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Free Michael Ellis

Michael Lee Ellis Jr.

Michael Lee Ellis Jr.

Michael Has Been At Several Prisons So Far Including Alexander Correctional at Taylorsville N.C.

Michael Has Been At Several Prisons So Far Including Alexander Correctional at Taylorsville N.C.

No Miranda Rights Were Ever Read To Michael Ellis

The law enforcement officers involved in the case of Michael Ellis never read Michael Ellis his Miranda rights and they admitted this on the stand during their testimony during the trial of Michael Ellis. It is a matter of public record.

The Miranda warning, also referred to as Miranda rights, is a warning given by police in the United States to criminal suspects in police custody (or in a custodial interrogation) before they are interrogated to preserve the admissibility of their statements against them in criminal proceedings.The Miranda warning is part of a preventive criminal procedure rule that law enforcement is required to administer to protect an individual who is in custody and subject to direct questioning or its functional equivalent from a violation of his or her Fifth Amendment right against compelled self-incrimination.

In Miranda v. Arizona, the Supreme Court held that the admission of an elicited incriminating statement by a suspect not informed of these rights violates the Fifth and the Sixth Amendment right to counsel. Thus, if law enforcement officials decline to offer a Miranda warning to an individual in their custody, they may interrogate that person and act upon the knowledge gained, but may not use that person's statements to incriminate him or her in a criminal trial.

Kirby Turner who was the Assistant District Attorney of Cleveland County knows that Michael Ellis was not read his Miranda Rights. Everyone in the Cleveland County District Attorneys Office knows this and they don't care that they clearly violated the 5th and 6th Admendment Rights of Michael L Ellis. Something needs to be done about this. We need to call the Cleveland County District Attorneys Office and ask why they allowed this to happen. We need to call them and ask them why they allowed this to happen.

Rick Shaffer is the District Attorney of Cleveland County N.C.

District Attorney Rick Shaffer Cleveland County Law Enforcement Center
100 Justice Place
Shelby, NC 28150

PHONE: (704) 476-7810 FAX: (704) 484-4982

Please write and call Rick Shaffer and ask him why the Civil Rights of Michael Ellis were violated.

Please Help Us To Free Michael Ellis

Please Send Letters And U.S. Postal Money Orders To Michael Ellis

Please write to Michael Ellis at the below address and if you can send a U.S. Postal Money Order made out to Michael Ellis to Michael. Even $5, $10, $20 what ever you can send will be greatly appreciated by Michael. Michael can only receive U.S. Postal Money Orders. If you send money to Michael please be sure to send only a U.S. Postal Money Order and please make it out to Michael and put his inmate number on it. Thanks so much and God Bless You.


545 Amity Park Road

Spruce Pine , N.C. 28777

Please Sign Our Petition To Governor Pat McCrory

Click Here For The Petition

You can give this URL to anyone and it comes right to this web page.

Donations Needed.

We are in need of donations of funds for legal and other fees for Michael and his family. If you can contribute to this fund please make your checks or money orders out to Carolyn Wright and send them to her at the below address. Any amount will really help and will be greatly appreciated.

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Carolyn Wright
110 Oak Street
Lawndale, N.C. 28090

Below is a statement from Carolyn Wright who is the mother of Michael Ellis Jr.

I am writing to you on behalf of my son Michael Lee Ellis Jr. Michael is 35 years old and he is a victim of injustice. Michael is a drug addict who was given 30 years and 3 months in a Cleveland County Court in a very unfair trail where the civil and constitutional rights of Michael were violated by the setting judge and Cleveland County D.A. Kirby Turner.

It was clear from the start of the trial that D.A. Kirby Turner did not care about justice. She was on a witch hunt for my son a drug addict and even though the police officers involved in the case admitted on the stand that the Miranda Warning was never given to Michael Ellis my son he was convicted and was given 30 years and 3 months. Michael’s four year old son will be 34 years old when his father gets out of jail. How is this justice. D.A. Kirby Turner called my son a monster. But Michael is far from a monster. He is the victim of injustice plain and simple and I ask you to please help my son. Michael’s Civil and Constitutional rights were violated in many ways and I ask that you look into this issue and see that justice is done for my son. I and other family and friends have signed this letter and we would please like a response from you.

Michael Lee Ellis Jr. 1152067 is currently in Spruce Pine N.C. in the custody of the North Carolina Department of Corrections at Mountainview Correctional.

Below is a link to the Shelby Star Story about my son.

Click Here To Read The Newspaper Story About My Son

The newspaper story is no longer there. We do not know why it was removed. It does make one wonder why.

Thank You

Carolyn Wright
110 Oak Street
Lawndale N.C. 28090

Fr. Thomas Byers
Priest, The American Catholic Church
114 Wells Road , Lawndale N.C. 28090

And Other Family And Friends Of Michael Ellis Jr.

This is the first prison sentence of Michael Ellis and he was given more time than if he had committed murder. If this is not injustice then I do not know what injustice is. Please if you will send the link of this page to everyone you know please. And thank you for your time.

We will update this page as often as possible. If you are from the media and would like to interview us about this story please call 704 312 6141.

