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Freeman On The Land Success Story! Has Any FOTL Been Successful In Court?

What is a Freeman On The Land?

There is a buzz around the internet concerning the Freeman On The Land Movement. Many claims have been made concerning the effectiveness of the FOTL arguments. Many Freemen have appeared in a Court attempting to use the FOTL theories unsuccessfully.

Many have found themselves incarcerated at the worst and losing property or their wealth at the best. Others have attempted to resort to violence to impose their status on society. This will end up with the offender possibly having their life terminated.

Has any Freemen been successful in their endeavors? Is there proof of Freeman on the Land success stories?

Yes, and I will document this success here!

Avoiding conflicts with the legal system is the easiest way to live a Free life!

Avoiding conflicts with the legal system is the easiest way to live a Free life!

The reason that Freemen are punished in a Court is simple, you cannot enter a courtroom and fail to abide by their rules. The Court Officers have a monopoly on the use of force, so you either play by their rules or you are punished.

So If this is admitted how can one claim success using Freemen theories. Easy, the most effective way to avoid failure in a courtroom is to not participate in actions that would result in you appearing in a courtroom.

By not running afoul of the law is the easiest path to success. Avoiding encounters with law enforcement is the simplest way to retain your status. A Freeman (FOTL), will be much better off avoiding any situations in which they would be obligated to appear in a court proceeding. A little common sense, respect for the complacent sheep that make up society, and living a private life, will ensure the individual will retain their freedom.

Free Man on the Land Q&A ~ The Basics of Living as a Free Human

Do not operate a motor vehicle.

Many Freemen run in to problems with the operation of a motorized vehicle. The requirement of a driver's license to engage in the legal act of operating a motor vehicle, though absurd, if you are caught driving a vehicle without a license, you will be punished.

How do you avoid the punishment for driving without a license? Do not drive! To claim that you are operating outside of a Police Officers jurisdiction will result in a fine, every time. It is an act of lawful rebellion to abstain from operating a motor vehicle. While you lose the privilege of driving, the State also loses the revenue associated with operating a registered motor vehicle.

Federal Reserve notes are worthless.

Federal Reserve notes are instruments of debt!

Federal Reserve notes are instruments of debt!

Do not accept payment in Federal Reserve notes!

Another issue where Freemen run in to difficulties is in the payment of taxes. By refusing payment in Federal Reserve notes, the tax obligation becomes non-existent. Through living a minimalist lifestyle, the need for an amount of income which will result in a tax burden is not necessary. It is not easy to refrain from indulging in the excesses of life, but if you can do it, your obligation to the IRS will not be relevant.

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It is not hard to find individuals willing to trade items of value, rather than worthless Federal Reserve notes. If you assist a neighbor with their household chores for a nice dinner and a couple of adult beverages, how can the government claim a right to a portion of your meal?

Meet Your Strawman!

Accept your Strawman!

We all know that when you see YOUR NAME spelled in capital letters, this is not your living, breathing, human entity. It is a legal fiction that would fall under the category of a corporation, not a human being. Unfortunately, government will not acknowledge this fact!

You will run in to difficulties if you attempt to separate yourself from your strawman. At this point in time, your strawman will be forced upon you. Until the time that a Freeman can get the proper standing to have their case heard by the Supreme Court. Acknowledge your responsibility to the actions of your strawman, but make it known that the name in capital letters is nothing more than a government created DBA (Doing Business As). Treat your strawman as if it is a business that you own!

The recent Supreme Court decision (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission), decided that corporations are people. Using this logic it is safe to say that if corporations are persons, persons are corporations. The United States of America should pass an Amendment to the Constitution providing an accurate definition of a person. Either a person is a corporate entity or it represents a human being, to just allow the Court system to place corporations and human beings in the same category is erroneous and confusing, Yet it seems that the American Justice system has little regard to allow average citizens to hold the ability to understand legalese. It is much easier to manipulate an individual who cannot be forgiven for not possessing complete knowledge of the law. By maintaining a system that keeps its citizens confused, it preserves its dominance of humanity! It may take awhile for the law to catch up with current events, in time it will!

If you freely enter in to a contract, keep your word!

If you freely enter in to a contract, keep your word!

You cannot receive money from the Treasury department!

There may very well be a bond issued against your strawman which was created by government. This does not mean that the individual can access this bond for their own use. To attempt to file documents with the government in the hopes that you will receive money for nothing is ludicrous.

