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Freedom Is Stalled, It's Not Lost; Not Yet

God Bless America, Land that I Love, Stand beside her and guide her, thru the night, with a Light from above...


What is Freedom?

The definition of freedom, goes on and on, I've only shared a part of a very lengthy definition.

But, one of the parts of the definition which struck me and stuck out the most...

in fact, it seemed to jump from the pages and slap me across the face:

"Immunity from the arbitrary exercise of authority"

According to this same dictionary, American Heritage, arbitrary is defined as; "determined by whim or caprice".

As for immunity, doubtful that I need to share a lengthy definition, we've heard that word so often here of late. I think by now all know that it means to be, "protected from".

So basically, our freedom, our civil rights, via the U.S. Constitution, are protected from the whims of authority.

They are protected from Government.

I must ask you to ask yourself -

How protected have you felt for the past one and one half years?

How free have you felt?

Which do you fear most, at this point, this virus or your Government, as they threaten, mandate, punish, continually move the goal posts, insult, belittle, destroy lives....I could go on for paragraphs on end.

Obviously, it's a no-brainer for me and has been for a long time

The Government has used this to their full advantage and any time, any one utters the words, to the "Government's full advantage", it cannot and will not bode well for the public/for the individual!

I am not going to get heavy into this, I've written plenty on this subject; there is no gray area for me for what has been happening. It's far worse than a virus, which has been weaponized against us, it's changing our Country and the the day, for the worse!

All of this said, to introduce a poem:

Freedom Has Been the Cost

We’ll ‘officially’ get to the where, the what for, the why and the who

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But to be in limbo and in lock-down indefinitely, just isn't going to do

This has all been detrimental, to so much more than just our health

It has greatly affected many a Nation; it has dangerously depleted their wealth

But that’s not where I am going with this, that’s not my biggest concern

What has it cost us in freedom, what will we come to learn?

Can liberty be found again, after the harm of oppressive restriction

Will we learn to forgive those who have been outspoken throughout, with firmly held conviction

Who all has been watching, enemies included, as we've obediently followed along, as we've obediently complied

Are we being tested, I've heard through the grapevine, that suggestion is frequently implied

Did it not seem to come so easily, in bringing us to a close

Guess we aren't really in charge as to what or who holds power over us and so the story goes

Yes, we got it the first time; don't be stupid, always wash your hands, be wary of germs, for they are all around

A silver lining if there could be one; influenza, the common cold, the things which make us sick, might not so easily abound

I cannot help but notice though, how liberty has been the greatest cost

I hope it goes without saying, I cry for the many lost

When this unsettling, evil thing, finally comes to its end

Are we going to continue to live in fear, stay closed off or will we be able to mend?

The sick, the elderly, needed more time, more protection, that much has always been clear

But what of the cost to them, as they've been isolated, deprived of love, physical contact and connection, left only - to fear

The longer amount of time this takes from us, the more we are going to lose

The choice was made early on, for many of us, freedom is what we choose

The evil behind this weaponizing of a virus, has held the power for far too long, they mustn't stay in charge

Get back to living life large; support Mom and Pop businesses {they desperately need you} support them; tip large

Go back to venues; concerts, ball games, unless, if you don't 'have papers', you aren't permitted in

In these cases, avoid at all costs, we cannot let them win

Support instead, those choosing freedom; those respectful of our Laws

Let's be supportive of those who protect liberty, knowing it to be, a most worthy cause

It's past time to put this chapter behind us, we cannot allow the costs to be even greater

It has to happen now today, we can no longer afford, later!

AB Williams


© 2020 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 11, 2021:

Correct, we must take it back. Some have already begun!

Ken Burgess from Florida on October 11, 2021:

You are only allowed freedom if you prove yourself a responsible and compliant citizen.

Get your vaccines, accept CRT in your schools, support Social Justice efforts wherever and however they are dictated to you, or you forfeit your rights to Freedom and Liberty.

Its as simple as that... conform or be labeled an extremist threat... there is no other option.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 11, 2021:

Take back your freedom.....

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on June 16, 2020:

Thank you so much Sankhajit (and for the follow)

Sadly, no one listened to me...story of my life. ;)

We did not put this behind us soon enough and the cost has been greater than we know, it's beyond measure.

