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Gangstalking A New Hate Crime

This is a relatively new term that many people have not heard of. As a matter of fact most people that are victims of this kind of stalking are deemed mentally unstable due to the improbability and invisibility of the crime.

It is a crime perpetrated by many people rather than one and these people are careful not to get caught. Unlike one on one stalking where the stalker doesn't worry about getting caught because of his/her obsession and the victim can more easily identify the stalker, one on one stalking often involves email and internet communications, offline connections such as following the victim, driving by the victims house, contacting the victim at work and contacting family members and friends. The victim can more easily keep a record of all these communications and therefore alert police who in turn can trace communications of all internet communications. Essentially it's easier to track a one on one stalker down unless he's very good at hiding and not getting caught.

Unfortunately, gangstalking involves a much more intricate web of deceit and following and harassing the victim and therefore is much more difficult to pin down and make the persons responsible legally pay for their crime.

Gangstalking goes by a number of names such as organized stalking, cause stalking, multiple stalking, vigilante stalking, mobbing(community mobbing), organized harassment and several others.

There are many types of stalkers but the gangstalker is the most ruthless.

In gangstalking people are referred to as targeted individuals not victims but make no mistake the people targeted by these groups of people are victims.

This is a different form of stalking and only one I'd read about. I've been a victim of one on one stalking but thankfully never this type.

Something that alerted me to this was doing research on cyber stalking then my husband started experiencing some oddities that I will go into a little more deeply.

Before I begin let me say I do not believe my husband to be crazy but I believe anyone being followed and harassed can become over sensitive to everyday stimuli and that stimuli that is not part of the stalking effort can then look like it is even when it's not.

Before I start let me tell you I was ready and in fact threatened him with a mental institution. I thought he was suffering from some type of delusional disorder and it's still hard to wrap my head around and still haven't completely abandoned the delusional diagnosis however due to my own alertness have come closer to what he is talking about.

I was out on the road with my job as I frequently am and he started relaying these odd stories. The most strange was hearing noises in the house, noises that weren't coming from the pets, TV or anything else in the house. We had already had trouble with someone shining a red laser light at our house so our dog would bark all night(this of course could have been kids although there is only one small boy in our neighborhood). It continued(the light instance) for awhile until it got cold.

My husband started complaining that he believed he was being followed even into the stores he frequented, he would overhear conversations that related to him, he observed vehicles parking on an easement behind our house that isn't in use, posts he'd made on his facebook account would change. Someone hacked into my email account and sent him a message containing a virus/spyware. A long time friend thousands of miles away told him he was being spied upon and there was a voyueristic website on my husband. Personally, I thought his friend was a whackjob and gave no credibility to what he was saying. I figured he was just saying that to screw with his head. Then a couple of people at the drugstore he frequents(and are now friends of his on facebook) said there was a website about him. I figured these people were doing the same and playing games.

A little before all this started happening we had hired a neighbor(a young man in his mid twenties who lives with his parents) to do some work around our house, walk our dog, etc. On occasion he would ask to borrow one of my cars. This was something my husband did while I was out of town and not something I would have done. My husband unwittingly left the door key on the keychain with the car keys he let the neighbor borrow. Eventually, I agreed that our door lock should be changed, just in case.

My husband has been barraged with emails that are little more than threats from email addresses he doesn't recognized, his facebook account has been hacked into, my email has been hacked to send my husband an email containing a virus, my ebay and paypal accounts have been hacked. Along with the email address used for ebay. My personal and ebay email addresses are separate. With a little searching the person that hacked my ebay account and email attached to the ebay account actually used the email address to sign up for some of those paid offer sites and even posted on a message board with my email address. He/she also signed up for some of the paid offers and more than likely used someone else's credit card as none of mine were used thankfully. I can't imagine who would do such a thing.

Then the neighbor started showing up everywhere we were at. It could be across town or near our home. He was always there and I started to realize it was just unrealistic that he would be everywhere we were at and always at the same times.

At first I didn't put a lot of stock into it. I just assumed it was coincidence. That's one misconception. If something occurs over and over again and simply doesn't feel normal it probably isn't. I don't know what the mathematical probability for this would be but I'm pretty sure almost daily falls out of the mathematical equation of probability.

There are other incidences or occurrences as well.

I'm still having a hard time with all this. On my last out of town trip(my husband accompanied me) I observed the same vehicle in the same day in an area about 40 miles from where we live. The next day(hubby was not with me) I observed the same two vehicles on the interstate then again a couple of hours later as I was coming home. These coincidences could be completely random but it's a mathematical improbability that it would occur twice right together however possible.

This definition comes from the website stalking tactics exposed at

Gang stalker is one person of a group of people known as gang-stalkers. Gang stalking employs an enormous amount of people who carry out psychological harassment on a targeted individual. The reasons for gang stalking are many but are brought on by a sociopath. This person for whatever reason seeks to harm the targeted individual. However, they want to evade detection and avoid prosecution so they call on the criminal element to do their dirty work. The criminals who do their dirty work are usually street gangs, cliques, etc,.