A Statement From Fr. Thomas Byers

My name is Fr. Thomas Byers. I am a Priest with the American Catholic Church and I have known Michael for many years. Michael was a hard working man who became addicted to prescription drugs and this is what got him into the situation he is in. Michael has worked since his first job at McDonald's when he was 14 and he clearly does not deserve what the Cleveland County Court and D.A. Kirby Turner have done to him. If this is not injustice then I don't know what is. As Mandy says below in the comment section child murderers do not get the amount of time that Michael has been given. There is no way this is justice. It is clear that Michael is the victim of a legal system in bad need of reform. We continue as an American people to give people convicted of drugs huge amounts of time and it just doesn't work. And it never will. Until we as an American people wake up to the fact that we are wasting the resources of our country by locking up people ( especially drug addicts ) for drug crimes then we are doomed the same as we would be if we tried to bail out the Atlantic Ocean a tea cup at a time. But we should also at the same time keep in mind that we can not allow the American Justice System to take away our rights. The Civil and Constitutional rights of Michael Ellis were violated by the Cleveland County Courts and D.A. Kirby Turner. You see the law enforcement officers who arrested Michael admitted in their testimony at Michael's trial that Michael was never given or read his Miranda rights. But it didn't stop there. Time and time again the civil and constitutional rights of Michael Ellis were violated. And the setting judge allowed this to go on. It is for these reasons that I have decided to make this a full time project of mine. Social Justice is a very important issue and the civil and constitutional rights of every man must be defended. We must stand up as a people and say enough. Michael Ellis must be given justice. He must be given fair justice and alloweed to return home to his mother, wife, and son.

Thank You Fr. Thomas Byers

Michael, His Son, His Mom And His Sisters

Here you have Michaels Sister Amanda on the far right. Coming left is his Mom Carolyn, then Michael, Michael's son Michael, and then his sister Dana. This photo was taken while Michael has been in prison.

Here you have Michaels Sister Amanda on the far right. Coming left is his Mom Carolyn, then Michael, Michael's son Michael, and then his sister Dana. This photo was taken while Michael has been in prison.

Michael And His Son Michael

Update Sunday December 1 , 2013

Yesterday I sat at the table with Michael, his Mom Carolyn, and his son Michael. At Mountainview Correctional Michael is allowed to hold his son on his lap. Something that was not permitted at other prisons where Michael has been. I sat there yesterday and saw Michael hold his son and talk to him and it almost brought tears to my eyes thinking about what has been done to Michael, his son and his family.

Michael Ellis the third will be 36 years old before his dad gets out of prison. How could this possibly be justice. Michael Ellis Jr. was given more time for his crime than if he had committed murder. His sentence is far from fair and the constitutional and civil rights of Michael Ellis were clearly violated. Kirby Turner and Rick Shaffer both know that the constitutional and civil rights of Michael Ellis were violated during the trial of Michael Ellis in Cleveland County. Why was this done? The members of the Cleveland County District Attorneys office knows that no Miranda rights were ever read to Michael Ellis. This is a matter of public record. It is a clear violation of Michael Ellis Jr.'s civil and constitutional rights.

What The U.S. Supreme Court Says About This Issue

In Miranda v. Arizona, the Supreme Court held that the admission of an elicited incriminating statement by a suspect not informed of these rights violates the Fifth and the Sixth Amendment right to counsel.

Thus, if law enforcement officials decline to offer a Miranda warning to an individual in their custody, they may interrogate that person and act upon the knowledge gained, but may not use that person's statements to incriminate him or her in a criminal trial.

The six rules

The Miranda rule applies to the use of testimonial evidence in criminal proceedings that is the product of custodial police interrogation. Miranda right to counsel and right to remain silent are derived from the self-incrimination clause of the Fifth Amendment. Therefore, for Miranda to apply, six requirements must be fulfilled:

1. Evidence must have been gathered.

2. The evidence must be testimonial.

3. The evidence must have been obtained while the suspect was in custody.

4. The evidence must have been the product of interrogation.

5. The interrogation must have been conducted by state-agents.

6. The evidence must be offered by the state during a criminal prosecution.

Assuming that the six requirements are present and Miranda applies, the statement will be subject to suppression unless the prosecution can demonstrate:

  1. that the suspect was advised of their Miranda rights and
  2. that the suspect voluntarily waived those rights or that the circumstances fit an exception to the Miranda rule.

Michael Ellis Jr. was never read his Miranda Rights. The Narcotic Detectives admitted this during the trial of Michael Ellis and it is a matter of public record. Therefore the Civil and Constitutional Rights under the 5th and 6th amendments of Michael L. Ellis Jr. were clearly violated and Michael Ellis Jr. should go free. The Cleveland County District Attorneys Office knows this but continue to ignore this.

How can a court system and its officials be permitted to do this to an American citizen. It is clear that Michael L. Ellis Jr. should be free.

Thank You

Fr. Thomas Byers

Michael And His Son Taken In Prison

Michael And His Son Taken In Prison.

Michael And His Son Taken In Prison.

Please feel free to post your comments now. And thank you for your time.

Anonymous on November 08, 2017:

And please don't try to track this, I use different reference numbers to hide my identity, as the corruption is pretty bad.. And I'm not even a felon.. I'm a computer nerd who dedicated my life to we the people and in search for a better system and justice.. One last question for u.. Do you know a man named yes, Michael Ellis but is older.. Seems to be bald and states he is from Shelby NC of all places.. He has absolutely no accent and the reason I pulled this name, was I decided to see who this older man is watching my daughter and I w binoculars and crawling around at night... But most of all, this man accidently or on purpose, had mail sent to my home in the name of Mike Ellis!! Seems to be too much of a coincidence...