Sankhajit Bhattacharjee from MILWAUKEE on June 16, 2020:

a beautiful imagery of freedom....

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on May 24, 2020:

Speaking of Georgia, this was just shared on FB.

A piece of history, well worth taking the time to read!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 22, 2020:

Governor Kemp, GA... is the man!

He is re-opening the State he presides over.

Beginning on Friday, 4-24-20, businesses, with the exception of dine-in restaurants, will finally be able to open up their doors again.

On Monday, 4-27-20, dine-in restaurants, can reopen their doors.

IF a Hair Salon wishes to reopen, they can!

IF a client wishes to patronize that Salon, they may!

IF a restaurant is ready to have customers back and seated within the walls of their establishment, they can!

IF a patron is ready to be seated and have a server take their order for the 'Blueplate Special', they may!

It's a choice!

No one will be forced to open and no one will be forced to patronize.

It's a start!

It makes sense and I, for one, love it!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 14, 2020:

I am so glad that ya'll were able to talk to her and to know that she is okay.

At her age she has already seen so much, this is just one more thing to add to the list....:)

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 13, 2020:

Little victories - like finally being able to get in touch with the lady who is like my husband's grandma. She's nearly 90 and her phone has been busy every time we've tried to call for about a week and no one in the town she lives in knew how she was doing. His cousin said she couldn't check because the had her on lockdown in another city. We ended up calling the Sherriff's office to do a welfare check so she called back. I suppose if there are people to live in real fear of this thing, it's people like her who live alone, but she's fearless.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 13, 2020:

No you didn't, so she is still in limbo, not knowing, but glad she is feeling better. That's great news!

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 13, 2020:

Oh, by the way....did I tell you my SIL's covid results came back as inconclusive. They told her she could get tested again if she still feels sick, but now she's finally on the mend after a couple of weeks. She said she'll wait until they're testing for antibodies if she retests.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 13, 2020:

I don't know if more pay will be involved, but I hope there's a whole new respect for essential workers. We'd be lost without them.

Hollywood stars? Eh!, not so much! LOL

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 13, 2020:

Hahaha...the only lightbulb we change is the one in the stairwell because it's too dangerous without the right ladder. But yeah...we've had to nail bathroom mirrors on the wall. We had one move out and take all of the lightbulbs. I an live with that....the worst of them always leave behind nasty trash. Not just normal trash, but nasty roach-causing trash just because they can. And the worst of the worst cause damage, often hidden damage. But we've learned what to check for now so there's less and less that surprises us in the way of damage missed.

Unfortunately, anyone in any type of retail work has probably experienced it. We all have more than one story about the lengths customers go to when they know they're in the wrong to begin with. I was just telling a friend the other night who was complaining about working the self-check area that the only time I ever got in trouble because of a customer complaint was at self-check. She went to the CSM and she came to talk to me about it after the customer was gone. Yes, I did it and no, I'm not sorry. Sorry, not sorry. LOL. At least I don't call people cuss words. Certainly, we get called all sorts of things by the customers....Do you think maybe these essential workers will get paid more now? ;)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 13, 2020:

Nope not at all. No regrets. It's good to get your side of the story out and off your chest.

The landlord, the shop keeper, the business owner...are always the bad guys and it gets old, because we get taken advantage of all of the time!

Many people don't need an excuse, they are just losers and go through life screwing people over and then act as if they've been victimized! It is how they go through life.

It has been a lot of years since we rented, but we would always leave the place in better shape than we found it. My Dad owned and rented out several houses when I was younger. Some tenants were great and some were losers, trashing the place, stealing anything that wasn't nailed down. I remember him shaking his head in disbelief more than once. He finally had to get out of it, they'd even call him to change a light bulb. Losers!

Vent away, anytime! ;)

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 13, 2020:

Ok, Angie, I'll try again to post my, um, rant...since I know that you aren't offended by my less-than-ladylike language. HP has a weird history of comments vanishing in thin air with no explanation as to where they went or what happened.

I was saying in regards to the economic shutdown, I'm getting tired of people using it as an excuse to not pay their rent. We have 12 units we manage, including the one we live in. Of these 12, one tenant lost his job due to the shutdown. But he still paid his rent this month.