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The sociopath uses organized street gangs and other people who are the vigilante type to harass the targeted individual. They misinform the gangs and the vigilantes that the targeted individual is a pedophile, child abuser, or some other person who is hated by society. This misinformation rallies the street gangs and vigilantes and they pursue the targeted individual relentlessly and will engage in many types of crime while pursuing the victim which includes poisoning, stealing computer information and passwords, trespassing, vandalism and psychological harassment.

Every gangstalking case is different. Some people only experience milder forms where they are just followed while others have their homes broken into and worse. When some move the gangstalking moves with them while for others it stops. If the group doing the stalking feels they are no longer a threat then they will quit. Keep in mind here however that a person doesn't have to be a threat for gangstalking to occur. It can occur simply because you disagreed with a particular group. And it can be any kind of group from a religious group to a hate group to one individual who in an effort to get revenge gets himself a posse going by reporting that the victim is a criminal or child molester. When one person starts the stalking it is called stalking by proxy. The proxy stalker gets puts the ball in motion by doing the above actions and the group(posse) with whom he's interacted carries out the stalking.

This kind of stalking can be carried out for a variety of reasons. A person disagrees with someone or a group, report something illegal, unethical or immoral taking place such as a whistleblower, revenge, money or just plain fun .

Regardless of the reasons and there are no good reasons it is illegal but much harder to prove than one on one stalking because as I stated earlier the evidence is much harder to get and is carried out by a number of people. It's often done in subtle ways and under the radar by many people sometimes dozens, sometimes hundreds if the group can illicit that many for their gangstalking activities. Many of the people carrying out the stalking believe what they've been told about the victim. Many never think for themselves to do their own research and find out if the person is as bad as they are purported to be. Regardless, it doesn't matter. It's still illegal.

As with regular stalking always keep a journal of all occurrences which include dates, times, locations and any other pertinent information such as descriptions of individuals, make and model of vehicles, tag numbers if you are able to get them. Keep a record of all occurrences that happen to you even if they sound crazy. If you come home and realize your home has been broken into don't hesitate to report it even if they didn't steal anything. They don't have to steal anything for it to be a crime.

Be alert and most importantly take some time to gather information especially anything that occurs over the internet or on the phone because these leave a trail that will trace right back to the person(s) doing the stalking.

Before running to family and/or friends take some time to get information because group stalking perpetrators will often go to family and friends first and try to make it look like the victim is unstable and needs psychological intervention. Unfortunately, you don't know who you can trust.

You don't want the gangstalkers to think whatever it is they are doing is starting to get to you and run you down because they feed on this.

If you know nothing about this particular crime consider yourself lucky and hope you never do.

So far, as far as I know, very few gangstalkers if any have been apprehended for their crimes. Unfortunately, most police departments don't believe this crime exists or they won't acknowledge it. Either way, the victim is out of luck.

If a victim goes to a police dept and states he/she is hearing voices brought on by a group, etc. he/she will be labelled mentally unstable so it is best to keep that to oneself.

One last tip, if your home is broken into and it happens repeatedly my advice is to get a dog, a big dog, one for protection that you keep indoors while you are there and while you are away. I can't say this will stop them but it provides an obstacle.

I invite anyone going through this type of stalking to leave a comment or contact me directly at my email address which is at the top of my blog.

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Nobody on August 08, 2020:

There is a network in Norway doing something like this, it's been in the news, they say they target "sex-offenders", and put pictures of these "targets" with their details, in a facebook group. They are even somewhat open about it, and have been reported to the Police several times.

Im curious how they can verify if the people they "doxx" are guilty, (because I don't think thats public information in Norway)?

Im sure they can just "doxx" anyone they don't like in that group, I can understand that it's fun, until it's your brother or father or your close friend who gets exposed and accused of something they did not do...

This is their wikipedia page, with the name and a photo of the guy who is running it:

Stephanie on July 19, 2020:

I am a victim of severe gang stalking. I have even studied the psychology of the whole issue. They even in a court of law called me over 25 different things because of the situation. It's as though the start of a Hitler type psychological hate crime in where some one just even suggests false accusations that grabs others attention and they can't really even think clearly because it angers one so much. Also bad things they say even chemical alter the mind where it by saying the things they do. Also the victims are left distraught and sound in their distress very disturbing, where these gang stalkers are causing it. And when they try to explain whats going on they are giving out details instead of direct statements of "I am being stalked" or "Someone is Committing Aggrevated Assault and Battery Against Themselves". They do not take the victim seriously either because of it. I would love to speak with you more. Your writing about the situation is the best technically written so far out their that I have see. We look crazy because like you said an invisibility state of the matter.

Tulip on March 26, 2018:

Gang stalking is very real and must be exposed. In the Persian language, this type of behavior (conspiring against innocent people) is called “shaytani” which literally means “like Satan”. Most of these conspirators are Protestant Christians.