And yes, I'm a female.... I speak only truths, and worry about my child from all this.. But I myself understands the repercussions of knowledge! I HAVE been run over by a car, where a da and dirty cops wanted me dead... I have photos, of my face when corruption bashed my face in with big rocks and broke my jaw..

I have pics from when they broke both of my feet and ribs... They've also tried to set me up.... For one pill that was in the cops pocket and someone else took pics of those cops trying to do so, and put me on life support for 9 days... Lucky me... Be careful, with knowledge can come extreme pain and suffering... I have texts from judges threatening me... Judges... ! I've never been in trouble, a day in my life, and never touched pills or drugs.... These ppl from a 25 county span, are very very corrupt.. And don't want to be found out! They will, just allow it... I'm living proof of that..

I'll check back when I'm able to.. Someone can leave a message, asking to be in contact w me.. Bye...

Anonymous on November 08, 2017:

Im not sure I can help, but I have plenty of stories, true ones with the proof to back them up, all the way from Ashevile NC to Shelby and the corruption with in the police depts as well as judges to lawyers..

I'm already stalked, threatened, and run over by cars, all for having this info.. Might as well get run over Putting it to something good.. Or whatever... Tonssss of corruption, especially amongst the da's and bribe payments given and received... Might as well kiss my ass goodbye after pressing enter on this page... Sigh.. Good luck..

mike on July 23, 2015:

This case sounds very similiar to another one i just read about which occurred in cleveland county as well. Google "". Then read the blog this gentleman wrote. Both involving cleveland county prosecutors office and the sheriffs office. Such a terrible injustice for both of these individuals. I know michael ellis and i also know the author of the other website. Probley not on the best of terms with either of them but thats irrelevant. What i can say is that both of these gentleman were victims of cleveland county nc justice system. Neither one of them deserved the punishment they revieved. Very sad situation and a terrible injustice for both men.

Tyrone McClain on December 25, 2014:

Michael and i have been friends for a long time even went to high school together he is a hard working family providing man this was definitely not fair what yall need to do is get the naacp behind this it's not just for black people its for whoever have been treated unfair thay seem to carry a lot of weight these day's just my two cents worth Cleveland county will do something then

Mandy daves on July 06, 2013:

I sit here everyday now and this has caused me a nervous breakdown, imagine what it has done to his mom,pops,and his 3 sisters, he's my brother in law but I call him my brother, everyday I look for my phone to ring with him on the other end sayin your burning daylight, I've been to prison twice n no how it is and I can honestly say this from the bottom of my heart I'd rather be n there then him, he is the best Man U could ever meet, he is caring loving smart and defanitly funny! Especially his laugh! You'd laugh just at his laugh! Michael needs to be home especially with his mom, she is the best person I know she's kind sweet loving and very dedicated to her kids and grand kids, she's not n the best of health but she's strong willed, that's why I look up to her. Michael has such a wonderful family that loves him no matter what,his sisters, Dana and Amanda n Mandy-I kinda made the family adopt me lol, his beautiful sons lil Michael, Brandon and Tyler his sweet daughter Stephanie ,his stepdad, his nieces Nikki ,Ashley and his nephews Cody Patrick and Owen. This family needs him home we all BEG YOU TO PLEASE HELP US FIND A WAY TO GET HIM HOME!!!!!! You know Shelby is so screwed up they give people with meth charges rehab.......... Where n the hell do they do that at??????? ONLY IN SHELBY!!!!!!!!!! Michael was NOT A DRUG DEALER!!!!!!! HE WAS ADDICTED TO PRESCRIPTION MEDS, JUST LIKE I WAS, I WAS A 14yr ADDICT TO PRESCRIPTION PILLS........ LOCK ME UP N GIVE ME 30years FOR BEING AN addict BC THAT'S WHAT THEY DID TO MICHAEL HE NEEDED HELP NOT THROWN IN PRISON AND AS GOD IS MY WITNESS WE WILL NOT STOP TILL HE IS HOME (I HATE SHELBY'S INJUSTICE SYSTEM THEY RUINED OUR LIFE BUT WHAT THEY DON'T KNOW IS WE DON'T GIVE UP WITHOUT A FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!)

who me? on May 28, 2013:

i am also a victim of cleveland county's justice system, not as bad as what mr. ellis is going through, but none the less, this countys legal system is unjust and needs a good cleaning out! get rid of all of them.

amanda on April 22, 2012:

