations will be keeping a close eye, on Israel and other nations, who may introduce, the system.

The government is also considering limiting the social distancing rules, as more of us get vaccinated. Obviously, should we reach June, where finally all COVID rules will be lifted, the end or, the scaling back, of social distancing may happen then. Let us hope that Boris' 'Roadmap to Freedom' works out so that we can sensibly see some quality of life, come back.

When everything is lifted, there will be a tide of humanity, keen to throw off the shackles of repeated lockdowns. Businesses large and small will be keen to open and fire up the economy.

However, to add a word of caution, even though most of the population will be vaccinated by then, COVID will not go away. There will always be variants and the vaccine may become mandatory and tweaked to reflect this.

Most people have been sensible and are being sensible, however, there will always be those who throw caution to the wind and therein, lies the future danger.


Liam on April 03, 2021:

Great veruly informative!

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