One girl was given a 30 day to move out before things started getting bad. She said she's not paying rent in two different places. Thought she could wait out her 30 days without paying. So we filed eviction on her near the end of the month or the late middle. THey shut the courts down the day after we filed so we showed her the receipt. Then they finally moved out and told us we should have more compassion right now. Excuse me? Your husband is still working and you've been late every damned month for your entire lease. You knew about this before there was even a single case in this county.

And then there's the couple who just gave their keys back. They gave notice over a month ago that they were moving because they found a newer, nicer, bigger place...with free internet that costs more in rent than they were paying here....also late nearly every damned month. But then when she got mad, she's leaving because maintenance wasn't done fast enough for her. He's one maintenance man and priority goes to urgent issues and tenants who pay on time. We let them out of their lease and agreed for a prorated amount through the 15th. So she got mad when I told her she probably wouldn't get a refund on the three days if she was out yesterday. I don't have access to the owner's funds even if I wanted to refund them, but by all means, stand outside my door cussing me and expect a favorable response. They left a nasty mess with animal feces everywhere and said we gave them no choice but to leave a mess. Didn't like that I called her out on that so then she said it was to show us what shitty landlords we are because they aren't the only ones with a problem. Thanks, we know that already. Everyone has a problem when they don't get what they want, especially when they throw tantrums. I ended up telling her that I already told her I'm not going to engage in a pissing contest. Her name is Felicia. Guess what I said next. You guessed it. Done. Over. Goodbye. Her real problem is that I called her irresponsible and she couldn't get a cash refund right when she moved out...even though the owner was trying to be compassionate and say that he'll refund it if everything checked out and within 30 days like a security deposit if she leaves a forwarding address. That wasn't good enough for her, I guess. It was more generous than I would've been for a man that never lost his job and isn't moving to some place they can actually afford.

One girl lost her job, but her girlfriend is still working. She lost her job because she lost her jailers license and was supposed to have been to work at another jail. She ended up paying a partial payment this month and now has said "shit happens" when we ask about the rest of rent and late fees. Well, yes, shit happens - but you still have to clean it up. They each made enough to pay rent on one income!

I'm telling you, Angie, these people tend to bring out the bitch in me when they bring me excuse after excuse and tell me lies. I don't believe in the way people glorify being a bitch these days or in being a bitch just for the sake of being a bitch and pushing things too far. But I'm also not going to walked all over. They will all be in for a shock when the courts open back up and ...surprise! still owe rent. It's not free just because you can't be evicted right now. Do they really think the judge will side with someone who hasn't even lost their job? Same job, same rent all along.

So....that was my rant...Are you sorry you asked me to repost it? LOL....It's just sickening the way people use the shutdown as an excuse to slack off. People who have had the same jobs all along.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 13, 2020:

Thanks Shannon, it worked...I was even able to register my angry emoji! ;)

I stick by my initial comments; we shutdown our economy much too easily, people are still living in fear, although 'the models' overprojected the number of cases and deaths.

So-called leaders in some cities and states are looking at this as a way to have more control over people....yes, that's sick and messed up...but, we're seeing it!

Every one of these Mayors, Governors...should be in the mindset of your Governor on opening back up. "We will focus on protecting lives while restoring livelihoods."

Love it, it's time!

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 13, 2020:

Here goes nothing, Angie! It's supposed to be public access, but who knows. Maybe it's on YouTube somewhere if it isn't' working here for those who don't have FB that may want to watch it.

Like I said, I don't think people gave up their freedoms easily and not for the sake of giving it up just because the government says so....but I do agree with you that it is potentially dangerous if people are okay with things like this. I do agree with what the reporter has brought to people's attention here. She even mentions the guns, which I'd commented on and I think she mentions dive-in services like the ones you mentioned.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 13, 2020:

Okay thanks, if not, I'll track it down later.:-)

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 13, 2020:

I'll try. I will have to do it from the laptop or desktop and last time I tried to share a video with that formatting outside of FB, it didn't work. She couldn't view it.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 13, 2020:

Shannon, I have now....where's an angry emoji when you need one?

Can you share it here?

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 13, 2020:

Did you see the video I sent you?

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 13, 2020:

Good morning Brenda,

I see this as yet another enemy seeking to destroy the freedom we enjoy.