tom the tishbite on August 20, 2016:

gangstalkers are evil jins .I dont even think that it is possible to reason with them. To be able to reason one would have to be human, and human the gangstalkers are not. In Wasilla ,Alaska these evil jins are malevolent blood sucking entities bent on inflicting the most damage.I am being gangstalked merely for spite from a former friend .Wow with friends like that who needs enemies.Hell hath no fury like a womans scorned! These gangstalkers can be procured by money or fame within their ranks or outright lies told to them by their handlers.Ihave noticed that most gangstalkers are clearly knuckle dragging low I.Q. thugs one would hardly seem to notice in a police lineup. Most of the gangstalkers that have bothered either myself or my children have been these types though some gangstalkers here in Wasilla ,Alaska are ordinary people which can be recognized by their white woolen fleece and their near constant sound of bah bah baaaaaah . The sheeple are a simple minded folk who rarely think for themselves. Sheeple are a genus all to themselves whatever some one says to them they rarely ever check it out to see if the information is true , they are truly garbage trucks of misinformation a dictators pride and joy. Sheeple go along with every bit of gossip and never question the source and Never think for themselves! To think for ones self would be anathema to the Herd mentality. So if you think about coming here to Wasilla, Alaska and want to reside amongst these beautiful mountainsides and valleys and dream of frolicking handnhand with your significant other with both of you holding a fireweed flower in each each of your mouths looking dreamily into each others eyes .Wake Up ! and remember what I have warned you about and STOMP on that accelerator and get the hell out of dodge because Wassilla, Alaska is a gangstalkers paradise and normal people figure on the top of the gangstalkers to eat list.

Rick G on December 07, 2015:

I was an attorney in Pinellas County, Florida who dated the divorcing wife (later ex-wife) of a top officer of the local sheriff's office for several years. The gangstalking against me (or as I called it "psychological lynching" in my complaint to the FBI, well before reading online about the phenomenon) is discussed in my website I had to close my law office due to extensive hacking, harassment, etc. and even moved out of the country. But similar organized harassment persists. The harassment, hacking, etc. must be directed and funded at top levels of the U.S. government. (A poster above wrote that Christian fundamentalists can be involved. I agree).

Mary Thorn on October 17, 2015:

I live in Buffalo MN and have been ti since (that I know of) Aug 2014. In the first 4 to 5 months I made 10 police reports about my cell phones hacked and stolen, the hacking of my internet, etc..they always took my reports, but months later I asked for copies, and every report stated that I was mentally ill, and dellsional. I did seek prof. help and that dr diagnosed me as dellusional as well. I am and was depressed, and have anxiety. NEVER EVER had any such diagnoisis..I was calm and tried to speak to the cops and present my evidence. I will never reach out again for help from them. Its hard to navigate your life in a small town, working and every single minute of every single day, I am followed by a barrage of vehicles with one headlight, or purple super lights, one really bright one on the right side,I can;'t see at night they are all so bright tailgating me. I am 63 yrs old, I have lost a front tooth after months of jaw pain, I have had knee surgery, I have had cataract surgery, I have had stent in my heart........................I am a Grandma and they follow to MONTICELLO schools and invade his activities with their nonsence and freak shows. It is shameful, evil beyond my comprehension. THe road construction is out of hand, they have pilots with speical spy gear written up in the Buffalo Journal, and drones are everywhere, I called the cops about the drones aned they wrote up the report that i said ghosts were everywher. OK?? They go to church and flip their hair and leave before communion.........ugh, i must overcome and pray hard and hope to GOD I can live long enough to see my Grandson graduate, he's in 7th grade. Doesn't look good

Nicola11 from New Zealand on October 03, 2015:

Thank you sassygrrl32, for your article. I? Thought i was going mad! I am a victum of this cruel, horrible thing called gang stalking. Im still going through it now. At first i didnt have a clue what these people were doing, because i didnt know them and i couldnt understand why they were behaving this way. It started off with one individual and then progressed to an enormous amout of people who i soon discovered? Were criminals and connected to a gang. I felt like they were watching me but didnt really have any proof, until one Sunday afternoon i arrived back home from my weekend away and i deciced not to open my windows for about an hour. I saw one of the individuals pull in, and when he passed my house i then opened my kitchen window. He drives up and sees my window open and parks outside my house, pulls out his phone and starts texting and looking at my house. Then leaves. My guess he was informing the rest of them, that i was home because within 10 minutes another individual arrives. These people track my movements, and have followed me on more than one occassion, rev their cars when they pass my house, flash their car lights through my kitchen window at night, park near my house and just wait there, for me to go outside or something (which i dont). They literally watch me&my house 24/7. I realised they were and still are stalking me. When i became aware of this i deciced to do my own investigation, meaning i started to keep track of their movements, got to know their cars and sounds, took plate numbers, and keep a journal for writing every incident that happens. I became aware of the fact these people werent directing this behavior to anyone else, meaning the other neighbours only me. I adjusted my daily and nightly routines and changed my times of going out. I leave my out door lights on at night, and set my alarm system day&night. This time last year? I was a train wreck when this first began, and didnt know how to deal with it the amount of times i broke down in tears over it, and lived my life in fear afraid to go out or be in my own home? Countless. But now, im ok. You could say that iv made a stand on January 10, 2015:

Zionist Jews are behind it all

a christian of alaska on July 29, 2014:

gangstalkers are sinners just like the rest of us however gangstalkers never forgive.gangstalkers must be forgiven whether they choose to forgive or not it is up to the christian to forgive. love your enemy do good to those who hate you and despitefully use you. keep on loving your enemy and your enemies will have no power over you. love is the greatest commandment of and a christian if you are really a christian you have to forgive even though your enemies continually hurt you must forgive and love your enemies.