1st I want to THANK EVERY1 for the support and comments then I want every1 to know this is for support for the family my mom step-dad my brother my nephews n niece n sister n my dad step-mom and my self not drama my brother has a wonderful BIG FAMILY that love him and want him home it is TRULY an injustice that a man who has work since he was 14yrs old and been married since 15yrs old to his 1st wife n has 3 beautiful kids with her n married to 2nd wife for a couple yrs and has a beautiful son with her and our mom has been our rock our entire lives n she has always taken care of us to the fullest she shown us good family values n work ethics n how to take care of each other we have always been a close nit family my brother nor any1 else in this world is perfect he got hooked on a drug (pills) but my brother when to treatment got help and the pills that he had on him the day he was ARRESTED was HIS PRESCRIBED medication not pills of anyone else and they were in bottles with his name on them from his drs n this ADA was just trying to make a NAME for HERSELF n in the end she put a ADDICT in prison for 32 yrs for nothing OTHER THAN HER DAMN NAME so SHAME ON U ADA SHAME ON U and I WILL NOT EVER STOP FIGHT FOR MY BROTHER UNTIL THERE IS NO LIFE LEFT IN ME so the ADA can kiss not so perfect butt but fight on michael until ur FREE N HOME I LOVE U N WERE NOT GIVING UP SO U DON'T EITHER



Angel on April 21, 2012:

Pray for my uncle.I love him so much .My cousin Michael needs his daddy.GOD is trying to help him out.If you pray hard enough it might help.Think you for praying for him.He his a good man.We all miss him.GOD is getting all your prayers.Think you for praying.Thank you love Nikki Allen.

MEGAN ELLIS on April 21, 2012:

hello everyone! my name is megan i am michaels wife i just got to speak with him and i thought i would let everyone know he thanks you for your kind words,thoughts and prayers.i also thank you my husband has been through a lot in his life but just like all the other things he has over come he will over come this.i really am the luckest women to have michael as my husband,weve been together since april 10th 2004 and michael has tought me a lot well most things i know about life,he has always been an honest hard working man.everyone runs into trouble and makes mistakes in life but you move on and learn from mistakes.i truly feel in my heart michael will be home soon with me,his kids.and his mom and sisters and other famliy where he belongs.michael really is a famliy man theres nothing he loves more than spending time with just amazes me that everything that is happening to him,even being in there he NEVER worries about his self,ALWAYS putting his famliy 1st he writes me everyday which i am VERY thankful for and here just last week his mother had surgery and he was very worried but she has really been strong and hopefully her health can get sr8end out my mother n law is a very strong women and has really been there for us throw this whole mess and we love her very much!!but me and michael thank you very much for all your thoughts and prayers and kind words.thank you and god bless you and your famliy

Sonya Ellis on April 17, 2012:

As we all send letters and prayers to Michael he still sits in he cell missing out on what's on the papers when he should be home sharing those moments instead of reading about them! Michael is very much missed by all who Love him! Not a day goes bye that he is not missed! We pray For your return very soon MICHAEL AND KNOW WE LOVE YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS! Carolyn, Dana and Amanda keep doing what you're doing ...Stay strong and know we love you all as well. We know in our hearts that Michael will be home very soon!

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on April 14, 2012:

Thank you we really appreciate it.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on April 14, 2012:

Thank you Carolyn for your heart felt words.

carolyn on April 14, 2012:

I wont ever one who has commented about my son. We think you. I know my son is not the only one who has been missed judged. Untintil this happened to us i had no idal what families went throw when their loved ones was sent to prison. Guilty or not my heart goes out to you. All the hurt ive felt i would never wish on no one. All I can say to everone, I believe in GOD an i know he's going to help my son come home safe and soon. So at that thanks one and all for the extra strength and comments you've may. GOD be with all of us.

A hurtting mom's broken heats

Wesman Todd Shaw from Kaufman, Texas on April 11, 2012:

Well I don't have any money at all, or I really would donate to this.

In the meantime what I'll do is promote this page - as I can do some of that for you.

Best wishes.

Suzie from Carson City on April 11, 2012:

This is yet ANOTHER egregious injustice....more prosecutorial misconduct, a sleeping Judge and an all-out plot to lynch an average man.

How sad and disgraceful is this County? It seems to me that an appeal should have gone in immediately. Please tell me that this has been done. Every Authority, politician and/or person of any means of official business of the County should be flooded with letters, emails, and phone calls.

People should demonstarte peacefully and daily. You have to make noise, be noticed......fight for the justice this man was denied.

Eventually, such a blatantly cruel and inhuman sentence should be overturned, adjusted or BETTER yet, he deserves a new trial...this time with an Attorney who knows the law and has the intelligence and courage to defend his client.

I intend to go immediately into researching this entire case. No human being with a sound mind and a fair heart can sit by and do nothing here!!

Amanda Daves on January 14, 2012:

I have known Michael $ a very long time, he is actually my brother in law but i consider him as my own brother, he is also my best friend and the person ive always looked up too. If u knew michael u knew he was the type of person to hand u the shirt off his back. Michael does NOT deserve what is happening to him it sickins me to no end to sit n think about how the justice system failed him. I mean its totally sinceless to me how in the hell can a murderer or rapiest or a sick fool that beats there child then murders it gets a plea of 5-7 years and my brother a addict gets over 30yrs 4 being a addict? i mean how n the hell does that work? really? Hell you're you're gonna lock up all the addicts in the world well that would b over half the population on the earth. He needed rehab not prison and Cleveland county court system is so bad they shouldn't even be allowed to even be a part of the court systems. A man that worked all his life, was a great father to all of his children, a loving son, brother, uncle, husband and best friend. He doesn't deserve what has happened 2 him. Michaels miranda rights were violated along with everything involving his case, everything about his case were violated. Michael was not a drug dealer he was a addict like a lot of people including me. Im a recovering addict of prescripton pills, i was a addict for 12yrs. ive been in recovery since 8-8-11 and been sober every since so i no how hard the struggle with addiction is and i knew michael very well and he was a addict also. So i sit here and say for our family please come together and show your support exspecially to michael bc he needs all the support he can get. We wanted to get his story out and let yall see how bad the cleveland county court system failed michael n our entire family.

