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Global Hunger

1 Out of Every 7 People is Suffering Hunger



There are about 338 million adolescents who are underweight and 820 million people go hungry every day, according to a recent United Nations Organization (UNO) Report. As a result, global hunger is rising day by day putting the whole world in front of unbeatable challenges. The report also shows that millions of children in the world are malnourished and the number of low birth weight babies is not getting under control. In one way or the other, this poses a direct threat to sustainable development goals.

One of every seven newborn babies is underweight, as recorded by UNO in 2015. The world population is increasing at a rate of 1.2% annually which directly consumes the global resources. However, the world economy could not go hand in hand with the rising population as it was expected. Additionally, climate change and agricultural loss are the root cause of food scarcity. Lack of resources has affected third world countries severely and makes them vulnerable to compete with the developed ones. Now the third world countries are living in miserable conditions.


There are a number of causes that are responsible for the rise of Global Hunger. Some leading factors are given below.

Unemployment and Job Instability

Numerous states in the world are under the burden of hunger by the dint of unemployment and instability in jobs. As a result, poverty has sky-rocketed within a particular country. For example, people released from jails after being punished hardly are not accepted by the community. The isolation from society keeps them unemployed and makes them a burden on their family. The poor families who have already been facing hurdles to earn their bread and butter remain unable to fulfill their daily needs.

Conflicts and War

Second, the 21st century has seen a number of conflicts and wars all over the world that resulted in increasing global hunger. The failures and losses due to war and conflicts lead the concerned society to frustration and unhappiness with the government. On the other hand, the government fails in achieving national interest due to a lack of public support. This directly bolstered the instability and poverty. Hoarding and corruption take its hold in such circumstances to increase hunger in society. For instant, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan have been struggling hard to counter hunger which is an outcome of war and conflict.

Climate Change

Third, global hunger has been rising due to the uncertain climate changes that are being experienced by the world. Most of the regions have been haunted by climate tragedies and confronted with food shortages and water scarcity. Most of the agricultural areas have been converted to barren lands. In addition to this, most of the rivers and lakes have gone dry, causing poor vegetation and a dearth of drinking water. In this regard, the African region has suffered a lot - not denying the loss to other regions in the world.

Poor Mobility

Poor mobility is one of the main reasons that played a significant role in raising global hunger. This is traumatic when one region of the world has been enjoying surplus food and the other one has to strive for it. In this regard, poor infrastructure has rendered mobility which in one way or the other has put the malnourished people under the burden of increasing famine. Moreover, poor infrastructure in most of the developing states also put more burden on women and children. They spend hours fetching water and remain fragile physically. This is the reason the poor mobility or infrastructure has been contributing to increasing global hunger.

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Global Hunger is a serious issue that needs to be resolved in order to ensure equal living standards at every nook and corner of the world. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), out of many objectives, one was to ensure zero hunger until 2030. As far as recent reports from the United Nations are concerned it has been found that the world is going backward and this issue is not that easy to get resolved as it was expected. More serious actions are to be taken unitedly and collectively by all the members of this world in order to deal with Global Hunger. Some of the reliable solutions for the above-mentioned issue are as under.


Urban Farming

In order to deal with Global Hunger, according to most of the researchers, the world has to educate and ensure urban farming among masses. In most of the western societies, this can be seen in the shape of roof farming. These researchers assume that if this policy is successfully implemented the possibility is that it will feed almost more than 10 billion people. Furthermore, this agriculture will become independent of land and whether. In addition, as USAID has said that agriculture shall be improved and this will raise the income level which will reduce the hunger per person. Kenya is a big example where it improved the agricultural skill provided by USAID and now they are contributing surplus agriculture to the UN World Food Program.

Government Interventions

The most important solution to eliminate Global Hunger is to make sure that the Foreign nations and their governments are equally fighting against Global Hunger. For instance, most active government participation which has been seen is providing food to mothers and kids in the poor region of the world. The role of the Governments is very pivotal in this case as this creates a sense of trust between the general public and the international community. Ultimately, combined efforts promoted by the efforts of governments will assist a huge role in eliminating Global Hunger.

Population Control Education

Population explosion must be controlled through educating the societies to counter the expansion of Global Hunger. Mostly, underdeveloped societies either refuse to use the contraceptive pill or they lack education about this knowledge. There is a dire need of educating these societies and the public about the advantages of birth control. Poor economies have high birth rates that increase food consumption and decrease the food supply. If these regions and areas are educated about birth control it will help the world in the coming years to control Global Hunger.

Empowering Women in Agriculture

Empowering women can lead to an age where the world will no longer be suffering from Global Hunger. Women play a huge role in the household and most importantly they lack the bread feeding title as it is being owned by a male. When this gender of society will be trained about farming and can lead their dependence, this will lead to a community where women can have that power to earn for their kids to minimize the Hunger. The best example is of the women of Haiti, who were once suffering from food shortage and now after having the freedom to earn as female farmers, are feeding their families. Women shall be educated and must have the freedom for farming so that this can one day help in ensuring zero Hunger.


In short global hunger is the crucial problem that needs to be addressed immediately. As mentioned above, the prevailing issue has resulted in the devastation of third world countries. However, it did not come into existence on its own but numerous factors have played their part in putting the world in distress. As ongoing conflicts and wars in the 21st century along with climate changes have contributed a lot in fostering global hunger. The direct result is economic loss, increased poverty, raised immigration and stress among masses leading to global hunger and dependency. Contrary to this, every dark cloud has a silver lining, so global hunger can also be reduced with some well-planned strides. All the governments must collaborate in order to lift the weak economies and haunted areas. Furthermore, the concerned societies must be educated about population control so that food can be distributed adequately. In this regard, the world leaders are playing an active part in resolving the critical issue that is global hunger.


Raja Adnan Afzal (author) from Rawalpindi, Pakistan on May 01, 2020:

Arthur thanks.

Arthur Russ from England on May 01, 2020:

Thanks for your most detailed account of this very serious problem; very informative.

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