Smart Target on June 10, 2014:

Deb Matheny,

I read some of your comments and find it interesting how many connections my stalkers have to yours.

My "neighbor" who called me "the undeserving poor" works for Lori Swanson, Minnesota Attorney General. She follows and drops heavy sounding things over our heads. Flushes the toilet anytime I do. Taps on walls all hours of the night, when he/she is gone there is someone else up there filling in.

I had a run in when this started with a couple by the name of Rude, Dawn and Dan Rude. He works in State government in disability claims or something. They told me they are related to many lawyers and wealthy judges in Minnesota.

A person who disliked me mentioned they were going to have to get in touch with their "good friend" Howie Padilla. He used to be spokesman for the St. Paul police and now is in charge of training police and releasing sensitive data to outside "partners." This person who mentioned this also mentioned when he was young he was found wandering the streets of Chicago suffering from schizophrenia. Of course, I didn't know enough to consider this conversation a threat.

After meeting theses "people" I was followed and harassed for years by police cars as well as decommissioned police vehicles and then caravans involving fire trucks, utility trucks and local KSTP channel 5 vans. I was tailgaited and menaced.

I was and still am followed into Mississippi Market Co-ops and Byerlys as well as Kowalskis by plain clothed men who follow and whistle loudly. I even had a chinese man follow me in to a private business and while whistling told he owner he was looking for a mentally ill person.

I have had zionist Christians, Jews, Russians, Polish, Chinese nationals and many more follow and either fake befriend and ask nosy questions and then let me know they have personal info on me and then turn hostile.

I have had long term contact with relatives that, looking back were never on my side turn overtly hostile and try to provoke me for no reason.

On and on...

I feel like a character in the matrix.

Also, I was asked by hostile strangers where my family member was in a nursing home and then scary things started happening there. The family member was attacked and scenes were staged as I arrived to visit. The bitch in charge reported that the black and blue marks were put there by me and not hostile staff.

It is just incredible how people act!

franz on May 08, 2014:

Healy Alaska has some of the most colorful psychopathic gangstalkers ever concieved from "Christians in name only" psychopathic gangstalkers to regular demented psycho gangstalkers.

Deb Matheny on April 20, 2014:

These are acquaintances and family, that have Electronically Harassed me. Either on their own, coerced to do so, or someone impersonating their likeness. And keep in mind that many of the Minnesota Officials have had knowledge of this and sponsor this STATE RUN CRIME SYNDICATE! The FBI Also has COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE OF THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES OF THESE Spies. Terrorists. Hackers. Pedophiles. Mobsters. Gang leaders/stalkers and conspiring killers! If it looks familiar, it’s an outline of what the FBI Investigates! See more including every single service provider I utilize to sustain life listed and their crimes committed against me and my father who they MURDERED April 2013!~ My Story of Gang Stalking, Corruption and Domestic Terrorism They call themselves Christian, many of the perps stalking me are PROFESSED CATHOLICS! Some give an impression of strict devout Catholics… PROFESSED AND IMPRESSION BEING THE OPERATIVE WORDS! Gang Stalkers behavior breaks nearly every single one of the 10 commandments! THINK ABOUT IT!

◾Kelly Biondich

◾Kent Biondich

◾John Atkins

◾Curt (Kurt) Leppa

◾One I’m unsure of (Sissy)

◾Francesca Biondich

◾Alice Maki,

◾Kim Brletich

◾Celeste Hoglund~Paris

◾Sandy Paris Chamernick

◾Marie Westlund

◾Judy Clark

◾Cliff Tobey

◾Jennifer Tobey

◾Leo Schaefbauer

◾Joe or Mark or both Joe has also assumed the FBI Agent role

◾Impostor FBI Agent Jimmy Scartozzi

◾Villery Koski (deceased since 1990)


◾Dorothy Fishel Marks (deceased since 1993)

◾Arthur and Hilma Koski (both deceased)

◾Roy Koski (deceased since 2005)

◾Kathleen vulnerable adult incapable of partaking of her own will. ◾Charlotte Koski

◾Eugene Scartozzi

◾Ed Jonak a Federal Agent with the FBI(?)

◾Arlan Matheny ex-husband

◾Sarah Matheny

◾Jessica Matheny

◾Jim Monetti

◾Scott Broker ties to 1997 EH Harassment

◾Jim King ties to 1997 EH Harassment

◾Terry Erickson ties to 1997

◾Shelly Strouss ties to 1997

◾Kelly Perfetti

◾Gladys (Unknown) Staff Fairview Hospital Hibbing

◾Small children I know

◾Former Special Agent in Charge, Minneapolis Division FBI, Donald E. Oswald!

◾Steve Antley

◾Vicki Koschak

◾Jodi Oborn Perizzo passed away suddenly 01/31/14 Vacationing in Florida

◾Sandy Stoddard

◾Mike Houghton

◾Steve Marks

◾Several St Louis County Sheriff Deputies

◾Hibbing Police Department Electronic Surveillance Specialist (Hired late 2006, early 2007. When my online difficulties started!


Read more about My Story of Gang Stalking, Corruption and Domestic Terrorism in Rural Hibbing MN. here~

Petitioning Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton

Order an Independent Investigation Addressing the Corruption

Minnesota Target on November 24, 2013:

I live, if you could call it that, in Minnesota, presently. I believe that this corruption is very widespread and longstanding in my life.

