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Giants Created the Saturn Matrix that Forever Imprisons Earth


Ex-UFO program chief: We may not be alone


For the longest time, governments and officials from around the world have denied the existence of UFOs and that any evidence of extraterrestrial life has ever been found. Everything is "normal"; everything is "terrestrial"; everything is "physical"; nothing in any way, shape, or form could ever be anything unusual or out of the ordinary -- anyone who thinks so is "crazy". They have been pretty nasty about the whole thing, despite the glaring and overflowing levels of hypocrisy blatantly expressed in the most pathetic ways by all that is "mainstream" and "official". Every attempt has been made to ridicule this topic and sideline anyone who has dared to bring it up in a mainstream public situation in any kind of meaningful or serious way. It has been denied, denied, denied ... but then suddenly, at the very end of 2017 (after decades of proclaiming that they had no interest in UFOs and that no such things existed), it was officially announced that the US government had not only secretly been conducting a UFO research program -- they had also spent millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars to do so. At this very moment things should come screeching to an abrupt halt -- they have been lying to us. That's right out of the gate: they have lied and lied and lied -- how credible can anything they say actually be after that?

It seems that NASA should have been announcing such things, but because of the Brookings Report, NASA is forbidden to ever reveal anything that even suggests evidence of extraterrestrial life. So, the people who are supposed to tell us about this kind of stuff are either proven liars or those who omit information, which is the same thing as lying. Liars all the way around then? Lying, manipulating, and deceiving -- that's what they do best, and they are indeed very good at it. We shouldn't really expect the truth from any of these people, but nonetheless, the secret UFO research program was announced to the public.

After years of study and millions of dollars spent, the Pentagon has apparently concluded that UFOs do exist and are intelligently controlled. In a CNN interview, Luis Elizondo, who was in charge of the secret UFO program, said he believed the unknown craft are controlled by something other than human beings. Former Navy pilot, David Fravor, used the words "not from this world" to describe what he saw. Now these are highly controversial statements to make, and you will find a wide range of opinions on the matter; however, what is not a matter of opinion is that they have indeed announced this to the public.

Whatever their motives for doing so, it does ultimately mean the whole subject is more credible to the mainstream and should be more accepted by the public; there are many people that have no concept of any "reality" existing apart from what the authorities have told them is possible, so it is good when something is addressed by the mainstream -- because too many people still won't believe anything unless it comes from "them". So, it does seem to be a good thing that this has been announced, at least in terms of mainstream awareness; but, do we really think the government is going to tell the whole and accurate truth ... about anything? Only a fool would think so.

Even though the release of this information was very important, it seems to just be another strand in the very long "UFO/alien" story, which has always been very popular among certain segments of the population. Opinions range as far as can be imagined in opposite directions on this topic, and it has been on the minds of millions for probably ever; it seems as if these ideas will forever continue to grow in popularity, understanding, and acceptance as time goes by.

It truly seems "we are not alone" and that somebody who is not "us" is visiting our planet, but without a proper contextual background, a true understanding can never be achieved. If we are trying to understand something like UFOs, we can only depend on personal accounts, official explanations, videos, and pictures -- none of which can be considered all that trustworthy, but that's what we have to work with.

It is probably going to be impossible for humanity to ever get a truly accurate understanding of what is really going on, especially considering that the background of what must be "UFOs" is never rightly attached to the conversation. Nobody, in mainstream anything, ever talks about the whole backstory to what we modernly call "UFOs" and "aliens". How can we ever get a correct understanding of something that we don't have in a proper context? We can't, which is exactly how it has always been meant to be -- we are not supposed to ever be able to understand what has really happened on Earth, or in the solar system for that matter.

As Jordan Maxwell has often said: "Nothing in this world operates the way you think it does." Jim Marrs, who died in August of 2017, often suggested that you cannot understand the world unless you include UFOs and aliens -- even more so when we don't even have the subject anywhere near the actual context to which it belongs.

About this topic: we have more videos than we could ever watch, more witnesses than we could ever count, more official documents than we could ever read, and more internet sites than we could ever visit in our whole lives; what we do not seem to have is a proper contextual background attached to the subject. UFO and alien enthusiasts can tell us all the details of popular UFO stories like Roswell, Aurora, and Los Angeles, but these same people very rarely can give a proper historical background to the subject.