I was just reading a story about people being ticketed and arrested for participating in an Easter drive-in service. They were isolated from all others, in their own vehicles and yet, they were targeted.

This is dangerous and telling.

I passed by a Wal-Mart on Saturday and the parking lot was so packed out, it looked like Black Friday.

Tell me how this makes any sense!

I am afraid if we allow this to go on much longer, the tyrannical types will feel more empowered than ever before and the fear which has been instilled in many, will be a deadly combination and do more harm than ‘this thing’ ever could do.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on April 12, 2020:

It's hard to even imagine we are stuck here in this sci-fi movie like event, but we are here.

Hopefully we will get back to living soon, but I can't see things going back to normal.

We might even be out of hand like a mob when this ends. People are distraught from being in but the ultimate death if we are out.

Nice write.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 11, 2020:

Funny you should mention Independence day...

I just came across a meme. It's of Jim Carrey, hanging out the window of a car (maybe from Dumb and Dumber?) anyhow, the line is, hope they let us off lockdown by July 4th, so we can celebrate our freedom. :(

That's cute about the zodiac sign.

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 11, 2020:

You just made me laugh because you brought to mind something my sister once asked my dad when we were kids. She was trying to figure out what her zodiac sign is. I don't know what it is, but I know I'm a Leo and I am pretty sure she's not a Pisces. However, she said, "Hey, Dad, am I a feces?" We laughed so hard at that one.

Speaking of parades and fireworks, they cancelled all the 4th of July celebrations and firework shows in IL, at least where my family lives. :(

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 11, 2020:

Yeah like a cat would lift a paw....;)

Ya'll can celebrate later with parades and fireworks...

I am a Pisces.

Suzie from Carson City on April 11, 2020:

What a lovely singing voice you have, Ang! LOL Thank you. I received a massive number of BD wishes, phone, text, email.....friends, family & my grand daughter delivered dinner to my doorstep! BUT, it was the quietest, loneliest BD Party ever! Just me & my cats......and they didn't even make me a cake!

I must need an appnt with my eye Dr. I simply did not see where Shannon announced your BD!! Are you an Aries too, Angie?

No no quarterly birthdays! I'm considering crossing out every other year! PLEASE Angie!

(Yes,my girlfriend rocks. We call her the Martha Stewart of WNY!!)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 11, 2020:

Thanks for letting me know Shan.

Happy Birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear Paula, happy birthday to you!

I don't know about you, but my birthdays seem to be coming quarterly now! :)

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 10, 2020:

P.S. .... Paula, since I announced Angie's bday here, it's her turn to know yours. I hope you had a fantastic day! I forwarded a message to you earlier.

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 10, 2020:

Relax, ladies. And thanks. But it was a joke. I can make one. There are videos all over the place for that, too, and much cheaper. My favorite is the no-sew one. The where to find one was a joke.... because they aren't on shelves around here, like so many other things. Perhaps it was a bad joke, considering the seriousness of the need for masks in the medical field and other areas. My best friend is upset that her job won't allow them to wear masks and she works in a senior care facility. I don't understand why they won't allow it. Safety for everyone.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 10, 2020:

Paula, your girlfriend rocks...good for her!

Shannon, take Paula's advice instead. DO NOT have your kids saw off milk jugs. I'm sorry....I probably should go to bed now.

Suzie from Carson City on April 10, 2020:

Yes......My girlfriend made over 100 masks from very sturdy fabric & gave them out to local businesses for their employees. She also gave all her friends a mask and then started getting calls from people! She's been sitting at her sewing machine for 3 days straight.

However, if someone can't or doesn't want to make their own.....simply Google "Safety Masks"......and an untold number of sites come up. Also, the masks that auto painters use are acceptable to use. They can be found at any dept. store and of course, an auto parts store.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 10, 2020:

Thank you Paula!

That doggone curve is flattening's time to get back to normal. No dilly-dallying!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 10, 2020:

Hi Shannon, blood donation isn't for everyone! As far as the masks, many people are making them at home, dragging out their sewing machines or getting creative in other ways. I've seen pics of people strapping sponges and sawed off milk jugs to their could make it a home project for the kids! lol

Suzie from Carson City on April 10, 2020:

Ang.......Love this POEM! You GO, girl!

