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Global Climate Change and Over Population


Global Climate Change And Over Population

When we talk about climate change the main topic is fossil fuels. And of course, our use of them is a big cause of carbon in the atmosphere. We've known that adding carbon to the atmosphere would create a green house effect since the 1800s. Even before we started the industrial revolution.

We and all animals, and including fungus/mushrooms breath in oxygen and breath out co2. We used to burn wood to warm our houses. In some places they burned dug as well. Then there was/is coal.

Well, burning anything biological produces co2 and other things. Luckily plants take in co2 and produce oxygen. So it's not all bad. Were it not for co2 there wouldn't be any oxygen, plants, or us.

So what's the problem? We're producing too much and plants have more than they need/can extract from the atmosphere. So we have a build up that's going to, and already has started causing problems.

But something else happened that caused our current problem. In the 1800s, when we started using fossil fuels, there were about one billion people on this planet. 200 years later we're up to 8 billion plus and growing. That's seven billion more people breathing, farting, and using fossil fuels then there were two hundred years ago.

Not only that, we grow billions more animals for food then would have existed if we didn't. They all breath and fart too. And most of us have pets. Yeah. All of this adds to the world's co2 levels, even if we didn't use fossil fuels.

Had we not increased in numbers we could probably have all used as much fossil fuels as we needed without dangerously increasing carbon levels. And now we all live longer too. Imagine how populations would increase if we all lived for 300 years. We'd probably have to move anyone over 100 off the planet so younger people could still have babies.

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In the 1970s over population was an issue everyone talked and worried about. Now it's like everyone has forgotten about it. Yet it is the real cause of global climate change as far as I can see.

One reason for our population is religion. Catholics were encouraged to have a dozen kids just to strengthen and spread the religion. Safety and power in numbers. Many families had 6 to 12 kids in the 1940s and 50s.

In the 1970s people started lowering that to 3 or 4 kids, then and now it's down to two or three. In China they made laws that would only allow one child per couple. But now due to the fact that boys were preferred and girls often aborted, there's a lack of girls and the laws have changed and sine 2021 they are allowed 3.

Therefore the population will increase again. One or two would keep the population stable. Three or more will obviously increase it. But this world can only keep a certain number of us.

Not that I'm suggesting we limit the number of kids we're allowed like in China. Our technology has made our population possible and will continue to do so. And not everyone these days even want any kids. But we have to find better energy sources and lower our carbon emissions, at least from that source. Otherwise nature will reduce our population and its effects on its own.

But should we be scared? I don't think so. Not yet. It's a fact that there have been times the poles had no ice. found lots of evidence of that from finding things like frozen palm trees up north. True, if south pole melts completely anyone currently living near water will have to move. And it's not just about warming, it's about changes in weather patterns. For a long time there will be droughts, storms, etc like we've never seen. At least until it stabilizes.

Going into another ice age would be as bad or worse. Most of North America and Europe under a mile of ice for a thousand years? Personally I think that would be far worse. So even if we find a better energy source and stop using fossil fuels, we should keep some just in case future generations need it to prevent that.

We've been using fossil fuels for around 150 years. From most estimates we only can keep doing this for another 50 years before we run out. Unless, of course we find more sources. So even if there were no global warming/climate change, we'd still have to find other sustainable fuel sources asap.

Everyone going vegetarian would help too. But that won't likely happen. lol... Point being, yes, it's all about us.

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