Rain Defence from UK on December 18, 2011:

Wow that is an extremely long sentence for what seems to me to a relatively minor offence. When I clicked the link I was expecting to see that he'd committed a serious crime, but not that he'd got that sentence just for having some pills on him.

lavonda lowery on December 17, 2011:

it is bad when people can go out and kill others and get to walk free, and then micheal get 30 yrs for pills that the doctor gave to him. Cleveland county just Sucks your in our prayers.

Gary Dean Farmer, Jr. on December 17, 2011:

As a Criminal Defense Lawyer I have been astonished every time I have appeared in a North Carolina Court Room.

I have tried cases in Cleveland and Lincoln Counties and the attitude and training of the District Attorney Staff is appalling. The DA in this case was clearly trying to create a name for herself. I truly hope some lawyer is trying to vacate this sentence. If they did not read Michael Ellis his rights this case should have been thrown out. The Untied States versus Arizona is on the books but little county DA's like in Cleveland County work deals with the judge and even defense attorneys and violate the Constitutional Rights of American citizens. In south Florida this case would have never made it to court and should not have in North Carolina. The Civil Rights of Michael Ellis were clearly violated and every day he stays in prison his civil and constitutional rights are further violated.

Some of his family should contact the Southern Poverty Law Institute at

STEVEN JOHNSTON on December 16, 2011:


christy on December 15, 2011:


Brandon on December 15, 2011:

I have never been told/read my rights when arrested in Cleveland county. It's a trap off. And they will try to railroad any one they can just to make the conviction rate go up for bigger bonus bucks... LAMEEE

Heather Jones on December 15, 2011:

I knew Michael Ellis for a short time and was a great man and a loving person. I know what he did was wrong, but I see rapist on the streets that only served one-third of the time that Michael is serving,if that. I also see child rapist and people who have murdered set free in less time. I think that they were trying to set an example out of him,but, in reality, they need to set an example out of our County, State, and even Country. Because in my profession I see people way worse than Michael Ellis. This is a problem everywhere, people and places you wouldn't believe. So get him help, let him serve what is fair, and SET HIM FREE. 30 years is an absolute disgust to me, especially when I look on the sex offenders web site to see how far they are from my son and I and it is scary and I look at what sentence they served, it is unbelievable.

Sonya Ellis on December 14, 2011:

Thank you Amanda for such kind words. And yes all prayers are needed..

Carolyn,Amanda, Dana, Hubert and mine and Michaels childern...I pray evey night that God will give you strength and comfort to help guide you through this terrible time~! Stay strong and remember through God all things are possible this is just a stub in the road that soon will be removed.. I Love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Many tears shed and even more sleepless night praying that Michael is set free!

To everyone that has supported our family with prayers, we love and say thank you from the bottom of our hearts..

Michael, ME and the Kids Love You very much and hope and pray eveyday that you return home really soon where you belong!

MICHAEL ELLIS JR ADDRESS on December 14, 2011:



PO BOX 2405



AMANDA ALLEN YOU LIL SISTER on December 14, 2011:

thank you all for the prayers we really appreciate it my mom and brother and i and his kids are grateful for true friends and family and the honest people who know the system has done mike wrong we are in the process of appeal so keep praying for mike and that the system is going to work for him thank you and keep praying we can never have enough prayer if you would like to write him his address is on his fb link he would appreciate the mail just knowing he has support just a card saying hang in there but thanks again and please continue prayer thanks MICHAEL JR AND FAMILY CAROLYN(MOM)HUBERT DANA AMANDA AND HIS KIDS MICHAEL III BRANDON STEPHANIE AND TYLER MIKE SR(DAD)BECKEY(STEP-MOM) JEFFERY ANGELA & EDDIE (CLOSE FAMILY FRIEND) SONYA (1STWIFE) MEGAN(WIFE) WE ALL APPRECIATE IT GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES AND HOLD THEM CLOSE..... MIKE WE MISS AND LOVE YOU AND HAVE FAITH YOU WILL BE HOME SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy Bailes on December 14, 2011:

Oh My word, I can't beleive they would give this man that much time when they let Child molesters and Murderers get a year at most!This system is so messed up! I don't personely know Michael but I Know his sister Amanda and I know through her that this man came from a good family,he just made some bad choices in life,but so have we all, "Let he who is without sin ,cast the first stone"I will be praying for this Man and His family...and for a wrong to be made right!

A True Friend Who Loves You on December 11, 2011:

Its really sad that this Bull Shit was done to Michael. While its true that he may have

sold a few pills from time to time how can you do this to a man who I know for a fact

was hooked on pills and wouldn't hurt a fly. If they did this to everyone who was hooked on pills

where would they lock them all up.