The idea of UFOs typically only goes back a few decades or so, but the appropriate historical and contextual background is a story spanning literally thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of years. At best, we get something like the Ancient Aliens TV show, which is very misleading to say the least; anything coming from mainstream sources is going to attempt to manipulate and mislead us. This is especially true when they are dealing with topics such as this one, but context is everything; without it you can't properly understand anything. If we don't understand the full context of UFOs and aliens, part of which can only be provided by the solar system, then we will continue to have no idea in the world what we are talking about.



Upon the very mention of something that could only be called a "secret space program", laughter, giggles, and snickers can be heard coming from all directions. "Ha ha, there's no such thing -- they couldn't keep something like that a secret." But didn't they just reveal that there has a been a secret UFO program? Wasn't it a secret right up to the very moment they told us about it? Secret UFO program, secret space program ... they really cannot be that far off from one another. For such powerful denial to exist only proves how effective the conditioning has been, and how rigid and unaware a mind made of concrete can be -- how big of a hammer do we need? We would be very foolish to think they don't have secret programs, like a secret space program, which they are not telling us anything about.

All the while, they are spending your money to do it. How do you like that? First they take your money without your consent (taxation), then they spend your money on whatever they want and don't tell you anything about it. Seems like someone would be upset about this, but the overwhelming majority of people simply could not care less about any of that. They don't even seem to be able to comprehend what is happening to them -- if it were anyone else, anyone else, people would throw a fit; but they don't, because they have been conditioned not to. If it were a gang of criminals running the streets who came to rob you, you'd call the police; but when that gang is called "government", people think it's perfectly fine to be robbed. These are the results that professional brainwashers obtain from the public on a massive scale, and they do it every single day without challenge. How long will this go on? Forever? Surely not.



NASA always tells us they have found basically nothing every time they send a craft, orbiter, module, lander, rover, or whatever ... it goes on and on, but for what? They are doing it simply for the joy of exploration? Why? And why don't they ever find much of anything? There are people starving to death every day on Earth; nearly 20,000 children die every single day because of not having anything to eat -- surely those children are worth more than spending untold amounts of money to find "nothing".

There is a certain grotesqueness about what we have become and an undeniable sickness the human race has embraced -- we think it's "normal", but there is nothing normal about it. It's mental illness at its most disturbing, but most people cannot realize this because they have been conditioned, manipulated, and brainwashed not to.

Governments around the world cannot feed the starving or house the homeless -- veterans who fought "their" wars are living on the streets and committing suicide at record levels; all the while governments are spending billions every year -- billions -- trotting off all over the solar system to find ... "nothing"!

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Surely, the people -- human beings for god's sake (have we lost all compassion?) -- who died today because of lack of food/water/shelter could have come up with a far better use for all that money! Sorry there, starving people of Earth: you'll just have to suck it up while we send off another probe in the direction of Uranus! And for what? So we can once again be told there is "nothing of interest"?

If there is nothing of interest, then whey do they keep going back there? And why do they keep wasting money that could be used to save lives? It seems unjustified and indefensible; it seems cruel and inhumane. Why would anyone ever do such a thing?

Because ... there is something there -- they are just not telling us about it. Why would they waste all that time and money while human beings are suffering and dying for lack of basic necessities if it is all for "nothing"? No, it is for something -- something way bigger than most people can imagine ... and it better be too, since it is so important that billions of dollars of taxpayer money can be spent on it while millions of people die. It freakin' better be for somethin'!



Researchers have been pointing out what can only be artificially created things all around the solar system for many years. For instance, the Moon has fantastic geometric structures and designs all over its surface that could only be the result of intelligence; some researchers have even suggested that massive mining operations are currently underway on the surface of the Moon.

These ideas are easily dismissed, laughed at, and ridiculed, but have you ever taken a bit of time to look at the evidence for such things? No? Well how would you know anything about it then?

It is simply amazing the arrogance that typically accompanies ignorance: if I don't know about it, it cannot be true. What a nightmare it must be to live subject to such a mind.

There are many other theories too, one of which is of the Moon being hollow and entire civilizations living within it. Some people even believe that Nazis are living on the dark side of the Moon waiting to pull off a massive attack on Earth. There are no lack of theories concerning the Moon, that is for certain, and obviously some of them are more credible than others.

It is always a good idea to examine the evidence for a theory before coming to any conclusions about it, but many people come to conclusions before ever even having a look at any evidence -- that's how ignorance works! To be confined to a mind that approaches the world in such a manner must be very familiar to those living in insane asylums!

