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Goodbye Gridlock, Hello Express Lane: The Grand Finale

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


Trump Was Winning and Heads Were Spinning

I am so glad that I buckled up, early on in the Trump Administration.

It was a pleasure to buckle up, hold on tight and ecstatically yell, go faster!

He never let up, he never slowed down, even as establishment-types, those that never wanted him there in the first place, as he was getting the work of the American people done, piled on; setting up road blocks and spike strips. Whatever they could find to throw in his path, any obstacle would suffice and, that's what they spent their time doing!

For you see he had more heads spinning than those of us that appreciated the targeting and defeat of gridlock in D.C.

He kept heads spinning, but for many different reasons.

Hillary supporters must have grown dizzy with all of the excuses, the various reasons, why she lost, all of which had nothing to do with Hillary...naturally. (speaking of Ms. Clinton) will she ever stop with the America, there, down yonder, wherever she goes, she puts down the United States of America.

She makes my head spin for different reasons.

Former President Barack Obama does the same thing, yes he makes my head spin and yes he too, bashes America constantly!

I her and the former President coordinate on these America bashing tours?

Is this their career after their career?

The booming economy...had heads spinning, not for the reasons you would think, not all are all in for America! Think about it, why would anyone have a problem with the slogan, ‘Make America Great Again’ and putting America first for a change?
But, again, back to the establishment-types, the D.C. swamp dwellers -

Those with the problem!

They are beholden to foreign Nations, outside interests...God only knows the corruption and the dirty deals... and so, although U.S. citizens, although elected officials....they have no interest whatsoever in America being first at anything!


So many became so blinded by hate, it was impossible to talk to them to find out why. It was always the same answer, depending on what the haters on television were saying about Trump on that particular day... that's what they were hating him for...that particular day!

It didn't take long for the hate to fester and grow and when it could not be contained, it spilled out! His wife, his daughters, his sons, his press secretaries, his Vice them, any one of them, if there was any association with Donald Trump, they were targeted and the hate was spilled plenty!

Look what happened to Mike Lindell, the 'My Pillow' guy, seemingly the most likable person, one you'd like to hang out with, but he dared to stand with and support the most hated man in America.


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I don't think anyone ever expected for career politicians to give Trump any credit.

He made them look bad, kicking butt (not cans down the road) and getting things done....things which career guys and gals continually ignore, dismiss, pass along and put off in order to save up, to use for the next election and the one after that.....

He did win over many registered Democrats and Independents; record numbers voted for him, they crossed over to vote for him in droves the second go-round, across the board his popularity increased, {which never happens} but, alas, it was not enough to beat the machine.

Some Highlights of the Trump Administration

  • By breaking up the monopolies, cutting out the middle man and approving more low cost generic drugs, the costs for our prescription drugs decreased (so important with the many baby boomers on fixed incomes, retiring or nearing retirement)
  • Before Covid-19, we were living in 'Boom Town'; millions of jobs added, average income increased, unemployment rate decreased, manufacturing jobs returned, we had tax relief...
  • Five major bad guys, ISIS leaders were captured due to some great undercover work. They are off the streets, harming innocent longer! Not to mention the ones taken out permanently, definitely no longer hurting innocent people here on earth
  • Americans were brought back home to American soil; President Trump saw to it. Kim Dong-chul, Kim Sang-duk and Kim Hak-song....hostages no longer - prisoners no more
  • The North Korean leader stepped foot into South Korea and Kim Jong-un shook hands with President Moon Jae-in, communicating once more, courtesy of the 45th President of the United States of America
  • We achieved energy independence
  • The American embassy was moved to Jerusalem finally (always only talked about before; one of those cans, kicked down the road, saved for later...which never comes, with career politicians)
  • A wall is in the process of being expanded, border security added, all designed to keep us all safer. Not designed to keep out immigrants...far from it, but to keep out those who wish us (and our children) harm. Drug runners and sex traffickers will have a tougher row to hoe, they'll no longer be free to just sashay on in
  • Our military, insuring a "peace through strength" philosophy, was built up, not torn down further - the same for our Veterans, they were built up, not torn down further. They have respect once more, quicker appointment times, quicker times to get in to see Doctors and Specialists, all due to an investment in the V.A.
Historic Handshake between North and South Korean leaders

Historic Handshake between North and South Korean leaders

Home Free

Home Free

It was Quite Refreshing.....For a Time

Being self-employed, oftentimes means, you are the last to be paid, but I must say, it was nice having a little more take home pay in the few and far between paychecks we did take.

Thank you President Trump for putting us on the right track, for a change.

For putting us first, for a change!

For a time, it brought a fading dream back to being a reality, not just for us, but for so many small business owners and for all the hard workers that we count on and that count on us.

So, for the temporary tax cuts, we thank you, we welcomed them, gladly keeping more of our hard earned money, is something we could have gotten used to!

For less regulations to worry about in our day to day running of a business and day to day living, in general.....we thank you, it was nice while it lasted!

These are all positive things which, for a moment in time, could have and may have had the time, to get people enthusiastic about possibly starting their own business.


