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Gordon Brown: UK in Danger of Becoming a Failed State.

Gordon Brown Served As Prime Minister From 2007-2010.


Gordon Brown has weighed in on the future of the United Kingdom. Mr Brown told Sky News, that he did not wish to see the UK become a failed state. Mr Brown emphasised that the nations and regions of the UK feel in many ways, like "second class citizens".

Mr Brown highlighted COVID, and that it had brought inequalities all over the UK, into sharper focus. The nation has endured 10 years of Tory cuts and with COVID hitting the poor more than the affluent, the country is showing not just divisions, but indeed, chasms. Mr Brown said people are getting fed up of the inequalities they face every day. Therefore, if the nation is to remain secure and intact, then the UK must be reformed constitutionally. Mr Brown highlighted, the anger felt, in his native Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. As well as Tory cutbacks, Mr Brown said COVID, lockdowns, quarantines, business support, etc, are many of the reasons, why people are fed up.

Mr Brown said that people felt like second class citizens because everything was too, London-centric. It seems the south of England seems to be the focus of the government in London. That is, in a sense, understandable, as London is the capital of England, and indeed, the UK. However, the writ of fairness should run all across the Midlands and the North, in England. Also, the other nations of the UK like Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. These nations have their own assemblies, parliaments, etc, called devolution, although as part of the UK, ultimately, they still answer to the Westminister Parliament.

Nicola Sturgeon despite COVID raging across Scotland, is to pursue 'IndyRef2'. She is seeking a mandate on this, when elections happen, all over the UK, in May. If the SNP comes back even stronger in the Scottish parliament (they are as of now, the governing party), she will then petition Boris, to grant Scotland another vote of independence.

However, Boris has stated time and time again, that Scotland had a vote for freedom or not. The vote was close, but Scots opted to stay in the United Kingdom. That vote, for him and many people, was a once in a generation vote. It should not be repeated for a long time according to Boris and others who think like him. However, Sturgeon has plans up her sleeve as to how she will tackle Boris' non-compliance to allow Scotland a second vote. She will probably pursue it legally through the courts.

Gordon Brown, has himself, hit out at the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon, urging them "Now is not the time for votes for independence". With COVID rampant all over the UK, Sturgeon should, for now, let go of this obsession and concentrate on handling the crisis,

Mr Brown like other ex-Prime MInisters will occasionally pop up and have his say about the current political situation. His old friend and rival, Tony Blair, as well as John Major and even David Cameron also, rear their heads and put their oar in about the current government.

Gordon Brown has said people are fast losing faith in Boris Johnson. Mr Brown said, Boris should speak up more to defend the union and say England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are better off together as the United Kingdom.

Labour Leader: Sir Keir Starmer.

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Sir Keir Starmer leader of the Labour party, who has apparently, led the Labour party back to popularity, not seen since the days of Tony Blair, is isolating.

This will be Mr Starmer's third time he has had to isolate. A Positive test revealed that Sir Keir is COVID positive and so as is requested in the regulations, Sir Keir is isolating. The isolation period was for 14 days but now, for some reason, it has been reduced to 10 days.

However, when it comes to Prime Minister's Questions, on a Wednesday, Sir Kier should still be able to grill Boris, via video link. Other than that, if he cannot, then someone else will no doubt, step in for him.

His female deputy leader is a formidable speaker herself and proud of her working-class roots. She is a proud northern lass who has experienced life from a working-class background, before, she rose to prominence.

Last time she engaged Boris, she left him for dead, as he appeared to have no understanding of what she was talking about. She spoke of the struggles that ordinary, everyday people, go through. Boris, because of his Etonian lifestyle, appeared to have no idea of what she was talking about. Which is not surprising really.

Let us hope if Sir Keir, does have COVID, let us hope he makes a speedy recovery.


Nick Bishop (author) on January 25, 2021:

I totally agree with you.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on January 25, 2021:

I think the big blunder the English committed was at the beginning by joining the EU. Now leaving it has brought its own problems and these are compounded by the spread of the China virus.I see another problem in England which I had mentioned to so many of my friends when I come to the UK. it's a soft approach to the minority Muslim community which is nothing short of aggressive in the UK. One cannot brush under the carpet that all terror in England with knives and all that are by the same community. England survived for 200 years as a great power on the strength of the Indian empire and once the empire slipped from their grasp I don't think the British have come to terms with their status in the world. I give you an example recently the house of commons was sitting in discussing political conditions in India. I pointed this out to my friend Tom Elsdon, ex RAF Officer and he also agreed that such debates are meaningless and nobody's listening to them least of all India. The British have not adjusted to the new status of not being able to enforce things as the days of the opium war and boxer rebellion are over. These wars they won on the strength of the Indian armies Sikh and Muslim soldiers. Now China is not bothered about abrogating the Hong Kong agreement which they had made and just about shows where the UK is.

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