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Grand Old Party Abuse of American School Children, the Elderly, and the Disabled




Americans, beginning in the state of Iowa, Republicans are planning broad changes to the food assistance program known as "Snap." It is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. This asinine, uncaring party is proposing a ban on the recipients from buying grocery items like: fresh meat (chicken, pork, and beef), American cheese or flour, white bread, white rice, pasta sauce, canned fruits or soups, baked beans, cheese slices, and butter.

So, it seems they want to revise it to be limited to the foods sanctioned for the Women, Infants, and Children Program. Here are the approved brands and varieties: Cereals (only certain store brands, 100% whole wheat bread and buns; brown rice; oatmeal; 100% whole wheat pasta, including macaroni, beans and peas, peanut butter, canned tuna and salmon, beans and vegetables, and infant meats) Check out the complete list at: Iowa WIC Approved Food List as of July 1, 2022.

GOP is Set to End Free School Lunches


Free School Lunches

Here we go again with another heartless Republican named Mitch McConnell is opposing free school lunches for our American Children. Why is this man still in the Senate? He was reelected for two more years. What a colossal mistake.

Just because the pandemic is over does not mean families can now run out and buy food. Why? Food prices are so high and the government is not doing anything to monitor the reason every week prices keep skyrocketing out of sight. The free school lunches might be and probably is the only nourishment most children get during a 24 hour time span.

I believe both parties are doing what is called thinning out the herd. The Republicans are trying to starve American Elderly and Children and the Democrats caused the prices such as gas to be a luxury instead of a mode to travel to the doctor, dentist or to try to buy some food at the highest prices in the history of America at the grocery stores.

Spoiled Congress Members are Not Relating to the Voters

These glorified Congress members should have to see an elderly woman in her 80s walking down a country road with her walker to a dollar store three miles from my home. I saw this and helped her. I only wish I could turn back the clock; it's in my dreams.

She was a pitiful sight. I almost cried in front of her. Her grandson picked her up at the store because he was told that was where she went by her neighbor. I don’t know her name—I could not understand German—or where she lives. I keep watching out my front door to see if she is walking by again.

Things like this happen in the country, and we help each other as much as we can if we know about them.

Congress seems to only care about sending our tax dollars to a war that is not ours. And Americans have not forgotten about all the millions that went to Mitch McConnell’s wife and her Chinese family, and of course he claimed no knowledge of this event while Americans were doing without.

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Now, Mitch wants to appear as a big-shot Republican, making sadistic proposals that hurt American families. Where are the members of Congress who care about our country and its people?

Voice Your Opinion Loud and Clear

Americans, if this is passed in Iowa, it will happen in all the other 49 states. Let your state representative and senators know we do not want this change. If these two parties keep cutting back on America, we will be living in a third-world country. If our children and elderly are number one in our society, we will soon be phased out.

We still have a voice in our country, so use it to let them know, "We are mad and will not tolerate this kind of treatment."

Americans have computers; send an email to all members of Congress and express your concerns about the abuse of our children and the elderly. We all need good, fresh food, which includes meat, vegetables, fruit, and all the cooking supplies.

My own grandmother would not open a can of salmon or tuna, as that was the only meat she was allowed to eat. Congress would hear her loud and clear. Her voice would echo through the walls of Congress. I wish she was still on this earth to voice her opinion.

McConnell Against Free School Lunches

Vote Out the Driftwood

I am not pleased with either party at the moment, but I believe we must express our concerns. My suggestion to all Americans is to vote out the "driftwood" that is floating away with our tax dollars and country.

I am not on SNAP, and I do not have children, but I am an American with a voice.

Mitch McConnell is being called Evil and Only Interested in Serving the Wealthy.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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