It was so refreshing after eight long years of being asked to accept evil as a part of the times,(of course evil exists and always will, but we must never accept it and leave it/allow fester) asked to ignore our immigration laws, left wondering if small business was to be a thing of the past, higher taxes, history erasure, government mandates....

It was so refreshing, for a time, to have someone at the helm who actually had America, America’s allies and the American people’s best interest at heart!

U.S. Embassy to open in Jerusalem, Israel. God Bless Israel!

U.S. Embassy to open in Jerusalem, Israel. God Bless Israel!

© 2018 A B Williams


Brad on June 12, 2018:


Yes, I saw that this morning. I liked it.

It made a lot of sense.

Thanks for sharing.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 12, 2018:

Brad on June 12, 2018:


No, I can't get to it. I don't have a facebook account.

Brad on June 12, 2018:


According to Dennis Rodman, Obama refused three times.

I have on one of my articles, added the De Niro award given to him for his comments on it.

"And the award for Total Nuclear Destruction instead of World Peace is given to Robert De Niro. He isn't here to get the award in person because he is buying an Island in the Atlantic ocean. It comes with a nuclear bunker and a swear jar"

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 12, 2018:

OMG, it has only gotten worse, I thought.... well, MSM (Lefties) will make some lame excuses about the successful meeting and I thought... they'll be all in a tizzy for a bit and then it will sink in that this is all heading in the right direction. It is all good! But no....just heard; this isn't such a big deal, Obama could have and would have accomplished this AND MORE... but Kim just wasn't ready, it's only a timing thing....blah, blah, blah.

So I am back to Good Grief!

Brad on June 12, 2018:


That is a far better plan than their plan. Their plan it seems is on the tip of their tongues:)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 12, 2018:

Good Grief!

(that's all I've got for now...I'm saving up for "full steam ahead")

Brad on June 12, 2018:


Look what I found on the maven net.

"We can assume Trump came to this conclusion without speaking to or hearing from North Korean defectors.

Just when you think Donald Trump can’t get more insane, he blows us all away by going from 0 to 100 on the crazy scale, without even flinching."

The whining continues without dropping a beat.

Where were they when Obama claimed victory in Iran on their nuclear program that doesn't allow inspections of military bases and other places?

It is ironic and very sad, when we can get more positive change from Kim Jong-un then we can from the left.

Brad on June 12, 2018:


That would normally be the end of the story, but you and I know that the anti Trump will spend all the time they have to capture defeat from the jaws of victory.

They are the parasites of the US that will take all the healthy nutrients and starve the host body.

Just yesterday one of them was extolling the virtues of HRC from the 2016 election campaign. Another person just voted for her to make her the first woman president.

The presidency imho should be voted not on race, gender, or anything other than making the goals of the people come true. Trump has so far done that better than any other president.

I believe that is because he was not part of the establishment that gridlocked the country from moving forward.

I believe are most important hurdle starts today when the left tries to undo progress made yesterday.

It is ironic that the left opposes the Trump border wall, what they have built an enormous political wall that divides the country.

And in imho, anyone that votes for any democrat or Rino is responsible for that political war.

Do you think the Tony Award audience that gave a standing ovation for DeNiro is giving Trump a standing ovation today?

AB keep these articles coming, damn the hp bias, full steam ahead.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 12, 2018:

The Summit has taken place between the United States and North Korea and the process of the denuclearization of North Korea has begun.

Although time will tell the story from this point on, history has been made, a connection has been made between President Trump and Kim Jong-un and we’ve said “goodbye to the gridlock”, which has existed for far too long.

Brad on June 11, 2018:


Aw shucks:)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 11, 2018:

You are good at this! :)

Brad on June 11, 2018:


I like your version better, it is more encompassing.

RAID should be used Liberally for the following political conditions!

Infected Democrats Instigating Overthrowing Trump Syndrome:)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 11, 2018:

RAID - I like it, can see that on a bumper sticker (could also stand for Ridding America of Irrational Democrats)

Either way, it will have to have fine print, as you stated..."will not kill them, just their political chances", for those without any sense of humor whatsoever or that take everything literally!

Brad on June 11, 2018:


These two are representing all the anti Trump people. They would rather have the country have a nuclear war, or back to the 2008 US economy.

DeNiro is as great an actor as he is a Ah....e.

imho, ok not so humble opinion:) these people and those that agree with them are no better than and maybe even worse than the terrorism of 911.

I say worse, because the damage from 911 was contained. The damage from these people is dividing the country and the people. This rivals the divide created by the left in 1860, and then again in the 1960's.

From the moment that Trump won the republican primary these people started with their, lets call it racism, as they are comfortable with that word. They have continued since then and they have gotten more and more Racist, I just love using that word in relation to them.

They talk and whine about diversity, but the one race they don't want in that diversity is the white race. They have made a mockery about the name of our country. As long as they have a say about it, it will never be the United states.

They didn't like the Untied states and created the Civil War, and today they have put the country into a silent Civil War. The difference today is the they are the only ones with weapons and ammunition.