Another place where there are things that defy any and all explanations is on Mars. What is that face? Why are there obvious pyramids on Mars that are arranged exactly as the pyramids at Giza? This is impossible ... unless things are different than what we have been told.

There are a huge number of theories about this kind of stuff and some of them are obvious nonsense, but some of the theories seem to be provable, like the ones about the existence of a secret space program. What if NASA is just a "front" that hides the real space program? If so, it must be the greatest front of all time. If we are going to attempt to think of the implications of something like this, we are going to have to shift our thinking beyond what they show us; we probably have no idea in the world what kind of technology they actually have. If there really is a secret space program, they are most certainly not conducting it by using the same technology they have shown us. As long as you can only conceive of what they have shown you on TV, you will never begin to consider the possibility of something more.

This is a powerful method to keep people from looking for the truth ... if you define what is "possible" in the minds of the people, they will never look outside of that to find answers. A "for instance" of this is the Global Warming debate: if you are arguing "man-made" vs "natural-cycle", you will never talk about geoengineering or weather modification -- which is what is actually going on. In this way, people can be directed away from any real issues without ever having even the slightest idea they are being manipulated; in fact, they are often so manipulated that they will unknowingly be manipulated into manipulating other people as well. It seems that the vast majority of people have no comprehension whatsoever as to the true nature of how their minds are being controlled, often by people who they don't even know exist.

To really get a proper background context to the whole issue with Global Warming/Climate Change, it is necessary to have a look at a secret society called the Club of Rome; that is where the whole idea to manipulate the public by using issues of the environment came from, but that is never part of the conversation. Truly, if you don't understand geoengineering, weather modification, weather warfare, and what the Club of Rome has to do with anything, then you simply do not have all the information needed to really understand the debate.

When has anyone ever talked about any of these things when they discuss whatever is happening with the climate of our planet? Have any of these topics ever been brought up by Al Gore? Have they ever been brought up by anyone? No? Well, how are we to solve the problem then, when no-one has a clue as to what the problem actually is? We cannot. This is intentional manipulation, and unless we can pull our heads out of our backsides, we are never going to understand any of the issues presented to us or how to solve them -- which, consequently, is exactly how "they" want things to be.

Chemtrails are another good example: the conversation has been about weather modification and geoengineering, but not about the releasing of "smart dust". The topic has a lot of layers to it: some say Chemtrails are not real; others say they are real, but that's just the first layer of the debate. After that, there are many different theories as to what they are for, but no-one ever talks about how Chemtrails are being used to microchip (smart dust) the entire human race. In fact, they are using Chemtrails to microchip the whole planet: when the future "internet of things" is fully integrated with 5G, world WiFi, HAARP, CERN, and all the rest of it, we will live in a type of virtual augmented "reality" of sorts. Now that, is a whole other topic entirely, but it just goes to show how easy it is to keep certain lines of thought out of the conversation.

It is really simple: if you can direct people into having "BS" arguments about non-important issues, you can control any conversation; when this is happening on the scale and in the manner that it currently is, it is downright dangerous. We really need to become aware of so much more than we are currently aware of; as long as we are distracted, redirected, and manipulated in this manner, we will never come up with answers or solutions to anything. How could we? And why do we think problems in the world never actually get solved? Because -- we aren't dealing with them -- that's why. We are dealing with only the manufactured distractions; therefore, we will never come up with any proper solutions -- we cannot.

Solutions are limited to what is believed to be possible: no-one will ever think that anyone has super advanced spaceships, if all they have ever seen or been allowed to imagine is those old loud explosive rockets. Sure, rockets put on a good show for TV, but they are practically useless in the vast expanses of space. The reason we believe that rockets are the only way they get into space is because that is all we have ever been shown; we are not being shown the real stuff -- not if there's a secret space program we're not, and there most certainly has to be one.

Some researchers suggest that the real technology is hundreds, if not thousands, of years advanced beyond what we are typically shown -- imagine what they might have. Now imagine them never telling us anything about it and doing the most amazing things (using our money) without us ever knowing. This is the most likely "reality" we are living in, and it is time for us to finally realize this: there is a secret space program, and there is all kinds of evidence for it ... all you gotta do to find it is go looking. Aren't you at least curious?




