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Forbidden Thoughts

Alysia is a student of A Course In Miracles starting in 1985 to the present. I believe in miracles.


The Earth is being culled; this happened before

When you laugh, it seems like a secret knowledge, whereby a bit of negative energy gets released. Not that we need turn into cackling hysterical fools about it, but every now and then when the whole world seems to be sitting just on your shoulders alone, lighten up for a moment, pick up your knapsack and carry on. Think of a joke to help your neighbor get through a tough day. They cannot make laughter illegal. Ha. They will try, because “they” are desperate.

This is how it is. I don’t care if anyone believes me or not. Americans are all grown up, most of them, and Americans as such are adults and can make up their own minds about whatever, without government interference. They are trying to turn the world into one giant hospital and it’s NOT going to fly!

Americans are like cats. Independent, with individual traits. Cats don’t need a curfew; neither do humans come to think of it. I have a feral tribe of them, I should know what I’m talking about. Cats never do what you want them to do. You cannot even trick them into doing any behavior. They won’t eat what you want them to eat. A domesticated cat is different; it may learn to trust you because it knows you love it. The point is a cat does this catting thing. You, as it’s caretaker, will not be changing it’s catting process. The planet can be seen as a people-ing process, in the same the apple tree does its apple-ing thing. Right now, as it appears to me, the earth is in a culling, like leaves falling from a tree, only it's unnatural as many a falling leaf is young and hasn't had a life yet. People are not choosing to die, they are being fooled into dying.

So my burning question is who put .gov in charge of the planet? Where do they get off telling us how many the earth can sustain, and how many must die? Who holds the deed to the planet? Gates? I think not.

People Are Like Cats


You Too Can Be An Apocalypse zombie or just be a cat catting

Back to cats and Americans. Some people kill cats because they hate them. In the same way some people kill people and have no conscious either way. Hard to understand a person with no conscious, but we do have some here. We’re talking about a NWO globalist type of dictatorship versus our innate individuality, and I’ll call it our potential sovereign own your soul adventures we got going on. We actually have a duty to take our country back. We must not sit on the fence and wait for another to do the dirty work. We are all involved in this WW3 misinformation age which has gotten out of hand. We are being purposefully mislead by the gov, although these forces will try and turn the tables on us, to say WE are the misinformed. Once the individual starts researching for the truth of the matter, you’re going to be sick to your stomach at what you find out. That’s OK.

Suck it up. We are going to win back our rights, because we have no choice and we are fighting for our children now, and their children to come later. It’s real folks.

Americans have always been like a pioneer type of mentality; or like Star Trek says: to go where no man has gone before. Maybe it’s time we do get off this planet. Truly, I don’t mind leaving. So long as it’s MY idea, when and where. It looks like forces want us dead and gone. I call them forces, but you know who I’m talking about. It’s the ones who have amassed massive money; and though money could be the basis of evil or it could just be neutral, it’s the same with a gun, the gun is not evil because the gun does not shoot itself. Humans do. Sure they can kill the body, but not our soul. We are immortal. You can argue with me all you want about the immortal part, but I know. I go out of body all the time. I don’t waste whatever time I have left on this earth to argue about that point. I just know, and you can take it or leave it. Someday an atheist will know too, that is, if said atheist has not sold his or her soul. In that case, I don’t think you’d even be reading this ditty. Instead you’d be in some lab leaning how to turn people into zombies for profit.


They Have Taught Me To Fight

They want us to do what they want us to do. They even made a billboard stating “Trust” the science. Right! Make sure you do your last dance jig before the death jab; as you will never dance again after being stuck. They knew we would resist doing anything the government wants. So they said, that’s OK, we’ll just kill then off then. We’ll do a slow, measured kill off. We have the perfect science after years of working on it.

They picked out a nicer word called depopulation to sustain the natural resources of the world. Whatever. The thing is murder is still murder even if it’s called something else. To say a rose by any other name is still a rose.

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They called it a vaccine, but it’s not that. They love playing on words. It’s a bioweapon worse than any virus ever thought of being. At the end of this era we may see a projected 350 million world wide dead; not because of a virus, but because of a man made virus with an actual patent on it, that you can get over with just a bit of effort, but the real killer is the bio weapon jabs they tricked you into believing was just a vaccine. How clever of them to call their weapon a vaccine. They knew if they called it *Moderna Operating System or MOS, people would just laugh and walk away. So they had to make you think the medicine was good for you. Nowadays, people are having immense jab remorse, and there are forces that are there to silence their dying voice by censoring the media platforms once they try to tell the public of what is happening to them.