"MASKS.".......For sale,all over the internet. Check them out for strength, security & usefulness. We're on our own. Common sense & independent action.

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 10, 2020:

I can't even give plasma or I nearly pass out from extreme nausea. And have only had blood drawn for the vampires at the doctor's office Had to do that the other day, too. LOL But seriously, I don't know how I'd do for donating or where right now, for that matter. The blood mobile doesn't come here anymore since this virus started taking over.

But my question to you is where would you find a mask even if you wanted to wear one? The more it spreads around here, the more I think maybe I should make one. Not for when I go for a walk with the kids, but for when I have to go to the stores. They keep saying high blood pressure is a risk factor and not everyone keeps the distance, as sad as it is to have to do so.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 10, 2020:

Yes we MUST support local and small businesses and BUY AMERICAN, now more than ever before!

I love Walgreen', not small, but they get a lot of my business.

Last week we picked up take out and left a tip larger than the bill. I also gave blood last week, we can do some things now and double down later.

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 10, 2020:

LOL...Angie, thank you for allowing me an opinion! So appreciated.

We've been supporting businesses, too. Every business is small in this town, pretty much. Haha....Eating out and grocery stores and the pharmacy I use that I had to go to today. Local over CVS big business. . ...Although, we don't go out unless we have to.

Thank you for the prayers. I'm sure she will appreciate them, too.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 10, 2020:

I see that, but unable to tighten the gap. Weird.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I, too, like to be on the go, not much of a homebody; too much to see, do, take in and experience...

Time to get this show on the road!

Kyler J Falk from California on April 10, 2020:

I have to say, honestly, that I haven't changed much of anything about my life since this mess started. The only thing that has really changed is people's willingness to judge the way I live my life, just because the "suggested" way to live right now is something I cannot adhere to. So many people jumping on the #StayHome movement, yet that movement is breeding quite a lot of hatred toward those of us who can't #StayHome and maintain a healthy life strictly indoors.

No matter what, there are those of us who are going to fight any limitations placed on freedoms and do so as safely and progressively as possible, even in these unprecedented times. I'll always be on the side fighting for more freedom, not trying to berate them.

Wonderful article!

(Side note: There's a huge gap at the bottom of your poem, perhaps a formatting error!)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on April 10, 2020:

For now, in America....(at least on my articles/poems) you are entitled to your opinion! :)

I told you earlier that me and my husband went for a Jeep ride last night and picked up our favorite fried chicken from our local fried chicken joint (So GOOD!) We passed by one lone couple walking, in masks. I'm sorry there was not another soul in sight. Why the masks? Whatever, today I ran errands and did get a few looks from the mask-wearers (I have no symptoms and will not wear the mask unless I do)

I will keep your sister-in-law in my prayers, for a negative result.

Shannon Henry from Texas on April 10, 2020:

It's so strange to see people walking, carrying bags of groceries and not be able to offer them a ride. And I'm not much of a hugger or toucher, compared to a lot of people. I'm more comfortable with people I already know....but it's still so weird to have to go to the grocery store for food and avoid everyone like the plague. Not just get out of someone's way or they get out of yours but get WAY out of the way. So many behaviors that could normally be mistaken as rude behavior are becoming the norms. There's something so very sad about that.

That said, I'm not ready to think that everyone has so readily given up their freedom. In fact, I think it's important to listen to the medical experts and not make it a political matter as much as it has already become. Or maybe some have made it that way all along.

One thing is for certain, it's not the general flu and the number of people currently infected is not accurate since people have major to have symptoms to get tested. Right now my sister in law likely has this nasty cornavirus. She tested negative for flu and strep and is still waiting her covid results. One thing that scares me is this thought: what about the single parents who may become so ill they have to be hospitalized? What about their kids if there is no one to get them? And if someone gets them, that puts more people at risk for serious illness. Thankfully, she said her girls had a fever and seem to be fine now. She looks so miserable, still sick, though, and her symptoms seem to match. Her job is a CNA, but there are a ton of other jobs that put people at risk. So anyway, how do we know that easing up on the stay at home guidelines wouldn't put more people at risk unnecessarily?

I do hear what you're saying, though. It surprises me that there are states taking away people's rights to keep their guns. I suppose that shouldn't surprise me, considering those states want to limit gun carry anyhow - but it does.

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