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Freedom of Speech or Islamophobia: Blasphemy Under the Guise of Free Speech

I speak where I need to speak and where I can't speak; I express my feelings by writing.

Heal the World! Stop the Hate.

Heal the World! Stop the Hate.


Before jumping on religion or culture, I would say that first, we are human beings. I won't say that we live in different countries, but I would say that we all share the same world. We are Muslims, Christian, Hindus or belonging to another religion; we must respect each other. You have heard the line said by Evelyn Beatrice Hall, " I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".

But there is always a limit of everything. When we pour water into a bucket, there is a capacity of the bucket and we can't make the bucket larger or bigger to pour more water in it. Same like this there is always a point to which you can use your freedom of speech, but when you realize that things are going in the wrong direction, stop it.

Without reluctance, I would like to shed some light on my article, which is related to an incident that occurred round about a week ago, when a teacher of France showed the cartoon of Prophet Muhammad in his class. He was giving a lecture on "freedom of speech". That was disgusting. I wouldn't say why he did it because their so-called liberty will come on my way and I will be charged as an extremist or backward and conservative. Just put this matter aside, I will go further to give all of you detail about the incident. An 18-years-old Muslim beheaded him with a knife and afterwards, police shot the killer and he was dead.

Any law of this world, any religion, or any state can't justify the killing of the man. Abdullah did wrong. No one may take law in hand. I am not here to defend Abdullah for his act. I am here because they are constantly giving their languid thoughts about "Islam". Sorry, I don't have a plausible style to defend my argument, but I will try my best not to humiliate anyone.

Liberty Doesn't Mean Hurting Emotions

Liberty means freedom; you can do as you please. It is a state of being free. But responsible use of freedom or liberty is much more important. We all have equal right on our loves and we can't practice liberty without giving this right to others. You can say anything but intentionally doing something that will bring mayhem in the lives of others, is not acceptable at all.

Bayonne Mosque Shooting: why not a terrorist attack

With apologies, I would say that President Macron is repeating the phrase " An Islamic terrorist attack". Have you remembered the "Bayonne mosque shooting"? What was that? Which kind of attack that was? Now, you won't say that he was a mentally ill person. What kind of rule is this? If a Muslim will attack, this will become a terrorist attack. Attack by another person is just an attack!

Good and Bad Are Everywhere; We Just Need to Recognize Them

Good and bad people are everywhere in the world. We can flee from the fact that a terrorist has no religion. Whether he is a Muslim or non-Muslim, he is brutal and brutality isn't a standard of a human being. Any religion we belong to, Muslim, Hindu, or Christian; we are not looted. No one reserves the right to say something bad about our religion.

Islam and terrorism; reject this false notion

As I mentioned early that a terrorist has no religion. He can not even have the right to stay in the category of humanity. But whenever I have heard about terrorism, it was always related to Islam. I didn't write this article to humiliate someone, but I may pen my thoughts regarding my religion. I, being a Muslim and a Pakistani, have faced a lot of difficulties because of this false notion. Ironically, it is just because of some propagating powers who don't want peace in the world.

Blaming Islam for Terrorism Is Not Acceptable.

Blaming Islam for Terrorism Is Not Acceptable.

For good, we must keep in mind that some action may be futile for us but not for others. If I am not saying a single word about someone's beliefs then no one may make fun of my beliefs. It is not something about freedom; it's about ethics. This is the reason that anti-Muslim attacked has risen by 54% in 2019 in France. These attacks were 100 in 2018 and 2019, the number of attacks increased to 154. This is because of Islamophobia, and speaking out against Islam in such situations is like fanning the flames.

Brutality By Words: It's terrifying

I always believe in the notion that actions and words, both can be brutal. They say that Islam is "in crises". Why they don't think Islam is not only in their country, but they are talking about billions of human beings and tell me if any law or power who can justify that it is OK to hurt the billions of people? We are becoming the victim of "cult of hatred". This insult is not just for some Muslims, but 1.9 billion Muslims are suffering. But I predict that the consequences of this brutality and hate will be dangerous.


I am not an extremist. I know how to respect others and my religion never teaches me to hurt others. A religion which can't forgive a person who leaves his pet hungry then imagine how merciful will it be for human beings. But I hurt, I hurt when someone talks badly about my religion. I hurt when they conjoin terrorism with my religion. I hurt when they blame Muslims for 'Muslim separatism'.

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EK Jadoon (author) from Abbottabad Pakistan on October 29, 2020:

Thank you for encouraging me, Abu g. You are a great father.

Haqnawaz Khan on October 28, 2020:

Great my dear I appreciate you I am proud of you

TAHA khan on October 28, 2020:


EK Jadoon (author) from Abbottabad Pakistan on October 27, 2020:

White supremacy is truly atrocious. Every person is born free and no one can be superior on each other. Yes, your ethics, your kindness, your morality, and your words can make you a better person. I wish you best of luck and pray that you get all of your rights.

Howard Schneider from Parsippany, New Jersey on October 27, 2020:

That is truly horrible. Unfortunately those extremists who feel that their ideas and hatreds rise above all aspects of inhumanity and murder will never see their crimes. We are going through similar threats from white supremacists in America. Hopefully the presidential election in a week will usher in a new President who will not encourage such despicable behavior.

EK Jadoon (author) from Abbottabad Pakistan on October 27, 2020:

I appriciate your visit, Howard. I wish that everyone can think like you. We all are facing this hate in the form of terrorism. Yesterday, there was a blast in Peshawar, Pakistan. I wish that I could share the picture of that child who was reading Qura'an and became the victim of blast. The child was covered in blood and was in hospital. I don't know if he will recover or not. I cried for him, What else can I do? We all are facing hate and terrorism.

Howard Schneider from Parsippany, New Jersey on October 27, 2020:

Very well said, EK. Hate in all forms, directed at anyone is wrong and evil. Empathy, understanding, and getting to know others rather than hate is always the correct path. Excellent Hub.

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