What this new awareness has taught me is that I have been nicer and fairer than was good for my health and well being. Most people are not worth knowing and most are also not spiritually or emotionally grown up.

The only thing I regret is that I bought all the tripe about perfection and considering the rights of others and that I shouldn't focus on what i want.

I now realize that I was brainwashed. Now that I always put my needs first, that I can spot these persons as soon as they enter a room and way before they open their mouths and attempt to control what is occurring. I used to be blind as a fish.

I have resolved to have nothing to do with people I don't specifically have important things in common with. It just doesn't make any sense to go out of my way.

I think these people, users, baiters or whatever you call them are trying to level the playing field by dragging down strength to keep their stolen social and financial positions. But what they and their minions are going to discover is that they have closed off any kind warm response they might have received by waking up all the intelligent decent people to what lurks below the surface of their thin veneer of respectability.

I am 51 now and feel as though I have wasted half my life catering to worthless, despicable snob liars. What with the internet and my particular talents, I won't need to deal with anybody who doesn't serve my own life.

As for handymen, like the "friends of friends" who have been sent in to drain my resources and dignity for some "game," I can assure you that will never happen again.

I use Angie's List. Those men are willing to subject themselves to evaluation and not try to get by skulking around in the dark.

I have had car tune ups where I found they had drained the oil and replaced it with just enough so I wouldn't know it. I had carpet replaced and came home early to find the two guys jumping in dirty socks on a new mattress after they took off the protective sheet I had put on it. I heard the one say to the other, "bet she wouldn't want us doing this" as I rounded the corner. The one was filming the other with his cell phone.

I have ordered a hamburger to go from a well respected restaurant only to bite into gravel and needed two new crowns and other teeth were broken. I also know of another ti who had the same thing happen at the same place.

I think getting up a map of these businesses would be a great idea. If they can get away with this crap then what prevents us from outing these businesses?

I know many of my whistling male harassers who follow me in Starbucks and the coops where I live, through minimal detective work are medical personnel from the University of Minnesota and are associated with the Mayo Clinic. I have a relative who does this who is a Psychologist with the Army and works with soldiers and their PTSD. I firmly believe medicine is being weaponized.

One of the first overt stalkers I had was the wife of my doctor who is heavily invested in pharmaceutical stocks. He is also an executive at United Health Group. This is our country eating itself alive for fun and profit.

I could go on as we all could. It is just so frustrating... Not being listened to and heard makes people not want to participate, but that is just what they want.

Another big participant in the local gangstalking network is the "art community." They talk about "skit work" and always discuss politics but never appear interested in art. This is very strange behavior. There are also lots of gaslighter/councellor types in the "arts" who obviously have access to private psychology files who like to pretend they are just picking facts out of thin air when I have been told that my files are being passed around widely. Also these people are zionist and many are Jews. They don't want to compete so instead pull these pranks to keep up their strength.

wiliamson on August 12, 2013:

Thank you for your article. I did not know the word gangstalking until a few months ago. I was subjected to some extraordinary behaviour from a relative. Puzzled I enquired at Wikipedia reference desk and they told me it was gaslighting behaviour. As I researched gaslighting I came across gangstalking and realised that that explained the strange events I had been subject to when a student at Ulster University (coleraine) in 1979, and that I have been gangstalked ever since. I figured the best way to deal with this was to seek out gangstalking sites and notify when and where I had been gangstalked. If all victims did the same, crime maps would soon emerge and the spotlight would be turned on the perpetrators. I was also gangstalked and slandered when living at International House (birmingham) 1985. I was gangstalked and slandered while working at Balham sorting and Delivery Office, Sth London, up till 2011. I now live in Harrogate. When I moved into my present address all the previous tenants were moved out (12) and new ones moved in. Also it is of interest how such expensive activities can be financed. Have you heard of self-funding operations? Maybe it is just coincidence, but my two previous landlords lost their houses. I am wondering if my present landlord will ultimately pay for the crimes being committed against me.

citizen on April 29, 2013:

gangstalkers like to say they are Christians they like to play pretend Christians they like to pretend they are wonderful honest people but sadly they are not in the past 10 years they have destroyed any normal existence I could have had with their lies . today I have been harassed all the way from glenallen to tok and before that from anchorage ,Alaska. jesus Christ has the keys to the gates of heaven and if you really believe in God and Jesus you had better get your life together and cease this life of judgement against others or Jesus will judge you the same way you have judged and you will not like that.Works without faith is worthless and faith without works is worthless.Get serious about salvation or lie yourselves into Hell you decide. YOU GANGSTALKERS YOU VIGILANTES GOD WILL GATHER THE WHEAT INTO THE STOREHOUSE AND BURN THE TARES. DEAR GANGSTALKERS DON'T BE THE TARES . I DO NOT HATE YOU GANGSTALKERS I REALLY FEEL SORRY FOR YOU PLEASE WHILE THERE IS TIME BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST WHO CAN SAVE YOU FROM YOUR SINS ! DON'T MOCK GOD , PLEASE I BEG YOU!

samson on April 17, 2013:

the gangstalkers here steal parts of your clothing out of your residence or whereever then they appear in front of you wearing that clothing however with all of my colorful bandanas i use these for wiping fecal matter off my butt. a woman who had stolen my bandanas as i saw my name on the bandanas she was wearing the bandanas now have two uses adoring the heads of unsuspecting thieving gangstalkers and wiping my deriere. ha ha!