Hell Michael helped me quite often and never asked anything in return. Michael helped

many people and I really wonder how many of them have written to him or his Mom. For

various reasons I can't but I wonder how many people do write Michael. How in the hell is

anything like this justice. And yes I'll tell you that I loved Michael Ellis though I can't or won't

tell you who I am. Someday I'll tell Michael. I love you Michael and I always will. I'm the girl

that brought you breakfast that time. Please everyone that does write Michael tell him he's

far from forgotten. Michael is one hell of a man and always will be. Merry Christmas Michael

I will always love you

Cindy Bailes on November 18, 2011:

I Think it's a Shame and an Embarrassment to Cleveland County to Give this Man that much time for being addicted to prescription drugs. My Word what is the Judicial system coming to? Why a convicted Child Molester does not even get that much time. Why didn't they do anything to help this man get off the drugs? I will be Praying for you Micheal...So Sorry this happened to you!

tylar on November 17, 2011:

i just want to say i write my dad in prison every time i get a chance and it kills me to read his letters because of how much i miss him i wish i had my dad in my life and i don't wanna grow up without him i need my dad he is a very good man he don't deserve to have a 30 yr sentence and he tried his best to provide for his family i also have a 4yr old brother and he deserves to have my dad in his life i wouldn't want him to grow up without a dad either as well as my older brother and sister my dad has learned his lesson i think about the life he has now and the life he had back then and im pretty sure he learned his lesson by now the clevland couty justice system is a load of crap this is not justice this is injustice and i pray that locking my dad up for 30 yrs haunts you day and nite for the rest of your life and i pray god have mercy on your soul and i say FREE MICHAEL ELLIS i love yu so much daddy i pray for my dad every nite please god free my dad

megan ellis on November 16, 2011:

michael ellis jr is my husband and the father of my 4yr old son michael ellis the husband is the ONLY person who understands me we have been together for almost ten years he is my rock my life my everything.god please help us is all i can say

loralie thomas on September 05, 2011:

i am in same boat my family has been set as american mark it is not right for others to benefit from pain they inflict on others please keep your head up and soldier it out with love and know you are not alone on this ship purple crying.

JohnM from Miami Florida on September 04, 2011:

I have read everything I can on this mans case and I have to say this has to be one of the worst cases of injustice that I have ever seen. How can Cleveland County North Carolina be allowed to continue to operate as a legal system when its clear they violated this mans civil and constitutional rights.

If we can not be guaranteed our basic constitutional rights then something needs to be done. Did Kirby Turner never hear of the United States VS Arizona case in which it was determined by the US Supreme Court that a man must be advised of his Miranda rights. This is a case of injustice plain and simple. Glad I don't live in Cleveland County N.C. The court system there just plain sucks.

Kitty Fields from Summerland on July 21, 2011:

Agreed, Silva Hayes. Wow...truly a scary thought that people who are drug addicts and sick get more time in prison than someone who clearly had SOMETHING to do with the death of her own child! The judicial system in our country definitely fails in cases such as these. And to not read the man his Miranda rights? How can they even convict him of 30 years in a case such as this? DISGUSTING. Set the man free and get him into rehab so that he can be with his family. This sort of thing sickens me to no end.

Silva Hayes from Spicewood, Texas on July 19, 2011:

Another case of disparity in sentencing -- our justice system needs an extreme overhaul. I know there are thousands and thousands of examples of the inconsistencies in sentencing. Here's just one: Justin Boulay strangled his ex-girlfriend in an act of premeditated murder and he only served TWELVE YEARS; then left prison to move to Hawaii where he is now living with his wife who married him while he was incarcerated. I hope your Michael can get the help he needs.

Jeff Ellis on July 13, 2011:

I can understand for my brother Michael to serve some time for his crime. Maybe like a couple years, but not no freaking 30 years!! We got people that kill people that don't even get that much time. People out here raping and breaking in peoples houses deserves that kind of time. But not Michael, in real life he is a good man. He tries his best to be a great dad to his kids. He would never hurt anybody physically. Who really gives a rats a$$ about drugs?? Drugs only hurt the person actually doing them. As long as they are not hurting other people, I say its really no big deal. Michael was only doing what thousands of other people out here do everyday, but they just don't get caught. Drugs will never be completely stopped, so just face it. And judge Kirby Turner, shame on you. You should be locked up yourself. Burn in hell for all I care. SET MICHAEL FREE!!!! Oh yea, if I was a judge I would say a more fair sentence would be like a couple years, then get out and MUST attend drug rehabilitation programs and then maybe even a few surprise drug tests. Give this man a chance!!!!

annie on July 11, 2011:

I know Michael Ellis's family and you can't find any better people anywhere and Cleveland County's justice system is so unfair they had no right to give him this much time.When is our system going to try that Price man for the murder of BRENDA Sue Brown?Guess some people can get by with murder but an addict can't get the help he needs.We need to start with the janitor and work our way up and get our so called leaders out because they are idiots they pick random people and decide to make examples out of them all our judges and d.a.need to be put out of office and yes THE CLEVELAND COUNTY JUSTICE SYSTEM thinks it is above the law.This member of the press needs to come to Cleveland County and court watch and listen to what a joke our system is.FREE MICHAEL ELLIS AND GIVE HIM SOME HELP and go after the real crimials so Peter St.Onge come on down to Shelby and watch some smart people at work lol

Sam on July 09, 2011:

How can Cleveland County do this to a man that had a problem? What kind of justice did anyone get from this! How was putting him away for 30yrs accomplish anything! Why not put him in an extensive rehab program, even if he had to be there for a couple mnths or yrs perhaps, in stead of throwing him in prison to take up tax payers money! No real justice was done in this case and this messed up conviction should be over turned or thrown out, to free this man of imprisonment and give him help! Why shold pay for him to be in prison and taking up space when we have actual criminals, predators walking the street that our criminal jusice system are to f-ing scared to go after! Free Michael Ellis and give him help!