For Every Truth We Tell, There Are Those Who Can Turn The Truth To A Lie

The Globalists have learned to play on words. Like, “conspiracy theorists, or misleading, or misinformation.” This entire WW3 idea is called InfoWars for a reason; information is being withheld from us. We have to dig like crazy to find the truth. They inflate the deaths on the one hand if it serves their purposes to produce fear, and on the other deflate the deaths of the jab on the other to promote a false sense of safety of the jab. People are seeing the deaths anyway, they are seeing the cover ups. They are seeing the play on words.

The globalists with NWO plans also have other ways to kill off the population. We have laser beams now that can target areas to burn down. They’re doing this in a heavily populated area, California as I speak. I assume the beams are directed from a satelite; how do I know this? Because those investigating the fires have found the fires are acting not like wildfires, but are spotty, and start from within a tree, rather than burning from the outside in. Tesla was working on this laser thing, but not to be used as a weapon so much as a free energy thing. Free energy is down the road. Seems like it got in the wrong hands. Horror movie anyone? We love to be frightened I suppose; only this is reality; not just a movie where you can get out of your seat and go home after it’s over.

We will not be able to go home and go back to whatever “normal” is, if the globalists, dark forces have their way.


Will You Trade Your Life For a Donut Or An Oil Change?

Can I end on a positive note? I’ve always tried to do that when I write. But not sure I can do that this time. Oh sure in a few years we will likely see justice, but by then it will be too late for 350 million or more of us. Although the number of people is increasing who are becoming aware that there are forces out there that DO NOT have your best interests at heart, there are still some sitting on the fences and just cannot conceive why or how depopulation is occurring. If they do think about it at all, they may try to justify evil by thinking, oh, it can’t happen to me, or it must be their karma. In WW2 people didn’t think their end was coming either.

Most of them just did whatever they were told, hoping things would get better one day. These will be starting a new life in the spirit realm, a little wiser and with this experience of world dominance over their rights and freedoms far behind them. They may return, but if they do, it will be to fight the crimes against humanity that has come about. Or, I can hypothesize they are free spirits now, and working from another dimension to expose the tyranny here and now, by whispering in our ears the truth. In that dimension of spirit, every voice is listened to and heard, and the soul is quickened by the love there, that is not here and need I remind you of your true home? There, no force, no coercing, no bribing, no manipulation, no lying is allowed. None at all, or off you go to the underworld where you can practice on those just like you, who enjoy making others feel pain. Yes there is a hell, and it’s here now. But we will not stay in hell, trust me, most of us have a heart, we are the majority.


Prepare For The Worst, But Hope For The Best

The most positive point I could make, is you could become a survivalist, or prepper. That’s not as bad as it sounds; it is simply a philosophy whereby you hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. To do this you may start with collecting food stuffs that will keep; just in case you might need it one day, and also might be called upon to help your neighbor survive. God bless and keep your head up high, it is YOUR planet too! Don’t let any force push you off the edge of it.

Turns out I do have something positive to report. I told you that humans were resourceful and creative didn’t I? We do have some good people here after all. They are finding different earth products and medicines, to help those injected with the poisons. You will have to research on your own, because that would be another long article and this one is long enough. Experimenting on your own body is going to become quite popular by necessity. And, it’s better than letting the government experiment on you!

One last note: when I was much younger I liked to read Ruth Montgomery. In one of her books she described the future of our world. She said there wasn’t many people on it anymore. It had become a vacation spot only. Some did live here, in small groups here and there you found those survivalists who remained. For the most part there was a lot less concrete and a lot more greenery.

As a spirt you visited, and if you wanted to experience physicality, you didn’t need to come through a woman’s womb for that. You found a well preserved body bag, with a body in it, of course, that was ready to be occupied. At the end of your visit, you replaced the body where you found it, ready for the next explorer. Far out huh? I didn’t think this scenario to be negative, I just wondered at the science of it, that could keep a body fresh to be used at any time by the spark of life. For that is what we are, sparks of life, but trust me, we are so much more than that, we are the Phoenix rising again and again.

*Moderna Operating System or MOS is the label given the mRNA so called vaccine on Moderna’s own website. Unless of course they have since removed the description because it’s too revealing of.

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