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Fraud Watch: Oregon Democratic Party Received $64,000 From Hillary Victory Fund

Frank Dixon, Chairman of Democratic Party of Oregon

Frank Dixon, Chairman of Democratic Party of Oregon

In continuation of a series exposing blatant conflicts of interest in the fraud-ridden Democratic primary season, the Democratic Party of Oregon is on record as having accepted $64,000 from the Hillary Victory Fund. These are unusual transactions in which a candidate has given money to state election machineries long before the nomination of the party's candidate is decided.

Paul Blumenthal for the Huffington Post has written:

“It is a highly unusual arraignment if only because presidential candidates do not normally enter into fundraising agreements with their party’s committees until after they actually win the nomination."

The chairman of the Oregon state Democratic party is Frank Dixon, a member of the Democratic National Committee and the DNC LGBT Caucus.

The Oregon and Kentucky Democratic primaries between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are this Tuesday. Oregon election audit laws apply only to general elections, and so citizen watchdogs must obtain a court order from the Oregon Supreme Court to have a hand count of ballots performed in any precinct where fraud is suspected, or in a random selection of precincts.

In California some voters are reporting similar problems as those encountered in AZ and NY, namely voters finding that they have been dropped from the rolls. California voters supporting Sanders should check that they are properly registered to vote in the Democratic primary

In New York, voters are still fighting to have at least 90,000 provisional ballots counted in Brooklyn, where two election officials have so far been suspended without pay after the furor caused by voters saying they were improperly stricken from the rolls. Brooklyn has been called "Millennials City," an age group which heavily favors Sanders. Entire blocks and buildings in Brooklyn were deleted from the voter rolls.

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In Illinois, a citizens' watchdog group says it witnessed vote totals being falsified to favor Hillary Clinton at a hand count audit.

In Arizona, both Democratic party and state officials have decried similar voter suppression tactics, in a state which provided Clinton with critical momentum in moving on to subsequent primaries. Voters in Arizona waited as long as five hours to vote, while many could not afford the wait, in a state where high turnout was critical to Sanders.

Lines to vote in low income districts in AZ

Two weeks ago actor and activist Tim Robbins called attention to mathematically unusual, if not nearly impossible, patterns in exit polls in primaries across the country, which suggest a tamping down of the Sanders vote in the majority of this year's Democratic primaries. The kind of optical scan ballot-reading machines used in many states across the country have been shown to be prone to hacking, whereby the vote totals can be manipulated to numbers different than what is actually in the paper ballots.

The unusual pattern consists of exit polls not only being wrong, which is not in itself unusual, but always being wrong in the same way, showing Sanders doing better, often much better, than official poll results.

The Hillary Victory Fund is financed largely by large donations from wealthy donors. In one recent fundraiser, actor George Clooney hosted a dinner which charged guests $33,000 a plate to attend.

In a recent speech, Obama urged Sanders voters to not let "disillusionment" set in, but has so far not commented on the rancorous Democratic primary season in which lawsuits have been filed in Massachusetts, Arizona, Illinois, and New York, alleging cheating and fraud by pro-Clinton operatives within the Democratic primary election apparatus.

Other states in which fraudulent behavior has been alleged are Nevada and Wyoming. In Baltimore, where Clinton won by 63%, election results have been decertified and an audit is in progress. The news comes as Democratic party figures such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein are stepping up calls for Sanders to exit the race.

Voters in Oregon and other upcoming states desiring more information on how to take legal action on suspected election fraud should contact Election Justice USA in New York.

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