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Gang Stalking

Gang And Group Stalking

Once again I've decided to write about a topic that not only interests me but my husband believes he may be going through. Update: It's not as bad as before I left for my trip which was about three months ago.

Gangstalking is group stalking and/or harassment by a group of people.

Many of the things that I've read online apply to the situation with my husband. At first it was quite bad and I didn't believe what he was telling me and I felt like I was living in a nuthouse. I was on the brink of leaving because I did not know how to handle this new form of harassment he was going through. And I've been through many types of harassment and one on one stalking but nothing like this. I threatened my husband with making him see a therapist for his delusional behavior. It wasn't until I saw some of the stuff for myself that I started to believe there was something to it. There were many things, too many coincidences that just kept occurring over and over again that I couldn't overlook and I started to feel we were being followed and I was being followed on my own.

Gang stalking can be very bad at times then wane then come back in full force after a few weeks or months or simply never let up but it is more likely it will go through up and down periods.

Here is an excerpt from someone going through gangstalking. Now this is a milder form of it. Some are much more extreme.

I read a story about a woman who believes she is going through gangstalking. Hers was a much milder form of stalking than many I've read about. Her family thought she was crazy when she would go to her car and find a coffee cup missing or a cigarette pack missing or crushed.She would find trash she had discarded before entering her workplace sitting near her vehicle when she left. She noticed people following her and would see the same people at different stores/restaurants she frequented. She saw people sitting in vehicles near her home. People would yell at her and accuse her of things she wasn't doing. This isn't uncommon in gangstalking.

When it started with us someone would stand in the field next to our house and shine a red light at our house and every time they did this our dog would bark. It was excessive. Sometimes she barked all night long. Finally we started keeping her in the house. We keep her in her own room because she doesn't get along with our cats and this room had no drapes or blinds on the windows. It wasn't long before we discovered that someone would shine that same light at the window so we covered it up. Now it occurs during the day and the poor dog will sometimes bark for hours. One of the biggest problems we've encountered is with a neighbor. At first everything was fine and he was very nice and polite. He's still polite but not everything is right as it should be. I rejected the idea that he could somehow be involved until every time we went places he would show up. Granted he lives in our neighborhood and it isn't too far fetched that we would run into him but everywhere we go is a bit much. He's often standing near our driveway when we get home. Often times when we step out the door the neighbor is there. He's always there especially back when my husband foolishly let him borrow his car. I've heard someone giggling in the bushes. My husband has heard someone calling him names when he's outside smoking a cigarette.There are numerous instances of someone pounding on our shed or making noise. Just the other day I caught someone running around our house. The biggest problem is someone sneaking around our house and causing our dog to bark. This can go on for hours without reprieve for us or our poor dog. But when we go outside we don't see anyone but we often hear someone. I also thought it strange that fire trucks and ambulances would drive by and honk every time they drive by. We've often caught vehicles parked on our easement but when they see my husband coming they speed away.

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These incidences by themselves over a period of time would not add up to a whole lot but put together they spell big annoyances. Perhaps they could be put down to coincidence but all of them?

Some people when they experience gang stalking believe they are paranoid. Believe me, you are not crazy but someone out there is trying to drive you to an insane asylum.


Mart on July 28, 2014:

Hi thanks for the useful info I too suffer from this kind of stalking, it has followed me all over the world, I was interested in the comment you made about your husband being on a website, I have always felt my stalkers used some kind of feedback forum was used to recruit inform and direct stalkers?

Peter Landy from Niskayuna, New York on May 17, 2012:

Hi Sassy Girl, thanks for posting your experience with organized gang stalking. I am also a targeted individual by organized gang stalking and this is my website mostly discussing our experiences with this organized corruption.

Serena Gabriel on September 28, 2011:

Interesting. This is a growing problem. Whatever you do, stay away from the therapists and psychologists. From my research, they are either dupes or actually in on it sometimes. They will diagnose the victim as being mentally ill. Sometimes they even send them to mental hospitals. The pattern with this kind of stalking is that the victim's life goes from bad to worse after a visit to the therapist.

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