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GB News Survey: Many Want to Scrap the App.

COVID Virus.


GB News is something of a maverick when it comes to news media outlets. Founded by veteran broadcaster, Andrew Neal, the station is regarded as right-wing, however, it does discuss and debate, items the other news channels like BBC, ITV, and SKY don't seem to or want to, cover.

Some have compared it to Fox News in the States, whether this is a fair representation will remain to be seen. Certainly, the views expressed by presenters like Dan Wooton, seem to be burgeoning on the border of being anti-vaxxers. Although of course, Mr. Wooton, doesn't go as far as that. Much of the talk with Dan Wooton and his guests, largely seems to champion throwing away your mask, etc.

A survey conducted by the news channel said, four out of 5 people, wanted the NHS COVID app scrapped. According to this poll, many want Boris to roll out testing and scrap the app.

The government announced, yesterday, that around 10,000 workers can skip isolation. To enable, the protection of the food supply. This obviously, applies to delivery drivers and those working in outlets, selling food. 600,000 have been pinged by the NHS COVID app.

10,000 people apparently, took part, in the survey. 81.8% agreed and made their point known, that the app, should be scrapped right away and that testing should be rolled out across the nation, regardless of industry.

The government has announced, also, that from August 16 those double jabbed, will no longer have to quarantine.

Has the government thrown, all caution to the wind? With the lifting of all restrictions, it appears many are still wearing masks both in shops and on public transport. Of course, you will get those not wearing masks and that is their choice, as it is for mask wearers.

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Professor Chris Whitty hasn't ruled out another lockdown. Even Boris is not saying lockdowns are irreversible anymore. The vaccine has protected and is protecting, those, who have had their jab. But COVID is still a clear and present, danger. Infections are still happening, deaths are still happening and the admittance of those with COVID, into hospital, is slowly climbing.

Boris, Sunak, may have been, infected by Health Secretary Sajid Javid, (kind of ironic, don't you think?). Both are isolating and so is Sir Keir Starmer. Boris and Sunak thought they could carry on working under a new scheme, they were trialing out. However, seeing as the majority of workers are still having to quarantine, there was an outcry. So Bojo and Wishy-Washy Rishi, have been forced, to isolate.

Of course, in autumn/winter the virus will be in its element. Protecting the NHS, managing the situation, etc, will be paramount. Let us hope, the government, as inept as they are, are up to the task.

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