John on March 23, 2013:

My comment

Rachel Holbert Jones (author) from Memphis TN on January 03, 2013:

Not crazy. A lot of people tell the same story. I honestly believe that many that are being gangstalked(that think it's some govt conspiracy or something similar) actually got started in a way that u describe, by someone hellbent on revenge.

I had a neighbor that caused all kinds of trouble(got CC's in my name, applied so many times it put my credit in the toilet, lied to my aunt and uncle essentially destroying our relationship, she tried to do the same with my parents, caused trouble with neighbors and tried to make it look like me or said it was me, would sign me up for magazine subscriptions and junk mail(just stupid stuff some of it). She somehow managed to get people to come to my house and mess around, once they tried to break in(cops would never do anything, they dismissed it all as kid stuff). Finally got a dog for protection(that stopped people from messing around)

She even stalked and harassed an 82 yr old neighbor. That shows how sick and demented she was. And I've no doubt ur stalker was just as crazy.

Sorry for being so long winded. But it still amazes me that people(one person) can somehow start a war on someone and get away with it.

Geotagged on December 31, 2012:

Don't know. Slander of some type that has something to do with identity fraud. I'll probably never know. She did this for approx. 4 years. Been fired 3 times. Career ruined. Friends gone. Family almost non-existant. I retaliated have been in 2 or 3 fights at work and am considered mentally ill. Not mentally ill just aware of what's going on. I go from 63K job into not being able to get a job. Most people that are gangstalked are innocent-so am I. I look guilty cause I let it effect me. Everytime I move it or they follow. I actually sound crazy, but I'm telling the truth.


Rachel Holbert Jones (author) from Memphis TN on December 30, 2012:

I'm curious, how did she get people to mob you? Do you know? If you prefer not to discuss it here openly you can email me at sassygrrl32 at yahoo.

I've written about stalking by proxy(which technically is what it is) before, the act of getting others to stalk and harass.

geotagged on December 29, 2012:

I was geotagged, by an ex-gf who sent me pictures with encriptions in the pixels. She knew where I was at all times. Then used social media of some sort to send people my way and mob me. People would come and take my picture then post it on facebook giving my lattitude and longitude- plug that into google earth and that's where the "mark" is. Took me a while to figure out, but that's at least one way I was stalked at work anywhere I went. I would be off work and in a throng of people and I would have someone hanging out the window of their SUV looking for me and when they found me-they would signal me. I don't think the government or police was involved just a delusional sociopath. It shook me to my core to be stalked like that. Finally I figured it out. That could be some of you guys' problem. Hope this helps and I understand the psychological trauma it can produce. wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Peace to everyone.


Leslie on November 05, 2012:

Unfortunately, based on my personal experience, of being a TI, the police are involved and participate. The police, if you were to see, logs of calls from my home, have lied in every report made and in most cases refused to take reports. Including when Cory Izzarra came to my home and threatened my son in law with a knife. The police are part of the stalking group.

gilly on October 30, 2012:

sadly some are deluded christian groups of vigilantes. They think they know better than police and decide on whom is guilty of what and set out to violate a lot of law. They terrorise in numerous ways, usually using neighbours of the victim. They are often fundamentalists and very hard-core.

avenger on October 23, 2012:

Toronto/Ontario and London in England are both gang-stalker 'hotspots' - they destroy lives these people. I know people who have friends who do the stalking, they don't think it's wrong even

druihy on September 12, 2012:

eagle river alaska usa gangstalkers are thieves and sociopaths and murderers

rs on August 01, 2012:

Please sign this petition to end this outrageous crime ...

cleve johnston , GLEALLEN ALASKA on May 22, 2012:


gang stalkers deserve to die on May 21, 2012:

I was framed by a rapist and a pedophile. I second the "SHOT ON SITE" comment. it's a great idea. A bunch of sick perverts and violent criinals are trying to make me feel bad? maybe they should look in the mirror. oh yeah, they have no souls so it wouldn't matter. If the apocalypse ever comes and I could kill without repercussion, I would blow holes in their faces without hesitation and I will still get into heaven. It would be considered by God a great achievement towards the greater good.













anon on May 21, 2012:

What if you know the names of at least 7 of the stalkers? will the police help if you have enough info for them to go on? or are they part of the stalking too? most of the time I think that the police in my town are safe, but sometimes I'm not sure. perhaps only a few of the police are involved with the group and the rest are not involved.

mark on May 05, 2012:

Know your rights because the government and private international corporations are using females in a sick twist game of organized stalking. special when a new neighbor spend more time on your wall and harassing with nuisance noisy distraction on your wall, chance is she is assign agent provocatuer, trying to chase you out the area. This why prisons are filled with innocent men that were government and corporate frame for wealth industry in the penal system market..... Advice get information about these sleazy scum bags, preying on communities like a virus.

target on May 03, 2012:

gangstalkers are demons

Twelve years being stalked. on April 29, 2012:

I worked for a company that was part of the largest union in the world ,not to mention the name of the union.there was a harassment investigation at work which included one of the union I've been mobbed at every place I work.i know they have moved one of their guys next door to me.they make sure one of my neighbors is there whenever I come or go.they wll follow you every place you go.on your shopping days,they will have cars already in place before you get there.don't bother going to the police,because not only will they not help you,they are heling the ones who are stalking my case they are using community watch groups.i work in a hospital nursing dept. I do not have a criminal record,but whatever lies they spread about me must be working because they will have everyone you work with including management helping with their noise campaign against you.. They will even use doctors including the company shrink to do little noise campaigns to get me to react so they can probably have me fired or committed. They will also use some of your relatives.i served my country during Desert Storm and was willing to die for my country that I thought was free. Can't say that anymore.if you are being targeted,just try to live your life as normal as possible.and pray often that chriist will give you the strength to keep going. Half of those evil people will probably be burning in hell anyways. Pray for them and do what is right in God's eyes, and he will bless you and give you the strength to keep going.

teal on April 19, 2012:

I live in two cities Eagleriver ak. and work in Anchorage,alaska. The gangstalking perpetrated against my family and my friends family is monumental ,however few people realize what is going on!Gangstalking is so widespread and its tentacles are into the lowest levels of government and the highest levels of government. I believe now that these gangstalkers are the shock troops for a New World Order ,perhaps the AntiChrist! Anyone in Eagle river Ak. or in Anchorage Alaska that fights these paramilitary groups dissapears, no more is heard of them ! The Anchorage police ,eagleriver community groups ,churches what have you are involved in these totalitarian groups. I have also found out that people that ally themselves to gangstalker groups are usually simple minded perhaps retarded individuals with sheep like mental acuity or they are meglomaniacs intent on making hell on earth for anyone that does not fit their nazi suprahuman concepts!

alaskan1972 on April 04, 2012:

Last night when i came to Anchorage airport in Anchorage,Alaska I was harrassed by several gangstalkers and by several women vigilantes who told lies about me to other people I am almost scared to meet my daughter! I guess this is their plan to keep a person in constant fear!Franklin Delano Roosevelt said it best There is nothing to fear except Fear itself!The Bible says that in Christ Jesus all Fear is gone! Jesus Christ has conquered fear on the Cross! Jesus Christ is our Lord And Saviour!

ken williams on February 08, 2012:

Here it is everyone. Are you being stalked, harassed, chemtrailed or mind controlled? Can't figure out what is going on? Are you targeted and can't figure out how gangstalkers know everything about you? Do your friends and family appear "in on it". This is what they are doing, and this is how they do it. Open your eyes.

dave on January 12, 2012:

gangstalkers in alaska are just getting started gangstalkers in anchorage murder people everyday and now they are spreading their hatecrimes all over the state!murdering thugs cowards and some cops are involved course alaska has the best cops that drug money can buy!

Display Name on December 10, 2011:

I wish you and your husband the best, sassygrrl32! You said to send an email if this is happening to the reader, but I could not find your email address at the top of your blog as directed.

john doe on October 28, 2011:

There are no real gangstalkers. There are a loose nit of paid shills in each region, but they are used on demand for any TI, not just you. It's a Program.

What about when people go crazy? When friends and family appear "in on it"? How the hell does that happen? I threw this together to explain it all, you won't believe what they are doing, they've installed a BioAPI in everyone on earth. Random strangers can be controlled on demand to make it appear like they're stalking you. Its awesome.

Serena Gabriel on September 28, 2011:

Just some thoughts here - I've been researching this topic and cyber-stalking, in general. In about 75% of cases, if you can trace the person's IP address, you can stop them. If they are sending you e-mail messages or anything you can trace, you can take this information to your local police (don't mention the rest of the activity! - just show them the things you can prove and don't embellish!) or contact the Internet Service Provider with the evidence, you can get them shut down sometimes.

Very interesting hub!

Jordan on September 11, 2011:

I am amazed by this as well. I have been a victim of severe gang stalking for the last three months. They "chased" me out of my job, they use the same laser beam light you mentioned, they've destroyed my mother's life and have basically forced her to become homeless, my 16 year sister is "missing"... the things that they've done to my family are terrible. I started blogging about it at - These people are cruel, evil, and something needs to be done.

keisha on September 08, 2011:

GS is everywhere. Make the werong enemies/be different/speak out ... all are things taht get people rattled. The wrong one gets upset, and voila: Gangstalking. I've been hasseled wherever I go even a bimbo laughed at me and said that "i" have to be harrassed wherever I go and she laughed and laughed in my face - pure mindless bimbo. In my case a group of "pro's" are doing this.... would you believe excessively educated?Egotistical too. Pukes all of em.

David on August 15, 2011:

Someday we will be rid of these psycopathic animals.I wish it were today.I am being gangstalked in eagle river alaska u.s.a.home of the most evil most lying psycopathic gangstalkers in america.Don't come here to eagle river,don't buy a house here don't rent here these gangstalkers destroy peoples lives.

Sarah on May 01, 2011:

Although I wouldn't say I am a 'gangstalking' victim, I have been the target of a group of people who rallied around a 'psychopath' who decided they didn't like me, and therefore I had to be got rid of.

