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Gender's role in advertisement, a complete analysis

Analyzing this

It is quite simple what advertisement is meant to do,make you think about their product, remember the product, and above all want the product. Marketing departments and companies are meant to sell their products any way they seem fit. The best way to get people to buy their products is simple, sexual advertisements that attract the readers or the market. We all understand, we all see it, most of us never think to analyze what we see. Well you're in luck because I am going to post some advertisements and analyze it for you.


Advertising at its finest.

Advertising at its finest.

Take this Burger King advertisement to the above for instance. They are showing their amazing 7 inch sandwich that will just make the girls want a mouthful. Try to avoid the obvious thought that runs into most of our minds. How is Burger king Marketing department doing their job? They are simply using shock advertisement to implant the memory of this Ad into your head. The Ad is focused toward woman, by having the woman on the advertisement it shows that it is good enough and healthy enough for woman. On the other hand it also markets to males by providing a dirty image and making it memorable to most people. When an advertisement can market both genders it helps with the success of the advertisement.

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Hidden messages

The advertisement for Candies fragrances is more sexist then gender biased. The advertisement feature a gorgeous brunette sitting on a desk top computer monitor while rubbing her face on a bottle of Candies fragrance. The man with the cool style is sitting at the desk top computer looking back at the camera with a look of gratitude and satisfaction. It is almost as if the man had accomplished something magnificent. The women with her legs laid open, has a serious yet satisfying look on her face. On the monitor of the computer is a rocket launching and is aimed toward the woman’s reproductive system, almost saying that if you use this product not only will you feel like an astronaut but you will also land the good looking girls. It is almost using women as an object. I believe it to be marketed toward males.


The Gucci advertisement featuring the torso and legs of a man, while a beautiful woman gravels at his feet, indicate that Gucci makes you powerful. As she is rubbing his sandals with an overwhelmingly satisfying and passionate look on her face, almost as if they are sexually satisfying. She is pulling at her clothes as if they are too restrictive for the lust and passion that is growing from the feel of the sandals. The advertisement shows that even the beautiful ladies will bow at your feet when you wear this shoe. The man in the advertisement has no head, but then again why would he need one when his stomach looks like it does and he has Gucci products. This advertisement is marketing both genders, males by having the beautiful girl bow to him in the advertisement and women by the build of the man wearing the product. Apparently only well built guys wear Gucci.


This last advertisement is very gender biased. It is a Del Monte ketchup bottle that features a screw on cap. The advertisement has that old style too it, makes you think of the 1950s and 60's when it was very typical that a woman needed a man. Even though that advertisement may feature a woman it is almost as if the advertisement was marketing to men by degrading woman. It can also be marketing to woman by saying “hey you don’t need a man to open the ketchup bottles anymore, so be independent, do it yourself”.

It's a sad World...The Marketing World

So when you see an advertisement the next time, I want you to say to yourself "what are they using to sell me this product? Is hairspray really going to make a prince show up at my door step, is Gucci slippers going to make a gorgeous girl rub on my feet?" It is amazing how gender bias every company has became, from burger king all the way to Perfume, car advertisements are among the worse but that's another hub. I just hope this hub allows you to realize that it is simply a marketing pitch and just because you use the product doesn't mean what they are advertising will happen. I am just trying to keep everyone in reality and hopefully save you from making poor decisions. I mean, Axe chocolate body spray ended up making women get sick, from the fragrance, I am sure that got the men using their products plenty of women. Just remember "Knowing is half the battle"-GI Joe



JoJo on December 18, 2016:


Claudia Tello from Mexico on January 29, 2013:

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I find the examples here far from being subliminal, they are actually quite explicit and I find them absolutely gross. Not good advertising in my opinion as they could easily antagonize or offend many people.

Sanxuary on January 10, 2013:

Its far sicker then we could imagine. The woman who created the breast cancer awareness movement has had her pink ribbon campaign stolen by many major companies not affiliated. She has gone as far to condemn some of these companies as possibly being a reason for breast cancer in the first place. Every Veteran has grown tired of all the companies that claim to be supporting them. After climbing the hills of Afghanistan and missing IED'S I am sure happy my dog was taken care of. Sex is a constant sell from past Ponzi makers in jail and their products still being sold and yet they remain unproven to even work. How much stuff in a store is low quality junk, sometimes advertising is just junk. I have seen some so poorly done my child could make a better advertisement.

Awesome Bill From Dawsonville on September 30, 2012:

Sexist to females only means the way it should be. Some people make the choice to stick to true gender roles and life a happy life, the others choose to die alone in misery and pain as their life slowly falls apart over time trying to live up to an ideal whose impetus was a bottle of LSD and a wasted span of a decade during their 20's...

rileym on September 10, 2012:

these pictures are exposing women in a disrispectful way. how can we get resect from the males if we are potrayed as a sex object.

teagano on September 10, 2012:

yes they are very funny and this is the reason they are so suck - cessful in drawing in attention. it is a good strategy in marketing however is sexist to females as it is using sex as a way of marketing.

Hiddenvalue (author) from Portland Oregon on May 23, 2011:

I agree, I am sure that I have fallen for it as well, some advertisements are so funny you can't help but want to buy them.

S T Guy from USA on May 17, 2011:

I had a class on this when I was in college a long time ago. These tactics has been around for quite some time now.

It is amazing how advertisers manipulate the audience by incorporating sexual innuendos into advertisements.

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