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Fossil Fuels: A Threat to the Human Civilization on Earth

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Fossil Fuels: A Threat to the Human Civilization on Earth!

Fossil Fuels: A Threat to the Human Civilization on Earth!

It's not enough, to write about climate change, to give long speeches on environmental degradation, to hold glamorous conferences on pollution and other changing patterns of global climate, it simply isn`t enough.

Unless we don't strike and try to pluck out the very cause of such trepidation, till then nothing is going to go in our favour. Fossil fuels pose an existential threat to civilization on earth yet we continue to use it in myriad forms.

Are we waiting for large scale destruction to set our course right, to warn us? But what we forget is it won't spare us time to act, to try to mend our ways.

The enormity of loss won't leave anything to mitigate its consequences. International agreements are meant to be respected. They speak not of one country but all of life on the planet earth.

It's asserted in these agreements that fossil fuels should be replaced with renewable sources of energy. And if a country breaks away from such an agreement, it means, out of many things, continued use of fossil fuels.

Parting of ways from these universally accepted agreements and understandings on climate change, which is a repertoire of climate scientists, needs us to raise our voice against such defaulters.

What we discuss here is fossil fuels as a threat to human civilization and earth. It stands out as our primary responsibility that we let not our leaders use our money, our creativity on expeditions that worsen the situation, increase our dependence on fossil fuels, and pollute our natural resources.

A Sneak-Peek into the Future with Fossil Fuels

Imagine that one day you wake up and it's 2040. Welcome to hell! Feel your skin roasted. The world today is warmer by 3-degrees than it was a century ago.

Feel the heat waves penetrating the peel of your skin, feel it tampering with your conscience and break it. It's what awaits us if we don't change course and adopt sustainable development goals to the teeth.

And ditching the scientific reports won't help our cause. It can only worsen the situation. If we pay no heed, we suffer and suffer heavily.

If we don't make profits subservient to the larger good of the world and don't act now while fossil fuels ruin the earth, it's going to be a nasty road ahead, especially for the poor, politically marginalized, disenfranchised lot of our total world population.

Just look around - that poor boy and girl; hunger has been tough on them but they won`t eat your limbs! They are from one of those coastal countries and cities submerged in the sea.

Eaten up by the raging sea. You can vividly picture on your mind's eye, the world short of food due to the droughts and floods, a world that's been through a catastrophe.

No, don`t inhale, what you presume as air is a cocktail of greenhouse gases and other deadly pollutants. It's everything but AIR, so don't breathe!

Sponsoring climate summits have not yielded promising results. Unless we differentiate between corporate interests and genuine concerns for degrading the environment, it won't do any good shortly as well.

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And it's for common people to take lead in that direction. They know the uselessness of crowded gatherings on climate unless and until concrete actions are taken.

Climate change has already cost us $54 trillion, according to earlier estimates, hence there is no room left for forays in opposite directions, it's now or never.

There's No Home But Earth, So Protect It!

There's No Home But Earth, So Protect It!

The Road Ahead

You might say that the above sneak into the future is a result of reading too much into the lines.

But the frightening report published by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change indicates our portrayal of what lies ahead. It certainly isn`t a future we wish to leave for generations to come.

It has no life, no pleasantness about it. Hence, we will carve a road out for all of us to tread on, and generate hope for a world, which promises life.

If we could limit global warming to 1.5-degree-Celsius, which climate scientists say is possible to achieve, there is some hope things might turn around for good.

However, it demands the sacrifice of things though profitable but damaging to the environment. Time demands we say goodbye to our darling, fossil fuels.

Environmentalists and activists have long been demanding the widespread use of alternative sources of energy. Alas, we failed to pay heed.

Let the fossil fuels remain where they are, undisturbed inside of the earth!

We've the Best Alternate Source of Energy in Solar Energy!

We've the Best Alternate Source of Energy in Solar Energy!


It's not easy to conclude problems of such magnitude as climate change and the use of fossil fuels.

However, all we expect is for our leaders to take it seriously and stop backtracking from global agreements on the environment.

We should be committed to the course of action where our money, our resources focus on delivering clean renewable energy.

Along the same line, a switchover to solar energy should be the agenda for all of us.

PS: Till we come up with another interesting article on climate change and the state of pollution, please feel free to share your thoughts on fossil fuels.

Also, let us know your thoughts on how we can convince our leaders to give before the solar energy instead of fossil fuels in the comments section below.

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