Researchers have been pointing out and demonstrating anomalies in a fantastic number of places in our solar system for a long time now. One of the most significant places researchers talk about is the planet Saturn; some of the most bizarre and fantastic theories exist concerning Saturn, and indeed, Saturn has always been extremely significant all throughout history (most people will have no idea of this).

The reason why most people will have no idea of the extreme significance of Saturn is because of the reasons described earlier: if you control the conversation, you can effectively dictate what people know and don't know. Much is to be known about Saturn; researchers suggest something is going on there that is simply beyond comprehension.

Evidently, some very strange things have been identified in photographs of Saturn, specifically in pictures taken by Cassini. It is indeed very strange, but according to researchers, some of the photographs taken of the rings of Saturn show some very fascinating features that consist of what should be impossible.

Researchers point to photos of Saturn's B Ring: they say that upon zooming very far in, it is apparent that some kind of cubical geometric structure is present. Cubical geometric structure in the rings of Saturn? What? How could there be any such thing? Researchers say that certain pictures taken of the very edge of the B Ring make it impossible to deny the existence of the cubical geometric structure that they are convinced is real.



Researchers also believe they can somehow see evidence in Saturn's rings indicating that the physics of the entire solar system was once very different than it is today. According to researchers, the physics of the solar system of a very long time ago was different in a way that would have allowed "life" to be much larger than it is capable of becoming today. Now, we know this happened on Earth, but researchers are saying that it was something that affected our entire solar system.

We know that living things on Earth were once much larger than they are today, and according to mainstream science, those giant-sized forms of life would not be able to exist on the Earth of today; they would literally be crushed under their own weight. Researchers suggest this change was due to a shift in the physics of the hyperdimensional torsion field that the solar system exists within.

An appropriate question to ask, at this point: And? What does that have to do with anything?

Well ... there are plenty of giant structures on Earth that we can't really explain; researchers suggest there are similar structures on multiple bodies throughout the entire solar system ... and it seems that the word "giant" attempts to explain them all -- one simple idea that explains the whole thing.

Who could have ever built the impossibly fascinating and equally enormous ancient structures all over Earth? Could regular sized humans have done that? Researchers believe there is evidence of ancient giant domes on the Moon; if that's true, who could have built them? Some researchers believe the Moon itself is a giant spacecraft; who could have put together such a thing? Who could have constructed the enormous mathematical and geometrically significant "face on Mars"? Who could have ever done something like that? Who could have assembled the giant artificial structures we call "rings" that encircle Saturn? These are just some of the things researchers talk about -- who could have done anything like this? ...

Researchers say it was "giants" -- giants did all of this, and more. It sounds very strange indeed, but all ancient cultures and religions of Earth have told stories about someone coming to Earth from the sky; often they are depicted much larger than a typical human. Ancient accounts are also filled to the brim with stories of giant offspring being the result of interbreeding between Earth women and non-human entities. This sounds bizarre, and many people will dismiss any such notion immediately, but not so fast; there have been giant skeletons of humanoid looking beings with extremely odd shaped skulls found all over the world. Why do we have absurdly enormous structures, constructed in ancient times, all over the planet that we could not make today? Because, a long time ago the physics was different; people, plants, animals, and insects could grow to enormous sizes -- this is why those structures were so enormous, according to the theory anyway.

What do you think a 20-foot tall human could do? What might that same human be able to do if they were able to somehow harness and control something the size of a dinosaur, like we do with horses and mules? If you think in these terms, things like the Great Pyramid could possibly have been very easy to build ... just not for us, but for giant humans controlling giant animals? Could have been very easy, if this idea has any truth to it, and many people believe that it does.

What about the "giants" depicted throughout the ancient world? The Greek and Roman gods? The gods of the Egyptians? What about the "Anunnaki" of the ancient Sumerians? How about the "serpent kings" of the massively ancient Ubaid people? What about the stories of the giants called "Nephilim" in the Bible? "Goliath"? Might these stories have some basis in a "reality" that factually existed long ago?

According to researchers, these stories might be real and/or symbolic stories of actual "giants" who really did live a very long time ago on our planet. What a fantastic world that might have been. According to researchers, these are the "giants" who built the gigantic ancient sites on Earth and around the solar system, including whatever Saturn's rings actually are.



What is being suggested about the rings of Saturn is that they are intelligently created artificial structures. Apparently, the rings are constructed of a skeletal frame structure of some sort covered by a layer of some kind of outer material; this is a very odd thing to consider, but it is what is being suggested.