You will fail, and you may be found guilty of several levels of fraud, including mail fraud. If this is the system you use to file the documents. There are many individuals seeking payment to inform you of the proper way to withdraw money from this bond, they are liars! If someone is attempting to charge you for this information, you are about to be scammed!

Pay your bills!

If you enter in to a financial agreement which places an obligation on you to pay a bill, pay it! Act with honor. If you agree, and endorse a contract, you are obligated to make the appropriate payments. There is no magical trick to avoid your responsibilities. If you do not want to make payments, do not create the obligation.

The same goes for turning a bill in to a check, the theory of Accepting for Value does not work. Again, this sort of activity will bring you in to the legal system, where the Freeman always fails. The legal system of the United States operates on Admiralty Law. Can you get a Court Officer to acknowledge this? No, questions of jurisdiction could result in a contempt charge being brought against you. If you play the legal system game, you must abide by their rules.

Civilized human beings do not resort to violence.

You will never win a violent encounter with law enforcement!

You will never win a violent encounter with law enforcement!

Violence solves nothing!

This is a simple concept. Engaging in violent activity will never solve a problem. This is especially true when dealing with agents of law enforcement. If you are forced in to a confrontation with law enforcement, remain civil and respectful. Remember the agents do not produce the law, they are only in a position to enforce it.

Law enforcement agents are human beings. They deserve the basic respect every individual deserves. You will never win a violent conflict with law enforcement. To believe you can, is just preposterous. If you are being detained, submit. Anything else will only result in harsher punishments. It may also end up with you being fatally injured.

The Freeman and Strawman Explained

Back to the success!

I have been living the Freeman on the Land lifestyle successfully for five years. I do not operate motor vehicles. I do not enter in to financial contract. I do not accept payment in Federal Reserve notes. I do nothing that will bring me attention from law enforcement agents.

I treat every human being with respect, I do nothing that would harm an individual. I respect the property of others. If I agree to make a payment, I make the payment! I do not seek something for nothing. I only desire to live a life of a Freeman. Holding no obligations to others, and I do not hold others to be obligated to me.

FOTL is a philosophy and a lifestyle. It is not a career to accrue wealth. It is not a system to avoid abiding by laws. It is a state of mind, a belief system, a code of honor!

Although certain individuals believe that claiming Freeman On The Land status makes them immune from Statute Law These individuals have a difficult time convincing anyone in Court of their theories. There is nothing that can be done by the individual that will designate them as having a Right to avoid Statutes that have been passed by representatives of the people. At least not until the proper case is brought before the law that will result in a positive decision for the Freeman. Once a case sets precedent in the matter, the Freeman will have a better opportunity to alter the existing legal system.

You are free!

Do your own research to determine your actual status in society. You were born a free human being, what could possibly have been done to alter this fact?

© 2012 Reality Bytes


MARSHA on February 10, 2018:

#1)the court system is a Patented gaming system. the Language (LEGAL) is a Copyrighted Language. THIS is the reason "free" Men and Women "cannot win in court" - Because there are NONE. #2) Natural Men and Women cannot Contract with Corporations. Thus -as long a the LEGAL status have been corrected, there can be No Jurisdiction claimed by any "court" or "court" AGENT/Role Player (cop,judge,clerk etc) #3) Contract Law is the ONLY Law. All Crimes are Commercial in Nature. If THE THEY throw paper - you Accept and Counter-offer. If they fail to respond -they accepted the counter offer. If you so desire, this is the point of DisHonor (on their part) and the Creation of a Breach of Contract CLAIM.

DSmizzle from Long Beach, New York on April 17, 2014:

Reality Bytes is NOT a coward, Texan, just because he doesn't countenance violence, or encourage frivolous defenses or UCC filings to be filed. Quite the contrary, I see Reality Bytes as a person who holds certain minority beliefs and is trying to spread those beliefs to others without encouraging violent insurrection. If there is any validity to these beliefs (which I've previously stated my opinion that there is no legal basis for), then the ideology will only spread so far and have little-to-no recognition in the Courts. If I'm wrong, well, then it will gain general acceptance in society and in Courts of law.

As for calling him a "frightened coward" for not believing in violence, I do believe that there are non-cowards who disagree with you (such as myself and millions upon millions of other gun owners who don't believe in Sovereign ideology, and virtually every local, State and Federal law enforcement entity) who themselves own weapons and would - if it came to it - defend themselves and their own ideology.

Don't mistake a big turnout of yahoos near Cliven Bundy's ranch who showed up largely because they hate the government (rather than understand and are capable of articulating Sovereign theories) as being a sign that they have the power to do anything above and beyond mess with and impede legitimate governmental regulation and prevent the penalization of an individual who is freeloading on the backs of other taxpayers.

