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For Sale; Humanity?

Though we can mess up a lot of things in life, just know that none of us are perfect and some of us are a work in progress.

Amaryllis delight

Amaryllis delight

For sale, humanity?

We don't "own" people. If you're my daughter, then you are simply my daughter. You have a place in my life, just like I had a place in my parents life. We don't 'control" people. If you attempt to control someone, then you will live to regret it. Suppress their freedom and they will leave you when they have a chance. We don't "judge" people, not in the sense of setting a value upon them. We are individual, and not assets of another. The people who are sent into your life are there to first fulfill their own destiny and if they share anything with you, it is supposed to be by choice, and by divine appointment. We are not supposed to shun them, or seek to manipulate them. You can fulfill the role you have with them, whether as a parent, spouse or friendship, but never to smother them or stop their self-growth. It doesn't matter how many professional degrees you have or how many self help books you have read. You are not so savvy as to think you can modify someone else's behavior or change their will. You can offer them advice, give them choices, or perhaps detain them; but when they leave, it will be on their terms. They have self -right, and you will be well-advised to know that.Freedom is subjective, but humanity is based upon individuality. Adam the first man had no control of Eve, the first woman. He did have a choice to follow her or to separate. We all own our own spot and our own space and our own conscious. The choice is always ours. Sometimes those choices force us all to make decisions.

No, Government was never meant to control our every thought or action. It was meant to only direct the traffic on the streets where we live and walk and inter-mingle!

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