What could possibly be the purpose of something like that? For what? Why would anyone ever make something like that? Who would do such a thing? Who could?

From our extremely limited perspective and the filter through which all of our information comes, we can only say honestly that we haven't got even the faintest clue ... we literally have no idea in the world! So, acting like we do is kinda silly. Who knows what is really there?

A lot of things seem impossible, but later turn out to be true; we should not express our ignorance by being too sure that this is not true. We don't know that, and some pretty smart people think it is; we can at least hear what they have to say on the matter.

What if the rings of Saturn really are an artificial construction? Who, or what, constructed them? And why? What could possibly be the purpose of something like that?



Some theories suggest that Saturn's rings have been purposefully created -- for a specific reason. The idea: there was a scientific attempt to turn Saturn into an enormous hyperdimensional torsion field amplifier. According to this, Saturn is no longer a "normal" planet as it once was, but has been converted into a "machine" to broadcast a very powerful frequency. If this is true, it is very important ... because frequency dictates, creates, and influences what we think of as "reality".

Nikola Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Researchers say that if we could see inside Saturn, we would see an enormous and highly technologically advanced version of something very similar to a radio transmitter; this line of thinking suggests that Saturn is a hyperdimensional frequency generator that is directing that frequency towards Earth. Evidently, it creates a powerful electromagnetic field that influences the way every human being perceives "reality" for the whole of their lives. If this theory is correct, it means that we spend our whole lives experiencing a "reality" that has nothing to do with anything that could accurately be thought of as "real".

Remember the whole "microchipping the entire planet to create a virtual augmented reality" bit, which was part of the Chemtrails conversation about "smart dust" from earlier? Yes? Well ... it seems that we may already exist within something just like that -- an artificially generated electromagnetic frequency field which creates the "physical" experiences that we perceive to be"reality".

This would effectively mean that we exist within a "fake reality"; some think of it as a type of "prison", one in which we have no senses capable of ever detecting (a prison without bars, a prison for your mind) -- and they call it ... The Matrix. Now, that is really something to think about, isn't it? Are we prisoners here?

Merriam-Webster's first definition of the word "prison": a state of confinement or captivity. Life on Earth certainly does fit that definition. Don't think so? Well, then just try leaving Earth. Back already? Didn't get far did ya? No, because we cannot leave here. Even if Earth ceases to be a place that can support life -- we cannot leave. This means we are confined to this planet, and we can never leave. Is Earth the ultimate supremely inescapable prison? Some people think so, but that is really beside the point; the point is -- we could be living in The Matrix!

Albert Einstein said, "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." This means that what we think of as "reality" is nothing more than an illusion, and that is coming from one of the smartest people the world has ever known. Do you think Einstein maybe had a clue about the nature of reality?

We don't see anything as it actually is -- we just think we do, but we do not ... we cannot; we have no senses by which to do so. Whatever you are seeing or otherwise experiencing is not its true form; we can only experience the illusion that has been created by our brain's ability to interpret electrical information -- it's not real!

An easy example is looking out at a highway disappearing off into the distance -- what we "see" is not what is. We see the highway getting more and more narrow the further away we look, but this is not what actually is; it is an illusion, created in the visual centers of the brain. In reality, the road does not get narrower; it is always the same width -- it just looks that way because of the decoding mechanism in the brain, therefore proving that we do not see "reality" as it really is. There are many more examples of this, but the point is the same -- everything we experience with our five senses is some form of illusion. Whatever you see or experience is just your brain's interpretation of electrical signals -- that's all it is, and that is what we think of as "reality".

Now, if you can hack the signals reaching the brain, you can create any "reality" you want the observer to experience. Researchers suggest: long ago exotic technology (that we have no hope of understanding) was implemented throughout our solar system in an attempt to enslave the entire population of Earth, and they say it was done so by the "giants" of the ancient world.

Saturn V



Somehow all of this is connected to the Nazis ... of course it is! Isn't everything always somehow connected to the Nazis and Adolf Hitler? Here we go with that stuff again ... Geez!

Godwin's Law: the longer a conversation is, the more likely it is that Adolf Hitler will somehow manage to be part of the conversation, at least on the internet anyway -- and so it is ... in Nazi Germany there was something that is called the "Nazi Bell". All kinds of things are speculated about this contraption, but one thing is certain: it was a torsion field generator, just like Saturn is speculated to be.