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Future of Afghanistan After U.S. Withdrawal

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With the departure of the U.S troops from Afghanistan in compliance of US-Taliban peace agreement, the clouds of uncertainty have erupted on Afghan land. Chaos and anarchy has taken place across the country. Province one after another province is falling under the control of Taliban. Even Afghan Armed forces have surrendered to the Taliban in some of the areas as reported by international news agencies.


US War On Terror An Overview

In wake of 9/11 incident wherein twin towers of World Trade Center in the US were attacked by the terrorist outfit Al Qaeda which was operated from Afghanistan.Meantime, Afghanistan had been ruling by the Taliban regime which refused the US demand of handover the Al Qaeda's leadership. In response, the US administration along-with NATO allies attacked the Al Qaeda’s hideouts in Afghanistan in 2001 by announcing war against the terrorism in order to eradicate the Al Qaeda as well as Taliban terrorist. Two decades long U.S invasion of Afghanistan has almost comes to an end in early July, 2021 with the conclusion of peace agreement between the U.S and the Taliban in Doha.

U.S-Taliban Peace Accord

Peace accord concluded between the U.S and the Taliban after several rounds of negotiations with the assistance of regional states i.e. Qatar, Pakistan, China and Russia. The crux of the agreement was complete withdrawal of foreign military forces from Afghanistan till July 2021. Therefore, the US has withdrawal its military forces and vacated the Bagram airbase and left the Afghan people at the mercy of Taliban.


Future of Afghanistan

Post withdrawal landscape of Afghanistan seems to be worst ever due to deficient peace agreement. Firstly, the peace deal concluded between the US and the Taliban and the rest of the stakeholders i.e Afghan government and the Northern groups (comprises Tajik, Uzbek and Hazara) were not onboard. Secondly, U.S troops withdrawal time period was too short as the Afghan Administration in incapable to defend itself against Taliban or ISIS. Therefore, future of Afghanistan stability is at stake. There is likely hood of eruption of civil war among Afghans themselves for power. Soon after the US withdrawal the Taliban have started to capture various areas including two of the border corridors which were under the control of Afghan administration. In addition, sword of Damocles is hanging on the heads of Afghan people in the form civil war between Taliban and the Northern groups for sake of power or rule. lastly, future pathway of governance system is also unclear whether the current democratic setup would be continue or the Islamic Emirate would be restored. Hence, the U.S haste withdrawal left the Afghans in lurk.

US withdrawal from Afghanistan Implications on Region and the World

  • Afghan land may witness civil was once again as it became after the USSR’s withdrawal in 90s.
  • Taliban may capture the power by force.
  • Afghan land may remain buffer zone till the finalization of conclusive intra-Afghan dialogue.
  • ISIS prevails in Afghanistan may strengthen its footholds in the absence of U.S troops as Afghan forces are as much equipped to coup with the already aggravated situation which is posing grave threat to the country as well as world's peace.
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In a Nutshell

The Afghans who have bear the brunt of the bloodshed for past four decades deserve the peaceful and prosperity in the most civilized and the globalized era. The Afghan land which remained battleground of the world’s two super powers i.e. USSR and the US is calling for world attention for peace and stability. It is incumbent upon the US and its NTO Allies including regional powers to pay the heed to the Afghan crisis unless it becomes too late and the world return to its verge as it was two decades ago.

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