They have made this century one where the rights and freedoms that were fought and died for by our founders have been dying as if shot dead by a gun.

They created a mythical Political Correctness code for the rest of us, while their spokes people like De Niro have no bounds of correctness.They have made it us and them, and last century this was found mostly in congressional gridlock.

For every democrat that we vote out of office, the United in the United States gets stronger.


Republicans Against Irrational Democrats.

RAID worked for getting rid of other pests.

This won't kill them, just their political chances:)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 11, 2018:

...and speaking of the Left's hate for Trump, Brad, just last night, Bill Maher told his aufience to crash America's economy in order to get rid of Trump (I wonder if that got a laugh?) I find it distasteful, disturbing and definitely not funny.

Same with Robert DeNiro at an 'Awards' show (they have so many 'Awards' shows out there, maybe the left instead should turn them into telethons, raising money to Go Away!)

I digress....anyhow, DeNiro was cussing front of a cheering audience. (I used to like him, but I am so done with DeNiro)

Brad on June 10, 2018:


I agree. Hp is being unprofessional

What I did is unpublish them, then update them, and republish them.

Yes, it doesn't change hp but it doesn't change us either.

Hp is mimicking the msm, and they both are failing.

What hp is not getting out of this is revenue, and neither are those hubbers that no longer write hubs, and only do forums, or comment on the articles written by others.

Have a great week also:)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 10, 2018:

I've unpublished and deleted both...didn't help (I think HP wants me deleted :)

Have a great week!

Brad on June 10, 2018:


The left should be left out, and put curbside while the Trump bus moves the country forward. Maybe Mexico, and or Canada might find them on the curb and recycle them?

I don't think you should delete and hubs, unpublish them and then at some later time update them. That is what I am doing here.

Have a great day, and revel in knowing that you are right, and correct:)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 10, 2018:

I predicted (to my hubby) that Trump would show up fashionably late for breakfast and he (should say he showed up in Trump-style) It was kind of funny, he didn't want to be there, everyone knew he didn't want to be there, but there he was...the bigwig around town! :)

I am so tired of the left, of Nancy Pelosi, MSM and their constant negative dribble. Hopefully all of America has had their fill of the sourpusses!

I probably should delete more articles, clean some of them up....maybe when I can slow down a bit.....

Always good to chat with you Brad!

Brad on June 10, 2018:


I got all the way down to 29 and then went up to (drumroll !) 35 after deleting 130 hubs. I am still at 35 after adding back 24 of them.

Once again, the score is meaningless, but the reason why is very important. Simply put, BIAS by hp.

You and I free fell like the WTC buildings from the 80s to 30s and 20s.

Neither of these free falls can be intelligently explained.


What did you think of the G7 meeting and Trump?

Singapore next and we will either implore or be deplored.

Why does the left think that betting against the home team is the new patriotism?

I hate to say it, but I think that many of the illegal aliens are rooting for the US than are the left Anti Trump.

BTW, I believe that the lower our scores, the better is the Trump score.

I don't agree with everything Trumps says and does, but I also don't agree with anything from the left.

Have a great week.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 10, 2018:

Hi Brad I’ve deleted a few articles, but I still remain in the mid-20’s. (I’ll pretend it’s my age ;-))

Air Force One has just arrived in Singapore. This is exciting stuff! Goodbye gridlock, this President is either getting things done or working his darndest to get things it!

Brad on June 01, 2018:


So true, and I took down 130 articles and my hubber score jumped to mid 30s. Whoopee!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 01, 2018:

Thank you Brad, yeah the Dems 'platform' has gone from weak to weak and ridiculous!

Lefties rarely respond to my articles one way or the other and I steer clear of them these days...sad, huh, that we can't have debate or discussion without getting reported.

Brad on June 01, 2018:


Great article.

You won't see any from the left commenting here.

You have to go to their articles, and then they can report you to lower your score :)

The democrat platform for 2018 and beyond.

We will let you abort your children, but we won't let them deport illegal alien children.

From the party that gave the US slavery

If you are counting on us to give the NRA a fuss about Guns,

we will do that because it is a lot of fun.

We can't define National Security

and we can't even see a need for it.

del if u wish

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on May 21, 2018:

As a footnote.....all of this is getting done in spite of liberals (dems, progressives, statists, etc.) continuing to throw tantrums (via multiple road blocks) and then having the audacity, to question the President and this Administration’s every evasive move in getting around them.

What I find amusing through all of this, is how the President just keeps winning for the good of an entire Country, while the ‘road blockers’ come off as petty; only caring about a political party.....above all else!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on May 14, 2018:

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on May 12, 2018:

I agree Pop, it is looking that way!

During the campaign when he said we'd get tired of winning, the reluctant one (me) thought okay...who says that?

He is on a mission, he has set goals that actually mean something to him and that is why he is successful.

breakfastpop on May 12, 2018:

Trump may do down as one of the most effective presidents in history, but the left will still despise him! The Dems are terrified that he will finally accomplish what has never been accomplished before. Even some on the right, who are entrenched in government feel the same way. The swamp is bigger than we thought and very dangerous.

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