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We Are Doing what Trump Ask Of Us

For- four Years Trump has changed the course of America. Once the party of the GOP was once respected and a party of Honor.


We Did What Trump Told Us To Do

President Donald Trump betrayed and committed treason against the United States government by inciting a riot that killed seven people and injuring over a 100. President Trump must be held accountable for the attack on our Capitol. We can never have a President like Donald Trump again he must be impeached.

One month ago, President Trump incited a riot at a save America ''stop the steal'' rally. Trump told his supporters(mob) to walk down to the Capitol and fight, fight like hell using the word fight twenty times. Trump said if they didn't fight like hell they wouldn't have a country. President Trump wanted Mike Pence to overturn the election which he didn't have the power to do, Pence defied Trump orders. What would have happened if any member or Congress or the Vice President would have been killed? President Trump lies got people killed

Outside the Capitol, angry supporters broke throw the Police barriers yelling and streaming Trump- Trump, stop the steal. Supporters stood on the steps of the capitol building, why others broke windows and doors to get inside the Capitol. Five people died because of the words of the President. Trump told the Proud boys to stand by, siding with the bad guys.

Supporters invaded the Capitol looking for members of Congress to interrupt the certification of Biden because the president told them to do so. The mob roam hallways calling out the name of vice President Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi carrying hangman nooses and zipper ties. President Trump sat back and watched members of Congress rushed off to bunkers and others hid behind closed doors, calling their loved ones not knowing if they would live or die. Trump didn't call the National Guard to go to the Capitol to help the Congress, he just didn't care.

The President didn't care what happened to members of Congress or Vice President Pence. Trump knew Pence was not going to overturn the college electoral votes and made other plans with (the Proud Boys). Donald Trump is a disgrace and should be locked up like other criminals. Donald Trump is not above the law

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Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on February 09, 2021:

Donald Trump committed a crime against the United States of America, He incited a riot at the U.S. Capitol Jan 6 that took the lives of 5 people including a police officer. Trump instructed an angry mob to walk down Pennsylvania Ave and take back their country. Trump manipulated his supporters to do his dirty work, while he sat back and watch them destroy the Nation Capitol.JMD

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