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Giving With Hesitation


The Art Of Giving

They say giving is good for the soul. Giving is the right thing to do. Right?

Have you ever had an experience that made you regret giving? Have you done something for someone, but you know the energy and spirit in which you had when you gave was not in pure love? Have you evaluated someone’s condition before giving?

2 Corinthians 9:7

Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.


Have you ever had feelings when giving to others?

I will use myself as an example. Usually if I give, I am happy to help. Please do not judge but let me be honest about something I did so long ago. I helped an elderly women pay for a few grocery items. She was in front of me in line standing around after your, what I could only conclude, was either a card with no money on it or a government assistance card. Either way what made me regret my energy giving was how this happened.

She slowed around and orchestrated herself in a way to get in front of me at the customer service center at the grocery store. She looked at me and walked just a little faster to get in front of me at the customer service register next to the lotto tickets. Then came the game. She stood there acting confused that her card did not have enough money on it to afford the few items she had. I was standing behind her as she was acting confused, I am sorry, appeared “confused.”

Why did it bother me? I noticed a twelve pack of Dasani water, Klondike bars and maybe a few other things if that. The amount was small right? Why would I care?

It frustrated me because I thought back to the times when I experienced job loss. When I did, I modified my budget to fit what I could afford. $20 a week was my budget. I knew my situation was temporary and would change but, in the meantime, I had to make adjustments due to my financial situation. What appeared appropriate given her financial situation was whatever thirty-six pack of Walmart/Kroger brand of water that allowed for more water at a lower price. How about the generic ice-cream brand that cost less? Without having the money to purchase the items, I found it annoying that she would try to “buy” the more expensive items.

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Dasani water and Klondike bars were not on my list of items to purchase on a $20 budget for the week. Truth be told, I do not buy Dasani water now even though I can afford it. I have the means to do so, and I do not buy Dasani water. How do you decide that you want something more than generic when you do not have the means to buy those items yourself?

What we know about giving


The Set Up / Situation

To this day, I know there was no blessing or favor because of my thoughts behind the giving. She orchestrated herself during the interaction to try and play someone in order to have someone pay for her food. While the lady was playing confused, I meant, she was unable to comprehend no money available to purchase her groceries. I lost my compassion because I have sacrificed expecting no one to fix, rescue or change my condition. I asked for nothing from no one. I certainly would not buy higher end water/items when I know I can’t afford to do so. It is not about what I want but what I need. Sometimes the decisions we make is exactly why one remains in the condition that one is in, losing. Priorities.

If you’re having financial difficulty, why would you feel it’s appropriate to go for anything other than the basics? Wouldn’t it make sense for you to make your money count due to your limited funds? When you have little resources, you can’t afford to shop for certain brands because you don’t have the money for these items.

So, while I expect a barrage of comments that I should not be concerned, or it was only a small amount…




Has anyone else done something for someone but you felt a little bothered because of the decisions of the person in need?

Have you helped someone financially, but you didn't feel good about it? Why?

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