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Girl Scout Daisy Petals Ideas

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Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden

Girl Scout Daisies are girls aged 5-6 typically in K-1st grade. Girl Scouts recite the Girl Scout promise. The promise encompasses the Girl Scout Law. In Girl Scout Daisy troops, each part of the Girl Scout Law is represented by a daisy petal of specific color. Each petal or part of the law has a corresponding "flower friend" from the "Daisy Flower Garden". Each "flower friend" tells a story in the "Daisy: The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting" guidebook. The stories help girls understand each part of the law by providing examples through the "flower friends".

To earn Daisy petals, girls should always read and discuss the stories and complete activities that exemplify those attributes.


Light Blue - Honest and Fair - Lupe the Lupine

The light blue petal represents "honest and fair" and is demonstrated by the story of "Lupe the Lupine".

For this petal, the leaders can bring in a bag of candy and hand it out to each Daisy, but while doing so, distribute it unevenly. The girls will likely notice some Daisies have more than others. The leaders can then ask the girls to make it fair for everyone. This could be done using craft supplies, snack or any other desired variable. Leaders could conduct an egg or candy hunt and each girl is allowed a certain number. Once they reach their limit, they should assist other girls to be "fair".

Another activity is to give the girls different situations and have them determine the "honest and fair" thing to do. Leaders can also demonstrate how to be "honest and fair" by using a small ball to take turns speaking. When the ball is tossed to each Daisy, it is her turn to speak.

Yellow Petal - Friendly and Helpful - Sunny the Sunflower

The yellow petal means "friendly and helpful" and is represented by "Sunny the Sunflower".

One way to earn the "Friendly and Helpful" petal is to introduce and use the Kaper Chart. Create and decorate a chart using styrofoam artboard and select a number of "kapers" that corresponds to the number of Daisies in your troop. Kapers refers to jobs or tasks each girl is responsible for and varies from meeting to meeting. Some "kapers" may have more than one girl dedicated to it, depending on need. Some ides for chart design are a tree with "kapers" on the branches and leaves being the girls' names, a daisy flower with each petal being a "kaper" and little bees being the girls' names or a standard pocket for each "kaper" with their name placed inside, among countless other ideas. Be creative!

In our troop, we painted picture frames and each girl had a buddy. They each told each other what color they would like their frame and picked out some rhinestones. Their "buddy" made their frame for them. When both girls were finished, they represented their "buddy" with the frame they made for them. It was lots of fun.


Light Green Petal - Considerate and Caring - Zinni the Zinnia

The light green petal is for "considerate and caring" and is demonstrated by "Zinni the Zinnia".

Our troop did several things to earn this petal. We decorated and sent Christmas cards to troops oversea, we had a canned food drive, we made (with pre-packed kit that had everything we needed to build) and painted bird houses and we decorated and drew pictures for women with breast cancer.

The possibilities for earning this petal are endless! There are so many things you can do that are both fun and completely rewarding.

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Red Petal - Courageous and Strong - Tula the Tulip

The red petal is "courageous and strong" with "Tula the Tulip". When we earned this petal, we had just finished talking about "breast cancer awareness" and why we needed to help our "courageous and strong" troops oversea by sending Christmas cards. This worked out well. The activity we completed was talking about ways we can keep ourselves healthy. Then, we took turns telling everyone our favorite exercises and everyone tried and acted out each girls' favorite. We also engaged in eating "healthy snack".

You can also put on some type of show. It can be a fashion show, a play, a skit, dancing, singing, or any other show of your choosing. Talking about "courageous and strong" women is a great idea.

Orange Petal - Responsible for What I Say and Do - Mari the Marigold

"Responsible for what I say and do" is represented by the orange petal and "Mari the Marigold". For this petal, we made chore charts out of foam door handers and clothes pins. On the foam hanger, we wrote "To Do" on one column and "Done" on the other and the girl's name down the middle. The girls used markers to color their clothes pins and foam stickers to decorate their door hangers. Parents and girls decide together upon appropriate chores for the child and write them on the clothes pins.

There are plenty of other ways to make chore charts. You can make a traditional one and have the kids decorate them or you can make a board with pockets.

We also discussed be responsible for our actions and how what we do affects other people.


Purple Petal - Respect Myself and Others - Gloria the Morning Glory

The purple petal is for "respect myself and others" and is the story of "Gloria the Morning Glory". For this petal, we discussed the importance of taking care of ourselves and hygiene. Then we talked about how everyone is unique and different like snowflakes. We painted and decorated (rhinestones) snowflake ornaments to represent diversity. We also put together a table for "World Thinking Day" at our service unit event. We represented Spain.

Magenta Petal - Respect Authority - Gerri the Geranium

"Gerri the Geranium" represents "respect authority", the magenta daisy petal. Having a firefighter, police officer or EMT is a great way to demonstrate authority. This petal is an excellent opportunity to discuss safety. We made ID kits. It included fingerprints and information about each child. We attended a local event called the "Fire in the Pines Festival". The festival had helicopter and firetruck for the kids to tour. Smokey the Bear was in attendance to talk about the hazards of forest fires.

In our meeting, we also played the game "Mother May I". "Simon Says" is another good game to play that represents following authority.


Green Petal - Use Resources Wisely - Clover

The green petal is "use resources wisely" with "Clover". We made gingerbread houses, but had the girls bring in leftover Halloween candy so we could use it to decorate the gingerbread houses instead of throwing it away. We discussed the importance of recycling and ways we can reuse things. We had a yard sale as an example of reusing things. We also made bird feeders out of plastic bottles.

Pink Petal - Make the World a Better Place - Rosie the Rose

"Rosie the Rose" teaches us to "make the world a better place", the pink petal. Many things we do every day are examples of how we can earn this petal. Our troop had a beach clean-up and visited a retirement home to "adopt a grandparent". We discussed how making the world a better place is as simple as showing kindness to others and helping out someone when they are down. Making bird feeders or birdhouses can also be used for this petal. We talked more about recycling and did a troop "book swap" where they brought in books they longer used and "recycled" them with a friend.

Violet Petal - Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout - Vi the Violet

The Violet petal and "Vi the Violet" teach us to "be a sister to every Girl Scout". For this petal, we made pictures and wrote notes (short ones since they are in Kindergarten!) to initiate pen pals relationships with another troop in the UK and a troop on the other side of the US. We will have domestic and foreign pen pals. We are also creating relationships with sister troops in our district by inviting them to participate in some events we sponsor, like our beach clean-up, and attending some activities together.

These are just some ideas. Perhaps you can use them or even build upon them to create something new. Many of these activities can be used for more than one petal. If you see more than one thing you like, simply adjust it as needed and use it for another petal.

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