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Future of Afghanistan


Future of Afghanistan

The day may come when the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan may begin. Many people think that since Afghanistan has become a ruin in the face of a protracted war and the Taliban, along with other warring factions, have repented of the war Let us change our attitudes given the bitter experiences of India. We should also keep in mind that the current Afghan government has agreements with various countries and international organizations in education, economy, communication, and other fields. Is building roads and working on 2,000 development projects inside Afghanistan.

On the other hand, China and Russia are also there on their own. The real game in Afghanistan now will be capital. Significantly, the three major global players on Afghanistan's borders, as they engage in economic agreements, would never want Afghanistan to once again become a battleground. China and Russia have 20 billion in oil and gas. Bilateral trade between India and China has reached 100 billion. It is also true that the Afghan government wants an agreement before the withdrawal of US troops that the Taliban's military occupation is not possible. Even within the Taliban, the idea is emerging that there should be an agreement to recognize them as a political alternative to the militant group. It is also a fact that the situation of 20 years ago is no more. Guerrilla warfare is a different matter and running the country is a different matter, so now the Taliban are thinking that if they come to power, they will have to prove that they have access not only to administrative matters but also to economic matters. Whoever has a government in Afghanistan should learn from the bitter experiences of the past and refrain from any policy at the behest of any external power that has used its territory for terrorism and sabotage inside Pakistan. Isn't it a fact that in the past most of the time the rulers there always kept a soft spot for India instead of a brotherly Islamic country like Pakistan? This is a long story.

Afghanistan and Pakistan can only have good relations with each other if they forget the past and look to the future. All that is required for this work is sincerity and the Ministry of Home Affairs should also inform the Parliament in unambiguous words to what extent the immigration issues with Afghanistan have been resolved. Are the people of Afghanistan still crossing the border freely into Pakistan as in the past or are they restricted to passports and visas? This ban is necessary because without it, just erecting a fence will not solve the problem. The government must create a mechanism so that it knows where the person who came from Afghanistan on a Pakistani visa went and whether he returned home after the expiration of the visa. Gone or missing somewhere.

In all countries of the world, there are rules and regulations for immigrants that are strictly enforced, which is why those who come there can neither spread unrest nor create problems for the locals. Can the fact is that both Pakistan and Afghanistan depend on each other. If on the one hand, Afghanistan needs Pakistan through which it has access to ports then on the other hand Pakistan needs Afghanistan for access to Central Asia. And if there is peace, then only Pakistani goods can go to Central Asia and from there to Pakistan. Now is the time for the two countries to take their relations to a point where the whole region's Prosperity came.

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