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Global Citizenship

Having lived in Columbia I understand how it can be useful to have global citizenship. Importance of global citizenship.

Earth internet

Earth internet


A global citizen is a person who can join with the community of the developing realm through demonstration of great multicultural knowledge, characteristic of diversity, and campaigning for accountable actions and social justice. In this article, I will look at the importance of global citizenship and the outcomes that come with it. Being a global citizen is important because it helps one think globally and not locally while addressing any issues.

Passport identity- it can be used as a proof of citizenship

Passport identity- it can be used as a proof of citizenship

The distinction between globalization and globalism.

Globalism, by its nature, describes and the inter-connectivity of networks that shortens multi-continental distances. Globalism tends to describe connections of the present-day world and patterns that explain the connectivity. Globalization, on the other hand, is the increase or decrease of globalization. It is the active shrinking of distances on a large scale by incorporating world trade, giving clearer rules for international trade, and providing official channels for goods distribution worldwide.

Benefits of global citizenship to meeting persona, academic, and professional goals.

A global citizen recognizes the identity of himself, understands the emotions, and can integrate them in a manner that understands people have different diversities. This is very helpful in obtaining multicultural skills, which helps them to adapt to any working environment across the globe. As a global citizen, it helps one think internationally and not locally when it comes to issuing solving and decision making either in the line of duty or in school.

Conflicts among theorists about the definition of global citizenship and development by Reysen and Katzarska-Miller.

There are so many definitions of global citizenship by different theorists, and it is important to integrate all of their definitions to come with a clear definition of the term. According to philosophical theorists, it states that global citizenship is all about morals and ethics. The educationist focuses on the definition of in terms of global awareness. There are several schools of thought in the definition of global citizenship to come up with a comprehensive definition. In my understanding, I would define global citizenship as the act of being aware of other people's beliefs, norms, culture, and being able to connect with the people in the outside world despite all the differences.

Explanation on the importance of those two outcomes in becoming a global citizen compared to the others

1. Added value on diversity

Being aware that the world is made up of so many people with varying ways of doing things, beliefs, norms, amongst other things, is very important. To become a global citizen, it is important to recognize differences, and one should learn how to live with such people. It is not necessarily changing to them or making other people change but to reach a consensus on how to live and respect the different diversities.

2. Inter-group helping

There exist different groups of people in the world with different socioeconomic gaps. Some people in the society are very poor; others face insecurity challenges, others illiterate, others are sick, amongst other things.for one to become a good global citizen, one should be able to incorporate all those disadvantaged groups to benefit. Making them feel part of society is a very important aspect of a global citizen.This can be through the policies that are made in their favor.

Global citizenship outcomes on personal experience

Valuing diversity

As a global citizen, I have interacted with people from different cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and religious backgrounds under different circumstances, either in school or in the business field. This was when I realized there are so many challenges in relating to the broad diversity of people. The first challenge is the language barrier such that we are not able to communicate. Secondly, the morals and ethics about what I view as good or bad, there are misunderstandings of what should be done and what should not. With all the challenges, I decided to learn a little about others' cultures, such that dealing with them will be easy.

Inter-group helping

Helping the less fortunate in society is a calling, and not everyone is called. I always had a burden of helping the less privileged in the society. This was further enhanced when I worked with the UN agency for refugees, where I had the opportunity to interact with them. Back in their home country, they had almost all the luxuries that anyone could admire, but one day they are refugees who depend on the good wishes to get the basic needs. These are the few cases where one decides to open up and talk about certain issues. There are very many who are suffering silently; therefore, it is important to help anyone because you don't know what has made them in the situation they are currently. The situation can change to anyone anytime.

Education courses

Certain courses have helped me in becoming a global citizen. The first is the Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility. In this, I have learned what is considered as good, right, and; before doing any action on anyone, it is important to ask yourself whether what you are doing is right. This helps one to be sensitive to all the actions one undertakes. The second course is the Introduction to literature whereby, learning of linguistics and people's culture is vital. This is because, as a global citizen will interact with people who have different languages and cultures.


Global citizenship has been a topic of interest from many theorists. Each of them has a definition of the terminology.there are various traits that help one qualify as a global citizen. They are six of them, and they include inter-group empathy, inter-group helping, social justice, environmental sustainability, valuing diversity, and responsibility level to better the world. Being a global citizen is very important, and everyone should try and become one through portraying any or all the listed traits.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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