Jules on July 07, 2011:

30 yrs!!!!! Wow, how many people gets that kind of time. I know one thing for sure, don`t live in Cleveland county, if you get in troble, Their court system is mess up. Sorry for Micheal, my heart breaks for his kids, and famliy.

Kyle C on July 06, 2011:

How can you put this man away! He was voilated in so amy ways! It's not fair Casey Anthony can kill her daughter but Michael Ellis can't take something that he was persrcibed! Cleveland County is unfair and injustice and should not be allowed to take away from their citzens! Let their loved get into trouble they will dismiss the charges! Michael Ellis was wrongfully charged and acussed! Free Michael Ellis!!!!

Standing up for Michael Ellis on July 06, 2011:

Instead of calling it CLEVELAND COUNTY JUSTICE SYSTEM, it should be called CLEVELAND COUNTY INJUSTICE SYSTEM! People can kill their child and throw that child in a gutter for someone else to find and walk free but Michael Ellis, in which with a problem has to be away from his 4 children for life! What the hell is wrong with our Judicial System! Their morals are completely ass backwards and are out to hurt our citzens and take away their rights! Cleveland County is out to make a name for themselves and its not a very good one! To the smartass that made the statement above maybe he did get into trouble before and maybe he did try to get help but that doesn't mean to take away his life, take away from his children! I'm sure your perfect and never broke the law! Put him in a rehabilation center for as long as it takes to get him better, maybe the help he got just wasn't enough time! Everyone is so quick to judge another, how can you say he abused his perscription and sold drugs? Unless you personally know him and have a vengeance against him for what ever reason, DID HE SELL TO YOU? There are many drugs that ARE PERSCRIBED DRUGS that cause you to become addicted but yet doctors still give them out, but yet this asshole above apparently don't care about his brother because he is supporting the fact and his words are (I have a brother that has went through the same thing and time and time again he keeps going back to the same old ways. Oh, and he is a good father and son also, actually one of the kindest hearted people I know. But that doesn't change what he has done and probably will always do.) He apparently doesn't care enough to get his brother help! So why would his opinion count! JUST LET HIM KILL HIS SELF THAT'S REAL LOVING AND KIND, RIGHT? You obviously don't have a heart or part of the system your self! Regardless of his statement Michael Ellis was unjusticely sentenced and wasn't given a fair trail or chance! So to hell with those who think he deserves to be locked away from his children! So what if he got into trouble before maybe that was his cry for help! Maybe he should have killed someone, he wouldn't have to spend as much time, would that make Cleveland County Injustice Sysyem feel better ?

Stephanie on July 06, 2011:

They have people who kill people & rape people..?

But do they give them that much time..

Yeah maybe he did get in trouble before but he doesn't deserve this much time..

He deserves his rights just like everyone else in the US.

Its not right that people can get away with murder, while my dad is sitting in prison for taking a few pills..

He's missing out on the best part of our lives..

We need him just like he needs us!!

SET my dad FREE!

----> Stephaniee

Brandon Ellis on July 05, 2011:

I am the oldest son and i really do miss my daddy u all do not know how many nights i stay up thinkin and crying bout my daddy not bein with me and my sister and my two brothers its not right bc wat if it would have took plACE in one of ur family members u would want the same thing for ur family is justice so why cant u do this for us u all that put my daddy behind bars i hope it comes back and bites u all in the butt i really do bc who ever did this u really have took something from me and it took a big part of my life that i think everyday that my daddy is behind bars for 30yrs MY DADDy WAS A ADDICT and i ask u all that looks on here to help me and my family to help us plz THANKS AND GOD BLESS U ALL

Tylar on July 05, 2011:

my dad is a very gud man and for him to be took away from his family that's not justice that's what wrong with this world people get time they don't deserve and my dad is NOT A DRUG DEALER he wuz an addict i am one of his kids need my dad he is a huge part of me and i love him he doesn't need time he needs help i pray that god will have mercy on your soul in which yu had no mercy whatsoever $6 on my dad CLEVELAND COUNTY JUSTICE SYSTEM wuz so inconsiderrate and just took my dad away from his sisters his mom and mainly his 4 kids and i pray to god that he is SET FREEEEEEEE

Stephanie on July 05, 2011:


Stephanie on July 05, 2011:

"lil Michael AINT" the only kid of Michael Ellis!

So thanks!!