I have been on the receiving end of mobbing now for a number of years. Many of them work at the local Co oP store where the psychopath works.

I don't mix much now with people where I live, and besides, my health is no longer good.

Anyone on this forum who has not experienced gangstalking or mobbing; at least believe that it happens to other people.

Targets of this kind of abuse are generally sane people who know what is happening, but it is hard to prove because the stalkers don't want exposure. They hate the light.

art on March 30, 2011:

vigilantes and gangstalkers are into blood libel i.e. they make lies up about us the targets to get people to murder us.gangstalkers don't care vigilantes don't care they love the power they have over people even if that power involves murder.these people are pure evil to call them human really is an insult to humanity.

Harlan Colt from the Rocky Mountains on March 03, 2011:

Interesting... not sure what to make of it.

Never heard of such a thing.

I wish you the best with it.

- Harlan

Edna on February 28, 2011:

Finally someone has put words to what I am going through right now. GANG STALKING. I started to believe that I was crazy, EVEN calling in the hospital emergency team. Got pills as they said I was delusional. I had brain scans to rule out tumor, heart checks and physical checks. My kids did not beleive that some people were doing signs to me they should not do, as it did not happened when they were travelling in the car with me. It has always been from cars ..not close up and personal. I took the prescription pills for 3 months as requested by the doctors. Those gave me a short term memory loss and uncontrollable shakes. Later realised in "the pill haze" it was still going on???!!. The pills did not cure me?? How could I be delusional as it was still happening. Stopped the pills without informing medical personell and decided to "rattle the chain" so to speak. As I went for a walk along the road in my neighbourhood watching the people in their cars doing the wanking sign I did the same. If they did this behaviour I did the same. Low and behold the next day it was swift and immediate retribution from people I never seen before. I was stunned... car after car. I have realised that I was "primed" to a "set up". The whole aim of the start of these horrendeous and despicable actions was to get me to this point so that they could I am sure... to take pictures....then when showed to other uninitiated "drones" or to people doing their dirty work.. it would show a totally different story and totally out of context as to why I did the wanking signs or the finger. In my ignorence, totally unaware there were "dark"forces working against me... I gave them ammunition against me as I was totally at loss why they did this or why this happens to me.

behaviour that the people do to me are holding their noses or ear, putting a finger in the mouth, wanking signs, hand over mouth, devil sign, 2 horns, pointing at me, laughing at me ..etc to name a few.You name it I have seen it, even one girl passenger tried to "moon me'. Staring straight at you angrily another. I have no idea why they are doing it, but as you wrote above, most likely someone must be saying something along the line re phedaophilia...can't even spell the word. I have wondered what could upset ordinary people so much to do acts like that. I have also understood and seen that someone is behind all this in the background organising everything. No doubt in my mind whatsover. It is like evrything is planned, nothing happens spontaniously . I have also seen the crimenal element but you put it in words, something I lately have started to suspect. Yeasterday I saw a motor bike guy typical "gang" bike man if you can say that, a really scary "dude" he looked at me and licked his lips smiling at me with a smirk as he did this. Needless to say I got scared out of my wits.

Who do you tell? Who would belive you???? This is nasty,very very nasty and evil. Lucky I am "old" and have a little bit of life experience but even I have been suicidal.

IF PEOPLE KILL THEMSELVES FOR BEING EXPOSED TO THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR....which I certainly did not expect to find were I am living... and as a person now reading up on this and getting myself informed..........THAT IS NOTHING SHORT OF MURDER.

It has taken me 6 months to this point including my "so called" crazy period which was not delusional after all. I am selling my house in 2 weeks and I am leaving to another suburb BUT I am not ruling out leaving this country ... The scariest part of this is not knowing why!! At least now I can put a word on this ..Mobbing on a grand scale...gang stalking is a very very appropriate word at least from my perspective and what I see.. I can see they are using mobile phones "reporting to someone" but as I am not technology savvy I do not know how they are doing it. I have understood they must use twitter facebook or some similar network. They hold their mobile phone cameras and take pictures. I wish I could just wack them I get so angry when I see this "undercover" movements. They think they are discreet but when you have seen it hundred of times you know what it is.

I really would like to hear from someone that can help me survive this


Jonathan Hairston on February 10, 2011:

Dude....I am still laughing so hard about the stalkers being "shot on site"....Dude I am still trying to recover from the reality that these folks exist!! It's HORRIBLE. Worse, my family is involved. I keep waking up thinking I am dreaming and same day, same skin, same circumstance...They are CRAZY....!!!!!

anthony on February 09, 2011:


sam on February 09, 2011:

gangstalkers are messed up, they are evil

hubpageswriter on January 19, 2011:

This is such a good hub. I quote from your hub, "Gangstalking goes by a number of names such as organized stalking, cause stalking, multiple stalking, vigilante stalking, mobbing(community mobbing), organized harassment and several others."

And this too: "Keep in mind here however that a person doesn't have to be a threat for gangstalking to occur. It can occur simply because you disagreed with a particular group."

I think cyber stalking cum bullying should not be tolerated. Especially when it's done up by the same person. Gangstalker is really ruthless and I hope that your hub will be read by many to educate and give awareness. It's really lower than low to gangstalk for sick purposes like bullying and etc. Hub up.=)

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