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Glum, Glummer, Glummest.

Assembly of Doom.


Boris Not Clown Like.

When press conferences usually take place from the press room, at 10 Downing Street, Boris is usually quite upbeat. But, Monday's broadcast was an exception, Boris looked like, he was chewing a wasp. Professor Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance were their usual expressionless selves.

There has been a lot of talk of 'freedom day'. The original date was pushed forward to give people time to get the vaccine, in the light of a spike in infections. So-called, 'freedom day' is now pencilled in for July 19.

Boris announced that in spite, of a rise in infections, July 19 was going ahead. Mask wearing, etc, would be a thing of the past. The government, in Boris' words, would no longer make it mandatory to wear face coverings. It would be down to an individual's common sense. However, on public transport, for example, it would still be mandatory to wear a mask and in some shops. Double-dosed people would no longer need to isolate when they are 'pinged' and tests would, apparently, become more frequent.

Boris announced that if "we do not lift restrictions, then when"?. The Prime Minister said it was better to lift restrictions now in the summer than in the winter. Why? Well, the thinking behind this must be that enough people will be vaccinated by the onset of autumn/winter. Thus more people would be able to resist the virus, by this time, when the virus is most active.

This news conference, from the 10 Downing Street press room, was the shortest broadcast. It lasted all of 36 minutes, taking in announcements from Messers Johnson, Vallance, and Whitty, also, questions from the press and the public.

Boris made no mention of the term, 'freedom day', and Mr. Johnson said now was not the time to get, "demob happy". Boris admitted that even though, he had announced that in most respects, it would be up to the public to wear masks, he admitted there might be times when he would indeed, mask up. Professor Whitty, also said there would be times, when he also, would choose to wear a mask.

There were no jovial statements from Boris about 'freedom day', like going to the pub for a pint. Boris, Whitty, and Valance all looked glum, perhaps realizing they were taking a chance in lifting all restrictions. During the summer months, with all restrictions gone, it is thought cases could rise to 50,000 - 100,000 cases a day. Professor Chris Whitty looked like he wanted to be somewhere else, as the grave news of lifting restrictions against the background of rising infections, was announced. All 3 looked glum because they obviously know that lifting all restrictions, is a massive gamble. They no doubt, knew also, there will be a backlash of criticism over what Sir Keir Starmer calls "a reckless" thing to do.

So why, is Boris, throwing all caution to the wind? It would seem, that Boris is under pressure from his backbench MPs, who want everything lifted, (even mask-wearing, etc), come hell or high water.

The Delta virus is here and is a clear and present danger. The Delta + is also here and who is to blame? As Sir Keir, pointed out in PMQs today, one Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson. Why? Simple, allowing 20,000 Indians into our country. By the time Boris had put India on the red list, it was too little, too late. Boris slammed the stable door, when the horse, had already bolted. Although Sir Keir, has not used the nickname for a while, Boris once again is playing Mr. Catchup, in this instance. It is entirely his fault, that the Delta and Delta + variant is infecting and killing people. His buffoonery, his denials, are costing the nation dear, in infections and lives lost. Sir Keir in denouncing Boris as "reckless" is true.

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Could it be now, that the wheels are coming off, Boris' clown car? Will people finally, see-through Boris' shenanigans? Boris has suffered, many setbacks, of late. First of all, we have had Dominic Cummings revelations, of the dysfunctional environment, operating at the heart of the clown and circus regime. Then we have had the Matt Hancock fiasco, (that some think was engineered, to bring about the downfall of Hancock, so, Boris wouldn't have to sack him). Not forgetting the Conservatives not gaining the Batley and Spen seat, won by Jo Cox's sister, (which would seem a reversal in the Conservatives fortunes of knocking down Labour's 'red wall' in the North and Midlands).

To say, Sir Keir is facing a turnaround in his and the Labour party's fortunes may be premature, but it could be. No regime, however long in power or however popular, lasts forever and that goes for Boris and his rancid government too.

Voices will be raised, in opposition, to Boris' lame policy on 19 July. The opposition will come from the media, from the scientific community, from religious communities, and certainly, the political establishment. Take it for granted, politically, Labour, SNP, Lib-Dems, etc, will take this and run with it, hoping to do maximum damage to Boris.

From his own Conservative party too, there will be howls of opposition in contrast, to the right-wing mob, calling for all restrictions, to be dangerously lifted.

In as much as I loathe and detest this government, they are the government and these are the people, we must deal with until hopefully, they are out of office by 2024. So, let us hope Boris, sees sense and changes tack. To, as Sir Keir says, "Yes, lift restrictions but in a more, reasoned and balanced way".


Nick Bishop (author) on July 07, 2021:

Thank you.

hira from faisalabad on July 07, 2021:

well writen

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