It would take about one or two Predator drones to put them to rest, if the need to do so arose. And that's just a fraction of what the government can do, and thus doesn't include what armed private citizens who don't share Sovereign beliefs could add to the equation. And make no mistake, the number of armed Americans such as myself who see no validity to Sovereign beliefs outnumber Sovereigns and "Militiamen" by ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE.

Texan on April 27, 2013:


You sound frightened. You are a coward. You sound like you are not free. You are a slave. You have given into the system. You are nothing but a spectator of the world around you. You sound like the only recourse available is to not participate in life. I think this article is very sad, and I am depressed reading it. I am not depressed because you have altered the way that I think, I am depressed because you have altered the way others think. You are extinguishing the torch of liberty by writing things like this. Liberty is not crawling into a dark cave! NO sir! Liberty is freedom. You, and the people you've talked about, do not know who you are. You have not separated yourself from the strawman in your mind. You are your own worst enemy.

With regards to courts, you must counter-claim in order to become a Plaintiff. If you are just a Defendant, nothing will work.

Case against your strawman:

I claim jurisdiction under the Common Law. "Well, we won't go there." I do not consent, and I waive the benefits. (Case should be dismissed at this point - if not).

I am re-presenting JOHN SMITH in the form of a Birth Certificate of and for the record. "Who are you?" I am commonly known as John. Nothing more, nothing less. (Stand your ground. Do not take any orders or you are in contempt - if you DO stand like a rock, the judge will leave the court. Then, state you are the highest authority in the court, and that the case is dismissed. Or, if you are weak, and the judge, podium, and gold fringed flag intimidates you, the case will proceed). If that happens....

The Law endows both Parties of an Admiralty Court Action to Object to a line of interrogation. When an Objection is raised in a Court Setting, you must reveal to the Judge exactly why you Object. Your Objection will either be accepted by the Judge or he will Overrule Your Objection.

The reason for this is that ("This line of questioning assumes facts not in evidence." )

Anything you don't like say: I object. "Why?" It is not my wish - I don't like what I hear. At this point you can appeal that the Evidence of the Plaintiff's Claim is to be entered as evidence.

I object. "I know you always object to everything. What is it this time?" It is not my wish, etc, etc.

For your counter-complaint:

You sue them for taking jurisdiction where it does not exist!

ON a separate note....with regards to the UCC redemption - I agree. Does not work. Based on highly flawed assumptions. People go to prison.

With regards to the A4V: Does work. I've seen it work, but this is standard UCC law. Do more research (lots of it), to understand why it "works." There is nothing illegal, immoral, magical, or unlawful about accepting an instrument for value. It is not getting something for nothing - it is common practice written into the law. Just understand what the words mean. It's not rocket-science, but does require learning and research to put the UCC, anything else about the Common Law or any other law into your favor.

Reality Bytes (author) from Freeman On The Land United States of America. on October 08, 2012:

MyssJones , yes I do explain the A4V process on another hub!


The materials available on this hub are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem.

MyssJones on October 08, 2012:

You say in this article that accepted for value is not legal, however; on your hubpage you have a whole article dedicated to using A4V! I"m confused!

Reality Bytes (author) from Freeman On The Land United States of America. on September 21, 2012:

mythbuster, as a Free person there is no need to inform anyone of your status. You do not need to be known as a Freeman, you are a freeman and have n0 obligation to anyone concerning the matter.

You were born free, there is really no complications, you engage in activities through your consent. What causes confusion is the fact that silence is equal to consent. If someone/something is infringing on your Freeborn status, you need to voice your dissent immediately, saying nothing is an acquiescence that is unnecessary!

mythbuster from Utopia, Oz, You Decide on August 24, 2012:

Great article, RealityBytes. I have been looking into this topic for about a year. The process for becoming known as a freeperson is extensive, complicated and I keep getting bogged down in the "small print." lol

Reality Bytes (author) from Freeman On The Land United States of America. on August 10, 2012:

I actually have a doctor that works Pro Bono for me, family! My lifestyle is limited, that is the sacrifice I am willing to make to be free. Of course, I always retain the option of putting my strawman back in to commerce.

One job, one meal, is an example, everything I need or want is provided for me in one way or the other.

Deforest from USA on August 10, 2012:

It is an interesting concept! When sick which transaction is available to you to cure yourself? Isn't your lifestyle limited? In fact you are depending on another system, one job for a meal. Are you really free?

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