Sonya Ellis on July 05, 2011:

I am the first wife of Michael Ellis and agree with most of the statements above! He can be a loving and devoted father, the addiction that he had took away from his children also that were not mention above! He not only has a 4 yr old son but he has three other children as well! A 17 yr old son, 15yr old daughter and 14 yr old son that miss him a great deal! Not only did his addiction take him away, among other things, the justice system(that is supposed to protect us) took him away with no remorse or consideration that he needed help! Cleveland County has been against Michael Ellis for many, many years and waited for something to pinpoint him on and didn't even care if he had a problem just the satifaction of saying Guilty! Michael had his faults but don't we all! Not only are you punishing someone who needed help, the justice system is punishing these children that need their dad as well as his mother , 2 sisters and his niece and nephews! Cleveland county judge and DA can go home and hug your children and tell them they Love them but you took that away from Michael Ellis and ALL 4 OF HIS CHILDREN! Why not give him help!That's why we have centers for addicts TO HELP THEM!! Not to destroy their lives and the ones around them! How can it be that easy to lay your head down at night knowing that your were wrong in putting this man behide bars for that long! What about murderers, child molestors, rapist? Do you give them this lengthy amount of time especially the ones who commit over and over again. NO YOU DON'T! Nowhere near! I hope and pray that it eats at your concious to where you never have a moments rest until he is set free!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Rippy on June 26, 2011:

You all should contact the ACLU. It is clear his rights were violated.

Angela Bridges on June 16, 2011:

I am Micheal's cousin...I just want to put my two cents worth in....I think what they have done to him and my family is BULL SHIT. Micheal WAS and IS a good person and like his sister said he would give the shirt off of his back if he could. He has never had a mean bone in his body. THIS IS AN INJUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney Marlow on June 14, 2011:

I really think a lot of Michael an his family, for a matter of fact he is a great father an husband!!! He has a big heart an loves his kids an family more then anything!! That's were he should be so that he can get the help he needs and the support from his family an his babies!!

Courtney Marlow

Amanda on June 14, 2011:

i think this sentence they put on my brother then brought him back to court for a Probation Vilation and add 12 Mths to his sentence is just stupid and unjust Im a former NA workded through nursing home and hospital and my brother has watched my mother go through abusive marriage and then get out and we live rough watching our mother struggle everyday and my brother had a rough separation from his 1st wife and not being able to be with 3 kids all the time like he was use to he gave his wife and kids everything he bought used cars and fixed and resold them he also worked at Doran textiles till doors closed then he got his CDL's and drove for trucking company and still fix up cars and turn around and sold them my brother fell in love and got new lady and had another son and then still drove a truck company wanted him to drive longer hours more days no rest and so he got HOOKED on his on medication that he was prescribed but got hooked so if michael was guilty of going to dr and working hard and carrying his scripts with him and then getting a bs DA that charged him for his own meds....

Brandi on June 14, 2011:

I'm an addict myself and I have been in and out of the system and the system is un fair but to give a man time like that is un fair and cruel I feel like there should have been some other help or sentence as far as months not years or even some kind of treatment because be n an addict doesn't make us bad people we suffer from a disease that changes us n to people we aren't but with treatment and help we can b active in society everyone makes mistakes so I feel like he deserves lesser time and help not 30 yrs fuk the da and Cleveland county get a grip and focus on men that Hirt children and murders not a one tome offender who made a mistake and is remorseful for his actions hlp him not hurt him and his family

Amanda Daves from Grover, North Carolina on June 11, 2011:

Please we ask of u tha family of Michael, Michael himself, his wife, his wonderful mother, his sisters, all of his neices n nephews,friends n especially his 4 year old son 2 please post comments showing your support! Lets all come 2gether, even if u don't know michael read this n u will see how we need 2 come 2gether n stand up 4 our American Constitutional rights n see how my brothers rights were violated! This could have been you or your brother or sister or mother or your child or your spouse if we continue 2 allow our rights 2 be violated. As a American citizens we have Constitutional rights n they continue 2 violate them so lets stand up n not allow them 2 violate our rights no longer! My brother was a addict not a drug dealer n they gave him more time than a rapist or a child molester or a murderer! That is not justice 2 send a man that has never even been in any trouble n his whole 35years of life! Michael is 1 of tha best people in tha world u could ever meet, Hes a hard worker, Hes had a job since he was 14yrs old, Hes a very loyal person 2 all of his family and friends. Michael would give the shirt off of his back 2 anyone that wanted it. Michael is a very good hearted person. So please lets all stand up n show our support n leave a comment! Lets stand up n say we are no longer allowing 4 them 2 violate our constitutional rights as a american citizen n post ur comments showing your support please!

Courtney Daves Marlow on June 10, 2011:

He needs to be at home with him family, He is a great father to my buddy Little Michael!!!! He is a great man!!! Please post an help set him free!!! He needs to be with his family an wife an babies.

Courtney Marlow on June 09, 2011:

Set him free!!!!!

Mandy Daves on June 09, 2011:

I want 2 say that Michael is my brother in law but i love him as my own brother n not only just a brother he's also my best friend. Michael is a loving brother, a loving son, a loving husband, a loving father n a loving best friend n did not deserve what happened 2 him! It sickins me 2 know that tha cleveland county court system let him n the rest of our family down like this n wanna call this "Justice"? Giving a man that has never been n any kind of trouble n his entire life 30years n 3months for being a addict not a drug dealer! And the D.A. calls this "Justice?" Is it Justice 2 give a addict 30years 4 being a addict but offers someone 5years for murdering there child? That's not justice! Is it Justice to give a addict more time n prison than a murderer or a rapist?

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